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Twitch Livestream World Event

The Twitch Livestream World Events are a series of development sessions featuring Jick, Skully, Hotstuff, and the rest of the KoL creation team at Asymmetric. During these development sessions the Asymmetric staff creates a new world event while streaming the process live on Twitch. The locations and monsters created in these events (barring the first) will return during all future events as part of The Time-Twitching Tower, a theoretically infinite pillar of zones. The items attained in these zones, including a universal currency called Chroner, persist in the inventory as usual.

The time-twitching toolbelt was first made available during the second event. It is available from Mr. Store during these events exclusively.

Since Twitch Livestream World Event II, the participating players can permanently join one of two teams, the Time Lords or the Time Bandits, who can compete for various rewards and consolation prizes.

Starting with Twitch Livestream World Event IV there's also a /twitch chat channel that allows players to talk about the event while the content is active.

Following Twitch Livestream World Event VI, the Time-Twitching Tower returned periodically; sometimes they were with new zones, but the creation of these zones was not livestreamed.



  • In order to score points for their respective team, a player had to wear their Time Lord Badge of Honor or Time Bandit Badge of Courage‎ during the events II and III. Each event had used the Badges in a different fashion, tracking points for various behaviors. This behavior was changed with event V. According to Jick, it will no longer be necessary to wear badges to collect points for a team.
  • The Time-Twitching Tower was reopened after rollover on February 12th, 2015 for a single day, "So that we can get back on schedule" according to the announcement. It introduced Level 6 (Dec, 25, 1492), but there was no stream in conjunction with this event.
  • The Time-Twitching Tower reopened again after rollover on October 12, 2015 for two days. It introduced Level 7 (Shakespearean Tymes), but there was no stream in conjunction with this event.
  • The Time-Twitching Tower reopened again after rollover on September 29, 2016 for three days. It introduced Level 8 (KoL Con 13) as part of a virtual KoL Con. There was a livestream on Saturday, October 1 wherein Jick and HotStuff answered player questions.
  • After a 6 year hiatus, the Time-Twitching Tower reopened on October October 11, 2022 for nine days, albeit without a new level nor a Twitch stream, in conjunction with the following announcement:
To celebrate West of Loathing's approaching 1895th birthday,* we're reopening the Time-Twitching Tower for the whole week! Time to party like it's 1895! * (That's 1895 days since release -- wait, is that not what birthday means?
  • The Time-Twitching Tower reopened again after rollover on November 27, 2023 for eight days. It introduced Level 9 (Automated Future).

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