These Pipes... Aren't Clean!

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These Pipes... Aren't Clean!
These Pipes... Aren't Clean!

While exploring the Spookyraven Bathroom (which, frankly, doesn't take very long -- I mean, even a big bathroom isn't that big), you gradually become aware of a strange gurgling sound. You stand still and listen for a moment, but are unable to determine where it's coming from.

Must be bad pipes. You wrench around on the valves for a while, but don't manage to make the sound stop.
You gain 75 Beefiness.
You try listening again with Lord Spookyraven's ear-trumpet, and the gurgling becomes more defined: "Gurgle. Blurgle. <Demon Name>. Gurgle. By the way, if anyone's listening, your septic tank needs some serious maintenance. Gurgle."

Occurs at The Haunted Bathroom.


  • Grants a demon name for summoning with Lord Spookyraven's ear trumpet equipped.


  • A demonic creature speaking from the sewers through the gurgling of pipes in a bathroom is reminiscent of the clown/monster Pennywise from the novel It by Stephen King.
  • The title to this adventure references the movie Cabin Boy, where after intercourse with a (literal) sex goddess, the titular Cabin Boy shouts from a mountainside: "These pipes... are clean!"
  • The title also refers to the infamous quote by the diminutive exorcist in the movie Poltergeist: "This house is clean."