Tiny Bubbles in the Cupcake

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Tiny Bubbles in the Cupcake

Tiny Bubbles in the Cupcake

The cupcake you ate appears to have opened a tiny gateway between your body and some other heavily-carbonated dimension. You can feel your blood fizzing, filling you with both physical and magical energy. It really tickles.

Don't jump up and down too much, though, or you might get an aneurysm.

Recover HP and MP after battle

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Effect number: 186
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The fizzing carbonation in your bloodstream re-invigorates you. Ahhhh.
HPYou gain 20 hit points.
MPYou gain 20 Mana Points.

Obtained From


  • The name of the effect is a play on the first line of the song "Tiny Bubbles", by the Hawaiian entertainer Don Ho: "Tiny bubbles in the wine / Make me happy, make me feel fine".

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Astral Cupcakes
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Cupcake Effects
blue +30% Item Drops from Monsters
green +10 Monster Level
orange +3 Stats per Fight
pink +30% Meat from Monsters
purple +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight