Tiki Mixology

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Tiki Mixology

Tiki Mixology

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

You've learned the secrets of island cocktailcrafting. It's beach o'clock somewhere!

You can make cocktails with rhum in them

Source: Island Drinkin', a Tiki Mixology Odyssey
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A


This skill allows you to make cocktails from bottles of dark rhum, bottles of extra-dark rhum, and bottles of super-extra-dark rhum, garnished with the tiki ingredients pineapple slabs, hibiscus petals, and huge mint leaves, for a total of nine craftable cocktails.

Rhum Pr tiki2 3.gif Tiki Garnish Equals.gif Tiki Drink
bottle of dark rhum   pineapple slab   Island Landslide
bottle of extra-dark rhum pineapple slab Island Thunderstorm
bottle of super-extra-dark rhum pineapple slab Island Hurricane
bottle of dark rhum hibiscus petal Skull Punch
bottle of extra-dark rhum hibiscus petal Electric Punch
bottle of super-extra-dark rhum hibiscus petal Smuggler's Punch
bottle of dark rhum huge mint leaf Scorpion Bowl
bottle of extra-dark rhum huge mint leaf Turtle Bowl
bottle of super-extra-dark rhum huge mint leaf Cobra Bowl
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