Thriller Ice

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Thriller Ice
Thriller Ice

Frighteningly refreshing!™

Type: booze (EPIC)
Potency: 2
Level required: 22
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Thriller Ices)
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Item number: 6529
Description ID: 349654280
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Village
cold zombie

When Consumed

You twist the cap off of the Thriller Ice and down it in a single chug. You are filled with the urge to dance.
AdventuresYou gain 14-16 Adventures.
You gain 10-20 Beefiness.
You gain 10-20 Mysteriousness.
You gain 10-20 Sarcasm.
MPYou gain 30-40 Mana Points.
You gain 2 Drunkenness.


  • Zombies, the name of the item and the urge to dance are all references to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, in which zombies dance.


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