Twig and Berries

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Twig and Berries
Monster ID 352
Locations The Hole in the Sky
Hit Points 150
Attack 152
Defense 136
No-Hit 162
Initiative 70
Meat None
Phylum constellation
Elements sleaze
Resistance None
Monster Parts berry, star, twig
line, star, star
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
Twig and Berries You're fighting The Twig and Berries

This constellation is in the shape of a twig and two berries. With astronomy, even the most innocuous of objects can be made to seem rude.

Hit Message(s):

The berries do a little dance to distract you while the twig jabs you in the <foot>. Eek! Ouch! Eek! Argh! Ouch! Ugh! Argh!

The berries bounce on your chin. Agh, you got juice in your eye! Oof! Ooh! Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ooh! (sleaze damage)

Critical Hit Message:

The berries wrap their stem around you and garrotte you, while the twig jabs at your eyeballs. Not in the face! Not in the face! Ouch! Eek! Ow! Argh! Ow! Eek! Ugh! Eek! Oof! (sleaze damage)

Miss Message(s):

You decide that dodging is much better than a sharp stick in the eye.

The berries charge at your face, but you manage to duck. You never liked tea anyway.

Fumble Message:

The berries somehow get their stem wrapped around the twig, and the whole thing just twitches in midair trying to get loose. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Line.gifYou acquire an item: line (30% chance)*
Star.gifYou acquire an item: star (30% chance)*
Star.gifYou acquire an item: star (30% chance)*
You gain 38 <substat>.

Occurs at The Hole in the Sky.


  • This monster counts as a group (of size three). It takes manifold damage from area-of-effect skills such as Wave of Sauce.


  • Once again, the male genitals.
  • "You never liked tea" in the first miss message is a reference to "teabagging"; a sexual act in which a man repeatedly dips his scrotum into his partner's mouth (male or female), in the manner of steeping a teabag in a mug of tea.

    This can also be done as a pratical joke (by one heterosexual male to another) involving one man's "berries" and an unconcious man's chin at parties that may be as unpleasant for the joker as it is to the person suing them for sexual assault.
  • "Not in the face! Not in the face" is the somewhat less-than-inspiring battle cry of Arthur, sidekick to The Tick
  • The line about dodging being "better then a sharp stick in the eye" rephrases the traditional saying, "Better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick."