Tonic water

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tonic water
tonic water

This is a single-serving bottle of tonic water. It's like a single serving of water with a single serving of carbon dioxide infused into it. And then some quinine. Which is like iodine, only there's five of them.

(Cooking ingredient)
(Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: usable
Selling Price: 70 Meat.

(In-game plural: bottles of tonic water)
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Item number: 1559
Description ID: 898021546
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Still sm.gif soda water
Equals.gif tonic water

When Used

You drink the tonic water. If you could only see the way it bubbles, maybe you would understand why it's so good at staving off malaria.
MPYou gain 30-50 Mana Points.




  • The consumption message refers to the chorus of "If You Could Only See" by Tonic.
If you could only see the way she loves me / Then maybe you would understand
Why I feel this way about our love / And what I must do
If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says / When she says she loves me
  • The repetitive description words "single serving" is a reference to the book and film Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, where the narrator describes how everything on an aeroplane is single-serving.
  • Quinine is an ingredient in tonic water that, in larger doses, is used as a malaria treatment.
  • The comment in the description, "except there's five of them," refers to the latin root quinque for "Five" (as in Quintuplets).

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