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Just a regular KoLer hailing from California. KoL name almost the same, but with a space.
I edit the wikis every once in a while. Rarely do I add actual content; mostly I'm here to clean up grammar and make things look nice.
Feel free to borrow what you like... I did.

OOH... now, I do some scripting. I have two: Highly in Progress(though never edited) is my Adjuster: Adjuster (Link down until I get off my ass and put up my server)

  • Makes the Images in the Character Pane link to related Pages:
    • HP image rests at campground.
    • MP image takes you to skills page.
    • Meat image takes you to your closet.
    • Hourglass image takes you to your consumables.
  • Optionally adds Lucre counter (with link to Bounty Hunter) to Character Pane.
  • Links from one side of the tracks to the other.

And my finished (but potentially update-able) slight inventory cleanup: Stuffie and Tiny Plastics Section

  • Takes all Tiny Plastic Items and Stuffed Items (leaving the shoulder parrot) out of the main inventory partitions and puts them in their own.