The Yeti Names Plaque

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The Yeti Names Plaque

The Yeti Names Plaque is located on the The Museum's Second Floor in Seaside Town.

A fancy plaque on the wall reads:

Let it be known that this plaque honors the winners of the Council's Yeti-naming contest.

Yeti Naming Contest Results:
First Prize Winner:
PlayerName: Yeti Names:
Riff Cerulean and Periwinkle
Runners Up:
PlayerName: Yeti Names:
Jaidra Siegfried and Brunhilde
Sweet_Jesus Salty Dog and Fuzzbump
CrazyJoe Hrothgar and Betty
cuchulain Malamorous and Hirsutia
Joey Jojo Jr Shabadoo Inebri and Sobri
Sir Lancelittle Angus and Inga
Macnchz Olaf and Helga
Kenshin72 Sven and Helga
GoT_MiLk Grerg and Shoob