Tiny die-cast Uncle Hobo

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tiny die-cast Uncle Hobo
tiny die-cast Uncle Hobo

After woefully mis-managing Crimbo for years, Uncle Crimbo finally gave up his Crimbo hat and turned it over to Don Pygoscelis, the head of the penguin mafia. When he did, he reverted to his old booze-swilling, nicotine-stained-beard self, Uncle Hobo. This statue immortalizes that event, for some reason.

The base of the statue reads:
Range: 8
Shank: 25
Crippling Alcoholism: Must Consume 1

Series 1mc, 29/30(R).

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

Regenerate 3-5 HP and MP per adventure
+10% Booze Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: tiny die-cast Uncle Hobos)
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Item number: 7001
Description ID: 372614003
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Obtained From

blind-packed die-cast metal toy


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