Turkey blaster

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turkey blaster
turkey blaster

A turkey blaster is similar to a turkey baster, but with a lot more oomph. It also comes pre-loaded with delicious herbs and seasonings and lots of extra tryptophan, the most delicious amino acid.

(Cooking ingredient)
Type: spleen item (crappy)
Toxicity: 2
Level required: 4
Selling Price: 30 Meat.

(In-game plural: turkey blasters)
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Item number: 9166
Description ID: 835991309
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Obtained From

A traveling Thanksgiving salesman (3 cashews)

When Consumed

  • If less than 3 have been used today:
You put the end of the turkey blaster in your mouth and (perhaps ill-advisedly) pull the trigger. With a fwoosh, your stomach is filled with enough tryptophan to knock you right out for about five adventures. Fortunately, the herbs and seasonings have about five adventures worth of deliciousness in them, so you wake up feeling pretty refreshed.
HPYou gain 500-1,000 hit points.
MPYou gain 500-1,000 Mana Points.
(You gain 2 Spleen.)
  • If used 3 or more today:
You can't handle any more delicious herbs and seasonings today.



  • Advances delay() by 5 turns in the last zone you adventured before it was consumed.
  • Limited to 3 uses per day.


  • This item references the myths that turkey has more tryptophan than other meats and that this tryptophan causes drowsiness after Thanksgiving meals.

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