The Wallaby

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The Wallaby

With a Wallaby as your mate, you'll be sure to have a good day, Barbie.


Unlocks Degrassi Knoll
+10% to all Mysticality Gains
+20% Spell Damage


The effect prior to May 17, 2011:

The sign of the Wallaby gives your familiar an occasional boost to its weight:
  • +0 lb: 55%
  • +1 lb: 20%
  • +2 lb: 15%
  • +3 lb: 10%

See Also

Moon Signs
Additional zone Strboost.gif Effect Wand.gif Effect Discomask.gif Effect
friendly Degrassi Knoll Mongoose +20% Physical Damage Wallaby +20% Spell Damage Vole +20% Combat Initiative,
+20 Maximum HP/MP
Little Canadia Platypus Familiar Weight +5 lbs. Opossum +5 Adv. from first food/day Marmot Slight Resistance to All Elements (+1)
Gnomish Gnomad Camp Wombat +20% Meat from Monsters Blender +5 Adv. from first booze/day Packrat +10% Items from Monsters
Hey Deze Bad Moon Many crazy adventures