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Some stuff to make me not-a-blue-link...

Joined KoL: 20th September, 2004, shortly after reading this usenet post.

A not-particularly-optimal ascender (My 4 day NS11 softcore run got lost in the great time catastrophe), I now tend to stick to HCOxy as a mechanism for reclaiming real-world time, whilst trying to time runs such that Sneaky Pete's is still doable, and taking time out for any events that turn up.

During the week, I play on a standard office PC. At evenings/weekends/holidays, I'm on a RiscPC, resulting in a number of problems caused by (lack of) javascript.

Claim to KoL fame: Finding the Small stone triangle during the pirate ocean event: The entire 6-location northern atoll had miraculously managed to avoid discovery, and the rest of the ocean explorers were busily shouting "it's an arrow!" and heading east. My thoughts, on the other hand, were along the lines of "what if there was a third triangle/atoll, in a triangular formation with those two?", resulting - some bad maths and three ocean voyages later - with the discovery of something important.