Unkillable Skeleton's shield

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Unkillable Skeleton's shield
Unkillable Skeleton's shield

Half shield, half Van der Graaf generator, this is just the thing if your goal is shocking your opponents while also looking like a nitwit with your hair all standing up on end.

Type: off-hand item (shield)
Damage Reduction: 23
Muscle Required: 100
Cannot be traded or discarded

Serious Resistance to All Elements (+3)
Maximum MP -300
Deals damage to attackers

(In-game plural: Unkillable Skeleton's shields)
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Item number: 6480
Description ID: 574670113
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Castle
Holding Court
The Unkillable Skeleton (Hard Mode)


  • When a monster successfully hits you in combat:
There is a buzz and a bang as your shield shocks your opponent for X damage.

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