Tiny house

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tiny house
tiny house

This is a very small house, perfect for toting around.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 107 Meat.

Restores 20-24 HP and MP and removes negative effects

(In-game plural: tiny houses)
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Item number: 592
Description ID: 827600946
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Obtained From

The Penultimate Fantasy Airship
Burly Sidekick
Irritating Series of Random Encounters
Spunky Princess
Penultimate Fantasy chest (0-5)

When Used

You put the tiny house down on the ground, crawl inside it, and everything goes dark. You emerge a few seconds later, feeling refreshed.
HPYou gain 20-24 hit points.
MPYou gain 20-24 Mana Points.



  • This item is similar to houses and tents from the Final Fantasy series, where these items could be used on the overworld to replenish both HP and MP. Houses were more commonly used in the earlier FF games, when there was grid-like overworld. Tents could also be used in save points.
  • The description fits exactly like when you use the said item from the Final Fantasy game, where the screen fades black and HP and MP are regained. The mechanism is used in many other RPGs, to pretty much the same effect. Including, apparently, this one.

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