Transparent pants

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transparent pants
transparent pants

I see what the problem is. You're too tense!

Type: pants
Power: 225
Moxie Required: 200
Cannot be discarded

+60 Sleaze Damage
+60 Damage to Sleaze Spells

(In-game plural: pairs of transparent pants)
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Item number: 6527
Description ID: 244751935
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Village
sleaze ghost



  • This item's description is a butchering of two terrible old jokes.
    • A man walks into a psychologist's office wearing pants made of plastic wrap. The psychologist says "I can clearly see you're nuts."
    • A man walks into a psychologist's office and says "Last night I dreamed I was a teepee; the night before, a yurt'. The doctor says, "You're too tense."
  • A similar reference is made by the Clingfilm trousers.

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