Tiny die-cast Rudolphus of Crimborg

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tiny die-cast Rudolphus of Crimborg
tiny die-cast Rudolphus of Crimborg

This is a weird little statue: from the chest down, it's a human-shaped cyborg. From the chest up, it's a reindeer with a laser eye and a bright red nose. It's a potent example of how weird things can get when science fiction and holidays collide.

The base of the statue reads:
Range: 15
Attack: 20
Collective Ability: Add 1 Soldier/round
Series 1mc, 26/30(R).

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

Muscle +5%
+10% Weapon Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: tiny die-cast Rudolphi of Crimborg)
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Item number: 6998
Description ID: 780592166
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Obtained From

blind-packed die-cast metal toy


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