The Typical Tavern Booze

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

This page documents the old version of The Typical Tavern. It was revamped and redone in October 2010.

The Typical Tavern Booze
The Typical Tavern Booze
Zone Num 25
Location The Distant Woods
Unlocks CompleteTypical Tavern Quest
Recom Stat 10
Combat % 0
Terrain indeterminate
Special Adventures
Lucky None
Bad Moon Because Stereotypes Are Awesome
refreshedit data

Come for a bit of a drink, have we? As long as you've helped us in the past, you're more than welcome here.

Start the drinkin'

  • This version of the tavern is only available once you have completed the quest at the earlier version of the tavern.
  • You must have a minimum of 100 Meat to adventure at the Tavern post-quest. If you have 99 Meat or less, you receive the following message:
Why go to the tavern if you can't afford to drink?
  • If you are either a Teetotaler or an Oxygenarian, attempting to adventure here will get you this message:
You cannot adventure in the Tavern while you're on the Path you're on.
  • You will also need at least 10 in your main stat. If not, you will see:
You should not be here.
(You must have at least 10 $stat to adventure here.)

Possible Stat Gains Explanation

With the exception of Len Scrafters, all adventures either take away 10 substat points, give you 2 * n substat points, or give you 5 * n substat points. The value of n falls within a range which depends on your level, but maxes out at level 15. At that level, n is equal to 50, so you can either gain 100 or gain 250.

Note: This table is a work in progress, so you may get values outside the ranges listed here. If you do, please update the table (but beware of moon phases).

Level n Level n Level n
3 3-4 8 23-28 12 38-50
4 5-7 9 31-39 13 50
5 8-12 10 30-42 14 50
6 11-16 11  ? 15 50
7 15-20        

For those who want to hit max drunkenness every night, don't mind losing a big chunk of adventures, and don't want to bother getting materials for drinks, the tavern is a great place to finish off the day (just as in real life). Although some hate the risk, the rewards for doing this are substantial; after the very low levels, the big win scenarios here get over 100 stat gain per adventure, which (if you're not filthy rich) simply can't be beat.

All stat gains are subject to the phases of the moons, so the maximum gain you can get is 375 stat. (Stat losses aren't boosted by moon phases.)

Losing adventures cost 100 Meat, the minor wins cost 50 Meat, and the major wins are covered by other bar patrons.

A guy walks up to you at a bar...

Bad Ideas Abound
  • Meat Drops: -100
  • Substat Gain: -10 Beefiness
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

Over the Top
  • Meat Drops: -50
  • Substat Gain: plus 2 * n Strongness
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

  • Substat Gain: plus 5 * n Strongness
  • Note: Gain 2 drunkenness.

Some Enchanted Evening
  • Meat Drops: -100
  • Substat Gain: -10 Magicalness
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

Stupid Drunk Tricks
  • Meat Drops: -50
  • Substat Gain: plus 2 * n Wizardliness
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

Karmic Darts

  • Meat Drops: -100
  • Substat Gain: -10 Roguishness
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

  • Meat Drops: -50
  • Substat Gain: plus 2 * n Sarcasm
  • Note: Gain 1 drunkenness.

Knock Knock...
  • Substat Gain: plus 5 * n Cheek
  • Note: Gain 2 drunkenness.

Because Stereotypes Are Awesome