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Timers refers to a series of effects that are created with the /timer chat command:


  • Players can create up to 10 timers, each with a maximum duration of 999 Adventures.
  • Attempting to set an eleventh timer gives the message: "You already have the maximum number of timers set."
  • Attempting to set a timer longer than 999 Adventures gives the message: "You have to specify a SANE number of turns to set a timer."
  • In addition, each timer can have reminder text associated with it and can be shrugged as if it were a buff.
  • The syntax for setting a timer is "/timer N MESSAGE" where N is a number of turns and "MESSAGE" is the message to display, which can contain spaces. Entering no message will display the name of the timer, e.g. "Timer 1". Thus entering "/timer 11 that's ridiculous" (without quotes) in chat will add an effect labelled "that's ridiculous" initially for 11 turns. Each adventure spent will decrement the counter. When the timer is decremented to 1, the next attempted adventure will instead display a popup which will read "You have a timer with 1 turn remaining. Click OK to adventure as you intended. Cancel if you want to change your mind." Clicking "OK" will continue, and "Cancel" will not.
  • Spending adventures in other ways than adventuring, such as crafting or resting, will not trigger the warning.
  • Prior to August 17, 2012, timers could be removed by Black Cats and O.A.F.s, but this is no longer the case. However, they can still be shrugged off (by using the /shrug chat command, right-clicking them in the left panel, or clicking the [shrug off] link on the private character sheet). They can also be removed with a soft green echo eyedrop antidote.
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