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For the similarly-named item, see big ol' trophy.

Trophies are awarded to players for various achievements. Once you've earned a trophy, you can visit the Trophy Hut to purchase it for 10,000 Meat and have it installed in your Trophy Case. You can select which of your trophies you want to display to the public; those trophies will appear on your player profile. Of the listed trophies, can be collected and cannot.

Trophy numbers can be found by viewing the source code of the Trophy Hut: <input name="whichtrophy" value="trophy number" type="radio">...<td>You're entitled to the "trophy name" Trophy...
The trophy numbers of purchased trophies can be found by viewing the source code of the Trophy Case in your campground: <td>Trophy Name</td><td valign=center align=center><input type=checkbox name=public[trophy number] checked>

List of trophies

If there is nothing listed in the "Restriction" box for a trophy, then you can buy it at any time after you meet the qualifications for it (even if you break the prism, ascend, drop a path, etc.).

If you want to talk about how to obtain currently-undiscovered trophies, if there are any, then go to this page.

Number Name Image Image filename Requirement Restriction
1 Little Boat Gonna need a smaller boat.gif gonna need a smaller boat Take 100 shore trips Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
2 Big Boat Party on the big boat.gif party on the big boat Take 1000 shore trips Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
3 I Heart Canadia Get oot eh.gif get oot eh Drink 30 white Canadians
4 100 Pound Load Heavy lourde.gif heavy lourde Have familiars with a total of 100 pounds Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
5 300 Pound Load Crushed under pets.gif crushed under pets Have familiars with a total of 300 pounds Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
6 Silver Yeti Awwwwww.gif awwwwww Use the Yeti Protest Sign 10 times, or win 10 fights with the faded red protest sign equipped
7 Golden Yeti Yeti pants now.gif yeti pants now Use the Yeti Protest Sign 100 times, or win 100 fights with the faded red protest sign equipped
8 Palindrophy A dog a plan.gif a dog a plan Have a Pagoda at your campsite Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
9 Platinum Skull Big head todd.gif big head todd Eat 5 bowls of spaghetti with Skullheads
10 Disgusting Cocktail The nastiest cocktail.gif the nastiest cocktail Drink 5 tomato daiquiris
11 The Ghuol Cup Ghuolishly good.gif ghuolishly good Eat 11 pans of ghuol guolash
12 Der Toastdieb You done took my toast.gif you done took my toast Win toast from another player in PvP
13 Does not exist
(see notes)
14 Easy Come Easy Go Van went.gif van went Discard a pretty flower Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
15 Bouquet of Hippies Dirt and dirty.gif dirt and dirty Eat 420 piles of herb brownies
16 Weeping Pizza Angst with extra cheese.gif angst with extra cheese Eat 5 white chocolate and tomato pizzas Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
17 Black Hole Terrarium He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif he aint heavy hes my familiar Have familiars with a total of 500 pounds Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
18 Failure To Communicate Shakin the bush here boss.gif shakin the bush here boss Eat 50 Lucky Surprise Eggs
19 Tiny Plastic Trophy Nice trophy pablo honey.gif nice trophy pablo honey Have all 32 Tiny plastic series 1 figurines in your display case State-based
(Purchase only while true)
20 99 Red Balloons In a little toy shop.gif in a little toy shop Use 99 red balloons from the use multiple menu
21 Gadget Inspector Go go gadget trophy.gif go go gadget trophy Collect ten clockwork keys from the Thugnderdome Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
22 Boss Boss Dancing in the dark.gif dancing in the dark Defeat the Boss Bat, Knob Goblin King, Baron von Ratsworth, and Bonerdagon with The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device or Heartbreaker's Hotel set to 11 Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
23 Jack of Several Trades Master of nuns.gif master of nuns Permagnegntly acquire all 5 skills from Fragnk, the Regnaissance Gnome
24 Gourdcore Gored to the core.gif gored to the core Defend the Gourd 20 times in hardcore Single hardcore ascension
(Purchase before dropping hardcore or breaking King Ralph's prism)
25 Let My Bugbears Go! You damned dirty human.gif you damned dirty human Receive the One Day in the Life adventure Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
26 Trivially Skilled Look what i can do.gif look what i can do Permanently acquire the zero-level skill for each of the six classes
27 This Lousy Trophy (AKA This Stupid Trophy) Not worth the wait.gif not worth the wait Be present for the rollout of ascension No longer attainable
(Impossible to purchase; June 9, 2005 only)
28 Three-Tiered Trophy No less than three.gif no less than three Eat a three-tiered wedding cake
29 Friend of Elves Thats too friendly pippin.gif thats too friendly pippin Beat up 10 reindeer (With the Unionize The Elves sign), or win 10 fights with the faded green protest sign equipped
30 Reindeer Hunter Run over by grandma.gif run over by grandma Beat up 100 reindeer (With the Unionize The Elves sign), or win 100 fights with the faded green protest sign equipped
31 Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy The dude abides.gif the dude abides Find the trophy on the mantel above the fireplace in the strange leaflet Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
32 Look, Ma! No Pants! Not wearing any pants.gif not wearing any pants Don't have pants equipped on New Year's Day. Originally available in 2006, and did not return until 2016. Appeared one day late in 2017. Has appeared on time 2018 onward.
33 Slice and Dice With friends like these.gif with friends like these Have a Stab Bat as a "90-100% favorite" in your Ascension History
34 Gender Bender Ladies and gentlemen.gif ladies and gentlemen Undergo 30 sex changes in The Sleazy Back Alley
35 Golden Meat Stack Hood ornament.gif hood ornament Obtain one million Meat in hardcore Single hardcore ascension
(Purchase before dropping hardcore or breaking King Ralph's prism)
36 Your Log Saw Something That Night Better than bad its good.gif better than bad its good Add the text "Laura Palmer" to the Notes section of your Quest Log State-based
(Purchase only while true)
37 Little Chickadee No well ten beers.gif no well ten beers Achieve 1000 or more drunkenness State-based
(Purchase only while true)
38 The Three Amigos You shot the invisible swordsman.gif you shot the invisible swordsman Donate one million Meat to each of the three statues in The Dungeoneers' Association
39 Festive Dismemberment In deep end ents.gif in deep end ents Use a Knob Goblin firecracker on the Fourth of July Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
40 Best Meal of My Life Also ate zarathustra.gif also ate zarathustra Consume 60 White Citadel burgers, 10 orders of White Citadel fries, 4 Cherry Cloaca Colas, and 4 Diet Cloaca Colas
41 Scourge of Seals Undercover clubber.gif undercover clubber Achieve level 30 as a Seal Clubber Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
42 Tzar of Turtles Tortoise reform.gif tortoise reform Achieve level 30 as a Turtle Tamer Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
43 Potentate of Pasta Stop noodling around.gif stop noodling around Achieve level 30 as a Pastamancer Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
44 Sauciest Saucier Lost in the sauce once again.gif lost in the sauce once again Achieve level 30 as a Sauceror Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
45 Duke of Disco Saturday night inferno.gif saturday night inferno Achieve level 30 as a Disco Bandit Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
46 Maestro of Mariachi Dance round the room to accordion keys.gif dance round the room to accordion keys Achieve level 30 as an Accordion Thief Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
47 The Butler Did It Your mom knows the butler.gif your mom knows the butler Use the reward for The Wizard of Ego quest 30 times Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
48 Slapstick Whoops whoops whoops.gif whoops whoops whoops Discard a banana peel and receive the Schadenfreude adventure 3 times Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
49 Moderation In All Things Eliza knew best.gif eliza knew best Have Fullness, Drunkenness and Spleen equal to 11 State-based
(Purchase only while true)
50 The Right Tool For The Job And a filthy job it is.gif and a filthy job it is Spend 100 adventures in The Haunted Bathroom with a gnollish autoplunger equipped Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
51 Hothouse Hero Gonna go fondle my sweaters.gif gonna go fondle my sweaters Have hotform and at least 100 bonus Hot Damage and/or hot spell damage State-based
(Purchase only while true)
52 Cool Customer Like a cucumber on pluto.gif like a cucumber on pluto Have coldform and at least 100 bonus Cold Damage and/or cold spell damage State-based
(Purchase only while true)
53 Dreadful, Just Dreadful Horror has a new name.gif horror has a new name Have spookyform and at least 100 bonus Spooky Damage and/or spooky spell damage State-based
(Purchase only while true)
54 Malodorous Melodious and mellifluous.gif melodious and mellifluous Have stenchform and at least 100 bonus Stench Damage and/or stench spell damage State-based
(Purchase only while true)
55 Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge This parrot is nude.gif this parrot is nude Have sleazeform and at least 100 bonus Sleaze Damage and/or sleaze spell damage State-based
(Purchase only while true)
56 Crossroads My shrimps was dead and gone.gif my shrimps was dead and gone Use 50 scrolls of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil
57 Friend of the Devils Jeremiah was a bullfrog.gif jeremiah was a bullfrog Summon any combination of 30 demons in the Summoning Chamber
58 Bringer of Storms Jeff was right.gif jeff was right Use 100 chaos butterflies Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
59 Eerily Skilled Howd you do that man thats creepy.gif howd you do that man thats creepy Obtain all six Spookyraven skills
60 I Love A Parade But it doesnt love me back.gif but it doesnt love me back Multi-use 11 handfuls of confetti Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
61 Awwww, Yeah Dont worry your pretty little head.gif dont worry your pretty little head Defeat 240 black puddings
62 Phileas Foggy Just like tara reid.gif just like tara reid Drink 80 around the worlds
63 Extinctionist You were devoutly aligned.gif you were devoutly aligned Kill each Dungeon of Doom monster 120 times Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
64 Dirty Laundry Kick em when theyre up.gif kick em when theyre up Have 13 spooky pirate skeletons in your closet State-based
(Purchase only while true)
65 Amateur Tour Guide This boat sucks.gif this boat sucks Have 10 different "90-100% favorite" familiars in your Ascension History
66 Professional Tour Guide Now ive seen it all.gif now ive seen it all Have 30 different "90-100% favorite" familiars in your Ascension History
67 Brave Sir Robin In soviet russia minstrels eat you.gif in soviet russia minstrels eat you Successfully run away from 100 combats
68 Desert Wind What the hell are colitas anyway.gif what the hell are colitas anyway Multi-use 29 palm-frond fans from your inventory Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
69 Two-Tiered Tiny Plastic Trophy Just like grandmas dentures.gif just like grandmas dentures Have all 64 tiny plastic series 2 figurines in your display case State-based
(Purchase only while true)
70 Master Paster Who runs bartertown.gif who runs bartertown Discover 69 different Meat Pasting recipes
71 Golden Spatula And thats all.gif and thats all Discover 50 different food recipes
72 Melon Baller, Shot Caller I hardly know her.gif i hardly know her Discover 100 different food recipes
73 BAM! What do you want on your tombstone.gif what do you want on your tombstone Discover 150 different food recipes
74 Speakeasy Savant Ill make a note of it.gif ill make a note of it Discover 20 different booze recipes
75 Honky Tonk Hero Hippy hippy shake.gif hippy hippy shake Discover 50 different booze recipes
76 Cantina Commander On channel z.gif on channel z Discover 100 different booze recipes
77 Apprentice Meatsmacker Tong tong tong tong ta tong tong.gif tong tong tong tong ta tong tong Discover 50 different meatsmithing recipes
78 Journeyman Meatsmacker Now all you need is a sickle.gif now all you need is a sickle Discover 100 different meatsmithing recipes
79 Master Meatsmacker Two tickets to anville.gif two tickets to anville Discover 150 different meatsmithing recipes
80 Preciousss Hey vern its jewels.gif hey vern its jewels Discover 30 different jewelrycrafting recipes
81 The One That Didn't Get Away Visitors stink earlier.gif visitors stink earlier Defeat a Trophyfish Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
82 Losing Your Marbles Garble varble zous.gif garble varble zous Use a big bumboozer marble with a full set of marbles and choose to sell to The Collector
83 Hunter In Darkness Dodecahardon.gif dodecahardon Kill 5 wumpii in a row without dying State-based
(Purchase only while true; being killed by a wumpus or pit resets the counter)
84 Evil's Okay in My Book Im a little bit country.gif im a little bit country Become A Little Bit Evil or use Perpetrate Mild Evil 13 times. Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
85 A Little Help From My Friends Oh i get by.gif oh i get by Receive the Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies buff 30 times Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
86 Dancing With the Stars Every which way but footloose.gif every which way but footloose Use all 6 rave combos in a single fight Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
87 Every Part of the Seal Especially those face scars.gif especially those face scars Equip yourself entirely in seal hide State-based
(Purchase only while true)
88 Spaghettihose Screw you atkins.gif screw you atkins Cast Canticle of Carboloading for 10 days without eating pasta until the 10th day
89 Color Wheel of Yuck Please dont taste the rainbow.gif please dont taste the rainbow Discover all possible Slime Potion recipes
90 Septuple Platinum Steal this music.gif steal this music Make 7 unique AT Buff recordings State-based
(Purchase only while true; All 7 recordings must be made on the same day)
91 Professional Photographer Raggedy annie leibovitz.gif raggedy annie leibovitz Use 40 4-d cameras
92 General Assembler Thats numberwang.gif thats numberwang Discover 50 different miscellaneous recipes
93 Penultimate Fantasy VII Aeris kills dumbledore.gif aeris kills dumbledore Defeat 7 BRICKO airships
94 The Wrong Place at the Right Time Ocd genocide.gif ocd genocide Defeat your Nemesis in the order SC -> TT -> P -> S -> DB -> AT
95 Who Hustles The Hustlers? Giant blue pool cue.gif giant blue pool cue Beat Scratch Rackonteur at pool 23 times
96 A Screw Ain't One In a fruit fight.gif in a fruit fight Kill 99 monsters with a Loathing Legion hammer equipped
97 Had to Have Caught Them All Ocd i choose you.gif ocd i choose you Have all 15 Pokëmann figurines in your display case State-based
(Purchase only while true)
98 Buzzkill Ow my everything.gif ow my everything Wear 30 Bs in combat during a Bees Hate You run
99 Elf Barker Spay or neuter your pets.gif spay or neuter your pets Win 2000 lunar isotopes in Porko
100 Mixed Martial Arts Sweat grope punch repeat.gif sweat grope punch repeat Perm both Kung Fu Hustler and Master of the Surprising Fist
101 Hadouken! Tatsumaki senpuu kyaku.gif tatsumaki senpuu kyaku Deal 5,000 damage with a single Flying Fire Fist
102 Good Will Punching Fisting for dollars.gif fisting for dollars Donate one million Meat worth in items to charity
103 Moving Target Wal mart is stationary.gif wal mart is stationary Multi-use d12s and receive the BULLSEYE! message
104 Grand Slammer Gonna need a bigger plaque.gif gonna need a bigger plaque Get all 11 unique pogs onto the field at the same time
105 And My Axe Look out death adder.gif look out death adder Achieve level 30 as an Avatar of Boris Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
106 Spirited Drinker Never sicker.gif never sicker Consume all 66 siphoned spirits
107 Papier Than Thou Papier i hardly know her.gif papier i hardly know her Use a papier-mâché trophy piñata
108 Fantastic Voyager For your weiner am i right ha ha ha.gif for your weiner am i right ha ha ha Have all 11 Microplushies in your Display Case State-based
(Purchase only while true)
109 Haggis Haggis Haggis Haggis Haggis Haggis is as haggis does.gif haggis is as haggis does Cast Haggis Kick by wearing haggis socks while wearing Mr. Haggis and having the effects Sheepskinned, Highland Sheen, and Hagg-ard
110 Now You've Tasted Everything I can taste the cosmos.gif i can taste the cosmos Have all five possible effects from the Magic Tongue effect simultaneously State-based
(Purchase only while true)
111 The Old College Try Natures harmonic.gif natures harmonic Use 37 37x37x37 puzzle cubes
112 Great Responsibility Time to get a dog i guess.gif time to get a dog i guess Keep a ChibiBuddy™ alive for 11 days
113 Three-Tiered Tiny Plastic Trophy Little asian different.gif little asian different Have all 32 Tiny plastic series 3 figurines in your display case State-based
(Purchase only while true)
114 Cosmic Thing Fruity egocentric magician.gif fruity egocentric magician Achieve level 30 as an Avatar of Jarlsberg Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
115 Right Outfit, Wrong Place More or less right time.gif more or less right time Have equipped clown wig, spork, plush hamsterpus, giant gym membership card, white snakeskin duster, leotarrrd, Choker of the Ultragoth, and oven mitts State-based
(Purchase only while true)
116 Dreadful Rainbow Taste the pain.gif taste the pain Have the 5 +elemental damage buffs from Dreadsylvania non-combats active State-based
(Purchase only while true)
117 Horror Enthusiast Ermagerd berks.gif ermagerd berks Collect all 30 Tales of Dread
118 Full Heart Clear eyes dumb shirt.gif clear eyes dumb shirt Drink 50 bottles of Bloodweiser and have Blood Porter active. State-based

(Purchase only while true)

119 Extended Capacity Warranty sold separately.gif warranty sold separately Consume 50 glasses of electric Kool-Aid and have Electric, Kool active. State-based

(Purchase only while true)

120 Kissing Maniac Bastard son thereof.gif bastard son thereof Independently gain 10,000 kisses in Dreadsylvania
121 Cruising For Six Bruisings Dont bleed it all in one place.gif dont bleed it all in one place Have the First Blood Kiwi and Shepherd's Breath effects, and be wearing a Ghost shawl, weedy skirt, Dreadsylvania Auditor's badge, and moon-amber necklace State-based
(Purchase only while true)
122 Eleven Down, None to Go This is getting ridiculous.gif this is getting ridiculous Defeat a 1-fingered Shop Teacher
123 Purity of Essence Could you describe the ruckus.gif could you describe the ruckus Commit to each clique, one clique per ascension
124 Ansel Adams Jr. Who here knows quark express.gif who here knows quark express Fully upgrade the Yearbook Club Camera
125 No Particular Reason Take a chanceacus.gif take a chanceacus Defeat 1,000 monsters while wearing a bone abacus
126 Bronzed Tin Can Put gilded lilies in it.gif put gilded lilies in it Drink all the beers from A Beer Garden in a single day State-based
(Purchase only while true)
127 True Believer Wheel of space.gif wheel of space Have all 12 disco horoscope effects active at the same time State-based
(Purchase only while true)
128 EEZY PEEZY Pez porridge hot.gif pez porridge hot "Collect" all 37 PEEZ dispensers
129 Very Like a Whale Oh no not again.gif oh no not again Make a bowl of petunias
130 Gyro Hero Hero dreams of gyros.gif hero dreams of gyros Eat 108 warbear gyros
131 Alia Iacta Est D c cab squared.gif d c cab squared Have an entire set of Tiny Die-Cast series 1 in your Display Case
132 Always Cloaca Cola The choice of an old generation.gif the choice of an old generation Use 11 bottles of Cloaca Cola Polar
133 Thar She Blows! Barfily ever after.gif barfily ever after Watch Cinderella throw up on the Prince's Shoes.
134 Partners in Crime Criminal conspiracy.gif criminal conspiracy Conspire to frame Cinderella.
135 Party Killer You ruin everything.gif you ruin everything End The Prince's Ball early by knocking Cinderella out with two laudunum-laced Cannoli.
136 Master Craftsman The harder side of sears.gif the harder side of sears Master glass, filling, and parchment in Rumpelstiltskin's Workshop.
137 Cool Guy Cool gold jeff game cool.gif cool gold jeff game cool Achieve level 30 as an Avatar of Sneaky Pete Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
138 Option Paralysis Shirto redbetter.gif shirto redbetter Wear a red shirt with Red-Shirted Escort active. State-based
(Purchase only while true)
139 Omni-Cosplay May the force boldy go a wizard.gif may the force boldy go a wizard Acquire and equip crying statue earrings, Gary Claybender's Time Screwer, a plastic Duskwalker necklace, a plastic replica blaster pistol, and a Space Tourist palmdoctor from returned Thinknerd packages State-based
(Purchase only while true)
140 11 Martini Breakfast She told me to pick up olives.gif she told me to pick up olives Drink 11 mini-martinis
141 Golden Pickaxe Baloneysaurux text.gif baloneysaurux text Finish the Tales of Spelunking nine times.
142 Golden Idol Bananarama crux.gif bananarama crux Beat LOLmec.
143 Golden Moustache Badonkadonkus flex.gif badonkadonkus_flex Beat Yomama.
144 Golden Burglar Banangrama xer.gif banangrama xer Beat 10 shopkeepers
146 Some Assembly Required College kids and divorced men.gif college kids and divorced men Assemble six different types of VYKEA furniture.
147 Bucket List Anger management about schmidt.gif anger management about schmidt Complete 10 bucket quests for Walford
148 Gotpork Connoisseur This town needs an enema.gif this town needs an enema Consume one of each of the nine Gotpork villain drops
149 A Gallon of Milk Keeps the Doctor Away This this lemonade.gif this this lemonade Eat 7 gallons of milk
150 Prime Directive Director Ilovewesley.gif ilovewesley Solve all five Far Future scenarios without bloodshed.
151 Tentacle Tickler Oh the horror.gif oh the horror Defeat 666 Eldritch Tentacles. Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
152 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE All you need is it.gif all you need is it Solve the L.O.V. Exit puzzle
153 Gelatinous Hubris I had to drink from the liquid cup.gif i had to drink from the liquid cup Learn all 125 Gelatinous Noob skills in a single ascension. State-based
(Purchase only while true)
154 Salads of Many Worlds In space noone can hear you laugh.gif in space noone can hear you laugh Eat 11 primitive alien salads.
155 Ultimate Cosmic Power Eleven inch flautist.gif eleven inch flautist Solve the Genie puzzle
156 Commemorative Replica Blob Cross about naught.gif cross about naught Defeat a giant amorphous blob
157 You Do It To Yourself Working class republican.gif working class republican Vote for negative local initiatives 11 times at the Voting Booth
158 Traditional Crimbo Yule be happy.gif yule be happy Eat a primitive candy cane, a runny fermented egg, and an oldcake in the current day State-based

(Purchase only while true)

159 Steak and a Beer, Eh? We found a dead mouse.gif we found a dead mouse Eat a grilled mooseflank and drink an antique beer in the current day State-based

(Purchase only while true)

160 Talking Heads Twenty two eyes.gif twenty two eyes Have all 11 buffs granted by combing Beach Heads active. State-based

(Purchase only while true)

161 Yule Have a Headache Tomorrow Cuppa cuppa burning goo.gif cuppa cuppa burning goo Drink 11 marshmallow bomb in the current day. State-based

(Purchase only while true)

162 Dreaming of a Bland Crimbo Every christmas is like sunday.gif every christmas is like sunday Eat a bread man, eggwater, flour cookie and plain candy cane.
163 HIGH SCORE No religion too.gif no religion too Earn 100,000 points in the 8-Bit Realm. Single ascension
(Purchase before ascending)
164 Ultimate Tosser Skysubmarine.gif skysubmarine Throw the most water balloons yesterday. Once per account.


  • Certain trophies will disappear from the Trophy Hut if they are not bought while they are available.
    • Ascension-based trophies must be purchased in the ascension during which the trophies' conditions were met. If they are not, then you'll have to meet the trophies' conditions again, in order for them to again become available at the Trophy Hut.
    • Similarly, for the Gourdcore and Golden Meat Stack trophies, you must visit the Trophy Hut before freeing King Ralph XI, as that will lift your hardcore restrictions.
    • In order to obtain the Little Chickadee trophy, you must reach or surpass 1,000 drunkenness in one day and visit the Trophy Hut before rollover, as it resets your drunkenness to 0.
    • In order to acquire the Moving Target trophy, the number that you roll must be exactly 1 more than that of the last person who qualified for the trophy. For example, if they rolled a 56, then you have to roll a 57. Of course, it's well above that number by now; check the forum thread.
    • If a trophy is "state-based," then the player state that makes it available can be undone by normal player actions; the trophy must be purchased while the required player state is still in effect. (Technically, all trophies are based on player state, but the end-state conditions of ascension and rollover are easier to express separately, and it's even easier to simply ignore consumption/usage states, which can never be undone.)
  • Trophies that are based on familiar usage history are still being spaded. Note that players' ascension profiles used to display familiar percentages that were rounded to the nearest 1%, even while the leaderboards and familiar trophy requirements used rounding to 0.1% accuracy for 90%+ runs. This has since been changed, and ascension profiles now also round to the nearest 0.1%.
  • There is no trophy number 13 because of Jick's dislike for the number.
  • On April Fool's Day 2011, an unpurchasable joke trophy called Noble Ascetic appeared in the Trophy Hut when players had less than 10,000 Meat on hand with them. This trophy - the original Trophy #97 - was subsequently removed, and its number re-used for the next one to be created, "Had To Have Caught Them All".
  • The filenames of the trophy images are usually humorous references of their own.
  • If you attempt to browse through the directory of trophy images, you will be greeted with the message "No peeking."
  • If you try to purchase a trophy without selecting one (or if try to trick the game into letting you purchase a trophy for which you haven't met the corresponding requirements), you will get the message "You don't meet the requirements for that trophy."
  • When they are asked about the number of currently-undiscovered trophies, Jick & Company sometimes answer "seven". They are just as likely to answer with a number that is the sum of 7 and the number of currently-undiscovered trophies. In fact, Jick once corrected his response from "ten" to "nine" on a radio show, thus giving away the fact that one of the previously-undiscovered trophies had been found.
  • The number of trophies that you have in your display case contributes to your Collector's Score and is mentioned under the other accomplishments section of your Quest Log.
  • There are currently 11 animated, sparkly trophies.
  • Trophy 145 is currently unobtainable. From March 24, 2016: HS: Yeah, #145 is just blank in the KOL wiki. J: I know what it is. It's not currently acquirable.