Ultimate wad

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ultimate wad
ultimate wad

Man! You've seen some wads in your time, but this one totally takes the cake.

Type: spleen item (EPIC)
Toxicity: 15
Level required: 13
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: ultimate wads)
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Item number: 1606
Description ID: 873886262
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Obtained From

Any ultra-rare item

When Used

You chew the ultimate wad... and chew it... and chew it... what seems like eons pass as the Ultimate Flavor absorbs into the very fiber of your being, and you return to your senses wiser, stronger, and with incredibly minty breath.

Your jaw is sore as hell, though.
You gain X Strengthliness.
You gain X Enchantedness.
You gain X Chutzpah.
(You gain 15 Spleen.)


  • Since January 1, 2018, the Ultimate wad like other level 13+ consumables may no longer be consumed in Hardcore/Ronin.
  • X is the number of substat points required to gain a level from the start of the level you are currently in, halved for your off-stats. The equation for this number is 4L³-6L²+20L-9, where L is your level. For instance, a level 15 Turtle Tamer would get 12441 Strengthliness, and 6220.5 Mysteriousness and Cheek from this item.
  • Unlike other items, stat gains from the ultimate wad are not affected by stat days.
  • The first brave soul to smash an ultra-rare item was crovax1234.


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