Toy mercenary

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toy mercenary
toy mercenary

Mercy me, it's a mercenary! This is the little guy that lurks in the miniature underbrush, looking to garrote your toy soldiers and steal their supplies. He's not the most pleasant guy to have around, but he is fiercely loyal, in that he stays bought.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Selling Price: 79 Meat.

Charges Meat to Attack Foes

(In-game plural: toy mercenaries)
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Item number: 2139
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Equals.gif toy mercenary

When Used

  • With 5 or more meat on hand:
The toy mercenary holds out his little hand. You give him 5-10 Meat. Then he sneaks up behind your opponent and garottes his ankles, doing 30-35 damage.
  • With less than 5 meat on hand:
You don't have enough Meat to pay the mercenary. You waste some time trying to bargain with the mercenary, but he apparently got his degree in Battlefield Debate, so he soundly trumps you.


  • The equation for damage done is 25+ amount of Meat given. However, you will always give the toy mercenary 5-10 Meat.


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