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Dumpsterfire.gif This page will likely see less frequent updates. You are welcome to update the existing Mr. Store Analysis page in the mainspace, using content from this one.

This page is intended to provide gameplay details about items, primarily those that originate from Mr. Store, focusing on those that are available under Standard restrictions.

For each item, there will be an overview of what capabilities the item grants to a player (objective), and then perhaps some commentary for potential strategic uses (subjective), but there will be no "ranking" of items. Please use the information presented on this page as a stepping stone for strategies, rather than absolute word as for exactly how an item should be used.

Some items may have larger sections compared to other items, but this is because one item may just be more complex than the other. Complexity is not intended to be reflective of an item's strength.

By nature of this material, this page is very much a work in progress. All information provided on this page comes from this very Wiki, the KoL Forums, chat discussions, and personal observations. Feedback is appreciated, especially if something needs clarifying, is missing, or is flat out inaccurate.

Speculative and tentative features will be in italics and not guaranteed to be accurate.

Double-clicking the Month header of a table will sort its contents in reverse-chronological order.

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Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Retrospecsbox.gif
Retrospecs try-at-home kit
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +15 to all attributes
  • +25 maximum HP/MP
  • +3-5 HP/MP regeneration

While equipped, grants the combat skill Detect Weakness (0 MP, usable once per combat), which staggers and delevels for 10%.

While equipped, occasionally causes items that did not drop to drop in future combats.

The Retrospecs are a free pull from Hagnk's.

January Birdcal unopened.gif
unopened Bird-a-Day calendar
Bird-a-Day calendar
When used for the first time per day, grants the non-combat skill Seek out a Bird (5+ MP). This skill disappears at Rollover, and its MP cost doubles with each cast, resetting at Rollover. When cast, gives 10 turns of Blessing of the Bird, an effect with 3-4 bonuses based on the current bird when the skill was cast. Birds are pre-determined based on class, path, and day combinations.

Possible effect bonuses:

  • One attribute boost, ranging from +50% to +150%
  • One elemental resistance, ranging from +1 to +5
  • One of:
    • Item Drops (+10% to +50%)
    • Meat Drops (+20% to +100%)
    • Initiative (+25% to +150%)
    • Monster Level (+10 to +30)
    • Stats from Fights (+1 to +5)
    • Decreased Combat Frequency (-3% to -11%)
  • One of:
    • +10-20 HP regeneration
    • +10-20 MP regeneration
    • +100% Weapon Damage and +20 Weapon Damage
    • +100 Damage Absorption and +5 Damage Reduction

On the seventh cast per day, instead of directly giving an effect, instead gives a choice between the following:

  • Sets the current bird as the favorite bird, grants the skill Visit your Favorite Bird, gives 10 turns of Blessing of the Bird, and consumes 320 MP.
  • Declines, neither consuming MP nor increasing the MP cost.

Visit your Favorite Bird is a non-combat skill (50 MP, usable once per day) that grants 20 turns of Blessing of your favorite Bird, which has the same bonuses as last favorited bird's Blessing. This skill can be made Permanent.

The calendar is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

February Pglove inbox.gif
mint-in-box Powerful Glove
Powerful Glove
  • A handy accessory
  • Occasional pixels after combats
  • Power playing through cheat codes
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +10 maximum MP
  • +20 maximum HP
  • +25% Weapon Damage
  • +50% Spell Damage
  • +5-10 HP/MP regeneration

While equipped, occasionally drops one red, green blue, or white pixel after combat, and pixelates monster images and adds pixelated eyes.

Each day, starts with 100% charge, used to cast skills granted by equipping the glove:

The glove is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Path exclusive: In Path of the Plumber, 3-5 coins also drop when a pixel drops.

March Mushcatalog.gif
Better Shrooms and Gardens catalog
packet of mushroom spores
(Garden Item)
  • Grows nutritious mushrooms of many sizes
  • One scaling free fight per day
Creates Your Mushroom Garden in The Campground. This garden is an adventuring location, containing one piranha plant per day, a scaling free fight that drops piranha pollen, a potion that gives 20 turns of +20 maximum HP/MP and +3-5 HP/MP regeneration.

After defeating the piranha plant, the next encounter in the garden is a choice, that does not take an Adventure.

Mushroom filets are size-1 good foods, and can be crafted into the following:

Using a mushroom slab produces foldable equipment.

Path exclusive: In Path of the Plumber, the garden contains five piranha plants per day, instead of one. Piranha plants always activate Secret Eye (path skill), granting additional drops.

April Lhmlarva.gif
sinistral homunculus
Hatches into
Left-Hand Man
  • Off-hand item carrying familiar
  • Occasional off-hand drops when empty-handed
A familiar that attacks each round of combat, and can equip an off-hand item in its familiar equipment slot, ignoring stat requirements. This enables equipping an off-hand item with a two-handed weapon, or two off-hand items together.

If not equipped with anything, occasionally drops one of the following off-hand quest items after every 10 combats:

May Guzzlrapp.gif
Guzzlr application
Guzzlr tablet
  • A bubbly accessory
  • Booze delivery quests for swag, substats, and software updates
  • One special cocktail ingredient per day
An accessory with the following starting enchantments:
  • +10% Item Drops
  • +10 maximum HP/MP
  • +1%* Booze Drops
  • +1-2* MP regeneration
  • +3-6* HP regeneration

When tapped, gives a choice of a delivery quest, which involves adventuring in a random location with a certain booze item. Depending on the Tier, completing this quest rewards Guzzlrbucks, some substats, and permanent upgrades for the tablet's enchantments.

  • Bronze Tier: Common booze, for 2-4 Guzzlrbucks and 10 of each substat
    • Tablet gains an additional +1% Booze Drops per 4 Bronze deliveries, up to a total maximum of +50% Booze Drops at 196 Bronze deliveries.
  • Gold Tier (maximum of 3 per day): Random booze, for 6-7 Guzzlrbucks and 50 of each substat
    • Tablet gains an additional +1 HP regeneration for each threshold crossed, at 1, 8, 24, 53, 100, and 150 Gold deliveries.
  • Platinum Tier (maximum of 1 per day): Specialty booze, for 20-25 Guzzlrbucks and 150 of each substat
    • Tablet gains an additional +1 MP regeneration for each threshold crossed, at 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, and 30 Platinum deliveries.

Upon accepting a Platinum Tier delivery quest, provides a Guzzlr cocktail set, a fancy cocktailcrafting ingredient that mixes into one of the following size-3 awesome boozes, to complete this delivery:

Only one delivery quest can be active at a time, persisting through Rollover, but not Ascension. One delivery quest may be abandoned per day. Gold Tier permanently unlocks after completing 5 Bronze Tier deliveries, and Platinum Tier permanently unlocks after completing 5 Gold Tier deliveries.

The Guzzlr Company Store Website exchanges Guzzlrbucks for company merchandise, which are mostly involved in improving delivery quests and increasing Booze Drops.

The tablet is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

June Iunionbag.gif
bag of Iunion stones
Iunion Crown
  • A balanced hat
  • Gains temporary power from winning combats in various zones
A 100-power hat with the following base enchantments:
  • +10 to all attributes
  • +10% Item Drops
  • +10% Initiative

While equipped, tracks the number of combats won in that zone, and gains bonus enchantments when this number crosses a threshold, at every perfect square (1, 4, 9, 16, 25, etc.). The type of bonus depends on the zone - most regular locations have bonuses, while limited-time content zones do not.

At Rollover, each zone's number of tracked combats decays to floor[√(C/2)]² - 1, with a minimum of 0, where C is the that day's number of combats. This always results in a number just below a threshold (0, 3, 8, 15, 24, etc.). This also decreases any corresponding bonuses, and results in the first combat won in any zone each day increasing its bonus, if any.

Some possibly useful enchantments and corresponding zones (not exhaustive):

The crown is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

July Camelcalf.gif
baby camelCalf
Hatches into
  • Volleyball and Ghoul Whelp combo
  • Accumulates moisture for multiplying combat skills
  • Improves desert exploration
  • With the right tool, a source of warmth
A familiar that after combat, increases stat gains like a Volleyball and sometimes restores HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp, and also gains 3-4% fullness.

At 100% fullness, grants the following combat skills (both 0 MP, using either resets fullness to 0%):

In The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, having this familiar active gives an additional +1% exploration after combat.

With an equipped Fourth of May Cosplay Saber, allows access to a choice to reset this familiar's experience to 0, giving 10 turns of Entauntauned, once per day. This effect gives +floor[√(X)] Cold Resistance, where X is this familiar's experience before the last reset. This choice does not use an Adventure.

This familiar's specific familiar equipment, dromedary drinking helmet, occasionally grants another 3-4% fullness after combat when equipped.

August Lathebox.gif
packaged SpinMaster™ lathe
SpinMaster™ lathe
  • Industrial and balanced woodworking
  • One wooden equipment per day
  • Wooden scavenger hunts
Allows access to Your SpinMaster™ lathe, a shop that exchanges special wood for equipment.

Visiting this shop for the first time each day gives flimsy hardwood scraps, which can be exchanged for one of the following items:

  • birch battery: Accessory, gives +100 maximum MP and +15-20 MP regeneration
  • maple magnet: Off-hand item, gives +100 maximum HP, +50% Weapon Drops, +50% Accessory Drops, and rarely drops special latheable wood after combat in certain locations
  • ebony epee: 1-handed melee weapon, gives +100% Weapon Damage, +25 Muscle, and +5 Muscle Stats per Fight
    • Grants the combat skill Disarming Thrust (0 MP, usable once per combat), which staggers and decreases Monster Attack by about 30%
  • weeping willow wand: 1-handed melee weapon, gives +100% Spell Damage, +25 Mysticality, and +5 Mysticality Stats per Fight
    • Grants the combat skill Barrage of Tears (0 MP, usable once per combat), which staggers and does 2 hits of 25% of Monster HP, in physical and Spooky damage
  • beechwood blowgun: 1-handed ranged weapon, gives +100% Ranged Damage, +25 Moxie, and +5 Moxie Stats per Fight
    • Grants the combat skill Poison Dart (0 MP, usable once per combat), which deals 50% of Monster HP in Poison Damage, halving each round

Equipment made from flimsy hardwood scraps disappears after Rollover.

The following untradeable items come from exchanging special wood from the maple magnet:

The first four items of this list form the Lathed Livery outfit (bonus: +15 Familiar Weight).

The lathe is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

September Cultistshortsbag.gif
Bagged Cargo Cultist Shorts
Cargo Cultist Shorts
A 100-power pants with the following enchantments:
  • +6 to all attributes
  • +6 Monster Level
  • +66% Initiative
  • +66% Food Drops
  • +66% maximum HP/MP

Once per day, allows reaching into one of the shorts' 666 pockets, for a variety of results, including monsters, effects, items, and substat gains. All monsters encountered from pockets, either directly or from pocket-exclusive items, are free fights, and cannot be copied. Each pocket can be reached into once per Ascension.

Possibly useful pocket results (not exhaustive):

The shorts are automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

October Cccbook.gif
Comprehensive Cartographic Compendium
Grants skill:
Comprehensive Cartography
  • Controlled monster encounters, three times per day
  • A sense of direction after combats
  • Secret quest routes
Grants the non-combat skill Map the Monsters (1 MP). When used, the next encounter in any zone becomes a choice that leads to combat against any of the normal monsters in that zone. Usable up to three times per day.

Passively, sometimes gives one of the following after combat:

Upon visiting The Typical Tavern Cellar for the first time per Ascension, reveals two squares of darkness.

Adds special map non-combats to several zones, which occur as the first non-combat per Ascension in each zone (possibly useful choices listed):

This skill also comes with a free book.


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Elfoplarva.gif
elf sleeper agent
Hatches into
Elf Operative
  • Fairy and Volleyball combo
  • Occasional after-combat items
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and increases stat gains like a Volleyball after every combat.

Occasionally drops one of the following items after every 20 combats:

Equipment dropped by this familiar disappears after Rollover.

This familiar's specific familiar equipment, red-and-green microcamera, gives +5 Familiar Weight and decreases the combats needed between its item drops.

January Saugrindbox.gif
Kramco Industries packing carton
Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™
  • Sausage-making off-hand
  • Occasional scaling free fights
  • Bonus Adventures and MP from sausages
An off-hand item with the following enchantments:
  • +10% Item Drops
  • +10% Food Drops
  • +5 maximum HP/MP
  • +20% Critical Hit Chance

While equipped, occasionally causes encounters against a sausage goblin, a scaling free fight, which drops a magical sausage casing. The encounter rate increases linearly, with each turn played since encountering the last natural sausage goblin that day, eventually reaching 100%. The number of turns to reach 100% increases for each natural goblin encounter that day.

Allows grinding PvP-stealable items into units of filling, giving 1 unit per 1 Meat of autosell value. Filling a sausage requires one casing and an increasing amount of filling, starting at 111 units and increasing by 111 for each sausage filled that day. This produces a magical sausage, a size-0 food that gives 1 Adventure and restores 999 MP. Up to 23 magical sausages can be consumed per day.

Very rarely, a sausage goblin may also drop a bag of sausage links. When used, combines 69 magical sausages into a sausage golem hatchling. Each round of combat, this familiar has a 50% chance of attacking with Sleaze damage and restoring that much MP.

The sausage grinder is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

February Dbag mint.gif
mint condition Lil' Doctor™ bag
Lil' Doctor™ bag
  • A healthy accessory
  • Three item drop boosts, banishes, and free kills per day
An accessory with the following starting enchantments:
  • +15 maximum HP
  • +4-7 HP regeneration

While equipped, grants the following combat skills (0 MP, each usable three times per day):

  • Otoscope: Delevels by 20%, staggers, and gives +200% Item Drops for that combat, usable once per combat
  • Reflex Hammer: Free runaway and 30-turn banish
  • Chest X-Ray: Instakills the monster and makes the combat a free fight

Occasionally gives a case, which involves bringing a medicine-related item to a patient in a random location. Completing a case gives N×500 Meat, where N is the number of cases completed that Ascension, up to a maximum of 50,000 Meat. In addition, every fifth completed case permanently upgrades the bag's enchantments by an additional +5 maximum HP and +1 HP regeneration, up to a maximum of +50 maximum HP and +11-14 HP regeneration.

The doctor's bag is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Path exclusive: In Dark Gyffte, the doctor's bag may produce a blood bag after combat, once per day.

March Cloakepattern.gif
vampyric cloake pattern
vampyric cloake
  • Back item tailored for nobles of the night
  • Short transformative combat boosts
  • Improved vamping
A back item with the following enchantments:
  • +15% Item Drops
  • +10 maximum HP per Level, up to a maximum of +1300 HP
  • +25% Initiative
  • +4 Adventures at Rollover
  • +3 Stats per Fight

While equipped, grants the following combat skills (0 MP). Each skill staggers and grants 1 turn of an effect, and one "Become" skill can be used per combat. There is also a shared maximum of 10 "Become" skill uses per day.

While equipped, the letters A, B, O, and the word blood are colored scarlet in chat messages.

The vampyric cloake is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Path exclusive: In Dark Gyffte, equipping this item improves certain Vampyre skills.

  • Dark Feast steals 25% more HP, and produces a blood bag the first time on its first successful use per day.
  • Ensorceled monsters gain a 1.25× multiplier to their numeric bonuses.

Vampyres cannot use "Become" skills.

April Pr packet.gif
PirateRealm membership packet
  • Plunder on the open seas for fun
  • One free stat-limiting eyepatch per day
  • See also: PirateRealm Guide
Allows permanent access to PirateRealm, accessible through A Monorail Station in the Right Side of the Tracks, which allows for one voyage per day. Completing a voyage involves sailing to and exploring three islands, taking a total of about 40 Adventures.

Each voyage in PirateRealm starts at Port Beginning, which provides a PirateRealm eyepatch, an accessory that limits base stats to 20 and disappears after Rollover. Preparing to set sail involves choosing a crewmate, a curio, and a ship for the day.

Adventuring in PirateRealm requires equipping the eyepatch and having all buffed attributes lower than 100 each.

The first completed voyage in an Ascension also gives a PirateRealm fun-a-log, a quest item. Adventures in PirateRealm drop FunPoints, which can be redeemed for items through the Fun-a-log. FunPoints are kept through Ascending, but the Fun-a-log must be reacquired each Ascension.

Some possibly useful islands:

Some possibly useful Fun-a-Log items:

Using a PirateRealm guest pass allows for one journey through PirateRealm until Rollover, for players without permanent access.

May May4swordkit.gif
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber kit
Fourth of May Cosplay Saber
A 1-handed melee weapon with the following attributes:
  • +20% to all attributes
  • +4 Prismatic Damage
  • +1 Resistance to All Elements

Once per day, allows for a free upgrade, providing a choice of an additional enchantment that lasts until Rollover:

  • +15-20 MP regeneration
  • +20 Monster Level
  • +3 Resistance to All Elements
  • +10 Familiar Weight

Attacks with this weapon make futuristic sound effects, and use the highest buffed attribute to determine hit chance and damage.

While equipped, grants the combat skill Use the Force, %playername! (0 MP, 5 uses per day). When used on a copiable monster, ends combat without using a turn, and giving a choice of one of the following effects:

  • "I am not the adventurer you are looking for.": 30-turn banish.
  • "You will go find two friends and meet me here.": Causes the monster to appear for the next 3 encounters in its native location.
  • "You will drop your things and walk away.": Produces all of the monster's non-conditional item drops.

The cosplay saber is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

June Spooncocoon.gif
rune-strewn spoon cocoon
hewn moon-rune spoon
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +3 Stats per Fight
  • +5 Familiar Weight
  • +10% Critical Hit Chance
  • +10 Spell Damage
  • +25% Initiative
  • +5 to all attributes
  • +25 maximum HP/MP

When equipped at Rollover, gives 50 turns of Spoon Boon, which gives the following:

  • +10% to all attributes
  • +5 Prismatic Damage
  • +10 Damage to Spells of All Elements
  • +2 Resistance to All Elements

While equipped, gives a 0-MP combat skill, usable once per combat. The skill's effect depends on class mainstat.

While equipped, sometimes replaces words in combat messages with italicized rhyming words, and after combat, sometimes drops a cartoon harpoon. When used on a player, gives them 100 turns of Harpooned and Marooned, which replaces some words in chat messages with italicized rhyming words, consuming one turn of the effect per message.

Once per Ascension, can be used from inventory to change moon signs.

The spoon is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Path exclusive: In Two Crazy Random Summer, the spoon has a total of 11 Item Modifiers, translating into 11 enchantments that depend on class and moon sign.

July Beachcombbox.gif
Beach Comb Box
Beach Comb
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +20% Moxie
  • +8-12 MP regeneration
  • +5 Familiar Weight

While equipped, grants the Beach Combo combat skill (0 MP), which deals two hits of physical damage and a third hit in a random element. Usable once per combat.

Allows for 11 free beach combings per day. After the first 11 combings, each combing costs one Adventure each.

Certain coordinates have beach heads, which give 50 turns of an effect when combed, each obtainable once per day. After combing a head for the first time, unlocks a button to gain its effect, counting as a beach combing.

Provides the option to consume 10 free beach combings and produce the following 10 items:

If not combing a head, combing the beach typically produces one of the above items and 2-4 grains of sand, combat items that delevel for 1-2. Less frequently, it will produce another sea-related item.

Asking Grandpa about Hierfal will permanently add a twinkle to spots that yield non-common items.

For players without a Beach Comb, using a piece of driftwood produces a driftwood beach comb, an accessory that gives +1% Moxie, +1-2 MP regeneration, +1 Familiar Weight, and allows for beach combing, and disappears after Rollover.

The Beach Comb is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of each Ascension.

August Campbrochure.gif
Distant Woods Getaway Brochure
  • Buffs from the stars, and the sky
  • Outdoorsy woodcrafting
  • Improved resting
Allows permanent access to Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite in The Distant Woods, and passively causes combats that take Adventures in locations with camps and/or trees to drop a stick of firewood, 40% of the time. Also passively grants an additional free rest per day.

The Campsite contains the following features:

Star Gazing: Gives a 20 turns of an effect, three times per day. The effect given is predetermined for a given path and calendar date combination, and this effect gives doubled bonuses if it matches the current moon sign. Can also give 100 turns of +25% to all stat gains, once per day.

Campfire: A store that exchanges sticks of firewood for items. Equipment from this store disappears upon Ascension. Possibly useful in-run items:

Tent: Uses one Adventure, removes most negative effects and restores up to 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP. After using a burnt stick, also gives 20 turns of +3 substats of one attribute per fight. With free rests available, does not use an Adventure.

Path Exclusive: In Kingdom of Exploathing, the Campsite is still accessible, despite the path blocking off most of The Distant Woods.

September Lilprofessoroff.gif
packaged Pocket Professor
Hatches into
Pocket Professor
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and restores MP like a Ghoul Whelp after every combat.

While active, grants the following combat skills (0 MP each, each usable once per combat).

  • Lecture on velocity: Delevels by v and gives v mainstat substats (maximum of 150 substats). v is (0.10 × monsterAttack) + (0.33 × weight).
  • Lecture on mass: After combat, for each possible item drop, rolls three times, instead of just once.
  • Lecture on relativity: Against copiable monsters, after winning that combat, forces another encounter against the same monster, occurring in the same location.

The "Lecture" skills have a shared maximum of √(weight) (rounded up) uses per day.

When this familiar has at least 400 experience (base weight of 20 pounds), grants the combat skill Deliver your thesis! (0 MP), an instakill that forfeits stats, Meat, and item drops after combat. Also decreases the familiar's total experience by 200, and grants up to 11 Adventures, based on the monster's HP. Usable once per day.

This familiar's specific equipment, Pocket Professor memory chip, provides an additional two uses of Lectures per day, when equipped.

October Pillminderpack.gif
Unopened Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper
Eight Days a Week Pill Keeper
  • Pharmaceutical accessory
  • An octet of pills for many situations, in exchange for spleen space
  • First daily pill is "free"
An accessory with the following enchantments:
  • +20 maximum HP
  • +10-15 HP/MP regeneration
  • +10 to all attributes

While equipped, blocks the monster's first attack in each combat.

Contains a variety of different pills, which are immediately consumed upon selecting. The first pill per day is free, and each pill after that fills 3 spleen space.

  • Monday - Explodinall: Forces all non-conditional item drops to drop in the next combat, and gives 29 turns of Everything Looks Yellow, which further disables this option while active.
  • Tuesday - Extendicillin: Doubles the duration of the next potion used.
  • Wednesday - Sneakisol: Gives a hidden "effect" that effectively forces the next encounter to be a non-combat, if appropriate for that zone. This "effect" disappears after a valid non-combat encounter.
  • Thursday - Rainbowolin: Gives 30 turns of +4 Resistance to All Elements.
  • Friday - Hulkien: Gives 30 turns of +100% to all attributes.
  • Saturday - Fidoxene: Gives 30 turns of an effect that forces all familiars to have a base weight of 20 pounds .
  • Sunday - Surprise Me: Sets the semi-rare counter to the current turns played, causing the next encounter to be a semi-rare encounter if appropriate, and also "forgets" the previous semi-rare encounter. This overrides the restriction that normally prevents obtaining the same semi-rare twice in a row.
  • Funday - Telecybin: Gives 30 turns of randomized Adventure locations.

The Pill Keeper is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of each Ascension.

November Crate.gif
unopened diabolic pizza cube box
diabolic pizza cube
(Workshed item)
  • Transmuter of items into devilish pizza
  • Effects and bonus items from below
  • See also: Pizza Cube GUI Script
Installs a diabolic pizza cube in Your Workshed, which consumes four items as ingredients to produce a diabolic pizza, a size-3 food that disappears after Rollover. Only PvP-stealable items that are not gift items or sold in NPC stores are eligible ingredients. The pizza cube is usable while there is no diabolic pizza in the inventory.

A diabolic pizza's ingredients influence the following:

  • Adventure yield: Grants (total character count in item names) / 10 Adventures, up to a maximum of 15 Adventures at 145+ characters.
  • Substat yield: Grants 10 Muscle substats per size of food ingredients, and grants 10 Moxie substats per size of booze ingredients (maximum of 150 substats per item).
  • Effect granted: Uses the first character of each item to match the beginning of an effect name, randomly choosing one if there are multiple matches. Some effects are unavailable.
  • Effect duration: Grants √(total autosell value) turns (rounded up, minimum of 5 turns), up to a maximum of 100 turns from a total value of 9,901+ Meat.
  • Special modifier: Gives an additional result upon consumption, randomly choosing one if multiple possible modifiers:

Having Pizza Lover (passive skill) adds an additional 3 Adventures and doubles stat gains from food/booze ingredients, but does not double stat gains from the drugged/medicinal modifier.

December Redroe.gif
red-spotted snapper roe
Hatches into
Red-Nosed Snapper
  • Aquatic Fairy, improved underwater
  • Phylum booster, rewards items after defeating enough
An aquatic familiar that increases Item Drops after combat. In underwater combats, this bonus gains a 1.5× weight modifier.

Can be adjusted through the character pane to guide toward a specific Monster Types. This adds two instances of all monsters of that type to their native zones as long as this familiar is active. After defeating 11 monsters of that type, drops an item. Changing the tracked Monster Type resets progress toward the next drop.

Possibly useful in-run items:


Month Item Summary Description
Item of the Year Dumpsternofire.gif
kerosene-soaked skip
Hatches into
Garbage Fire
  • Fairy and always-acting Ghoul Whelp combo
  • Fiery, fleeting consumables
A familiar that increases Item Drops like a Fairy and restores HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp after every combat.

After 5 combats in an Ascension, and every 30 combats after that, drops one of the following items:

The first item drop will always be a burning newspaper.

January Tote closed.gif
January's Garbage Tote (unopened)
Tote open.gif
January's Garbage Tote
  • Rummageable for various equipment
  • Short-lived damage reduction, doubled Item Drop bonuses, and doubled stat gains
Contains an assortment of equipment. Only one item may be taken out of the tote at a time; taking another item replaces the previous item, acting like a foldable.
  • deceased crimbo tree: Off-hand, has 1000 needles which are consumed to block damage, at a rate of about 6-9 needles per damage
  • broken champagne bottle: 1-handed knife, gives +4-8 MP regeneration, +50% Weapon Damage, and doubles Item Drop bonuses for 11 combats
  • tinsel tights: 50-power pants, gives +25 Monster Level, +10 Sleaze Damage
  • wad of used tape: 50-power hat, gives +10% to all attributes, +15% Item Drops, +30% Meat Drops
  • makeshift garbage shirt: 50-power shirt, gives +3 Stats per Fight, +3 PvP Fights at Rollover, +10 Stench Damage, and doubles stat gains for 37 combats

When the "charges" for the tree, bottle, or shirt run out in combat, the item disappears, though another one may still be taken out of the tote. The "charges" for each item reset upon retrieving the item for the first time per day.

The tote is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

February Crate.gif
Clan Carnival Game
(VIP Lounge)
  • One NPC's fortune per day
  • Three clanmate compatibility tests per day
Installs Madame Zatara’s Relationship Fortune Teller in the Clan VIP Lounge, which allows for love consultations with Seaside Town NPCs (1/day) and clanmates (3/day).

Consulting with an NPC gives 100 turns of an effect:

Consulting with a clanmate asks both players three questions each, then gives the player that initiated the consultation an item. The type of item is determined by which clanmate consultation of the day it was, and if the players showed low or high compatibility in their responses.

  • First: A size-1 good food/booze OR an item usable on other players for cosmetic effects
  • Second: A 20-turn potion OR a Mysterious Box
  • Third: An outfit piece, for the Genie Garments outfit (bonus: +5% Critical Hit Chance) OR the Psychic Enpsemble outfit (bonus: +10% Critical Spell Chance)

On a high compatibility response, each consultation has a low chance of giving a skillbook in addition to the listed item.

March Pokebook.gif
Pokéfam Guide to Capturing All of Them
packet of tall grass seeds
(Garden Item)
  • Grows tufts of grass
  • Grass is full of surprises and friends and surprising friends
Creates Tall Grass in The Campground, which grows one tuft of grass per day. Unlike other gardens, "harvesting" removes one tuft at a time, rather than all in one click. Each tuft contains one of the following items:

While this Garden is installed, passively causes a Poké-Gro fertilizer to drop after combat sometimes, up to 3 per day, which grows one grass tuft when used.

Path exclusive: In Pocket Familiars, each tuft instead yields a hatchling for a familiar, usable only in Pokéfam battles.

April Fr packet.gif
FantasyRealm membership packet
Allows permanent access to FantasyRealm, by LyleCo, accessible through A Monorail Station in the Right Side of the Tracks, which allows for one journey per day.

Each journey in FantasyRealm starts at the Welcome Center, which provides two pieces of equipment:

Adventuring in FantasyRealm requires equipping the G. E. M. while it has hours remaining (starts with 5 hours each day), and having no active familiar.

Monsters in FantasyRealm drop the local currency, Rubees™, which is spent at the FantasyRealm Premium Rubee™ Store. After winning 5 combats in a zone, the next encounter there will be a choice Adventure, using an hour and closing the zone for the day (if not the Crossroads). The Rubee™ Store sells maps that permanently unlock some zones, bypassing the need to spend an hour in The Bandit Crossroads beforehand.

The fifth fantasy bandit defeated in a day will drop a fat loot token.

Using a FantasyRealm guest pass allows for one journey through FantasyRealm until Rollover, for players without permanent access.

Path exclusive: In Pocket Familiars, monsters from FantasyRealm are normal combats between the Adventurer and the monster, rather than the Pokéfam battles specific to this path, allowing combat skills and combat items.

May Godlob egg.gif
God Lobster Egg
Hatches into
God Lobster
  • Aquatic Volleyball, flexible
  • Three scaling free fights with rewards
  • The Kingdom's salvation
An aquatic familiar that increases stat gains like a Volleyball after combat, and may have additional abilities based on its equipment.

While it is the active familiar, can be challenged in the Terrarium up to three times per day in a scaling free fight. Winning the fight leads to a choice of a boon:

June Songboomboxbox.gif
SongBoom™ BoomBox Box
SongBoom™ BoomBox
  • A musical medley of passive boosts
  • Combat karaoke for a variety of effects
  • Periodic item drops
Offers five different songs, each with a different passive effect. While a song is playing, also grants the combat skill Sing Along (0 MP), usable once per combat, which has a different effect depending on the current song. After every 11 won combats that take an Adventure, drops a unique consumable item depending on the song. Songs can be changed up to 11 times per day, and persist through Rollover.
  • Eye of the Giger: +1 Spooky Damage per Level
    • Singing: Drains HP and MP by 5% of maximum HP and gives +2-3 substats after combat
    • Nightmare Fuel: Size-1 spleen item, gives one "nightmarish" charge, which is consumed when resting at The Campground (the rest will not cost an Adventure) or defeating a monster from The Cyrpt (decreases Evil by 2 in the corresponding subzone)
  • Food Vibrations: +30% Food Drops and +3-5 MP regeneration
    • Singing: The next spell cast deals additional damage
    • Special Seasoning: When eating food, one is consumed, giving 1 Adventure and 5-10 of each substat
  • Remainin' Alive: +1 Damage Reduction per Level
  • These Fists Were Made for Punchin': +1 Weapon Damage per Level
  • Total Eclipse of Your Meat: +30% Meat Drops
    • Singing: Adds 25 to the monster's base meat drop, affected by bonus Meat Drops
    • Gathered Meat-Clip: Gives 420-620 Meat

The boombox is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

July Kittenburglar.gif
kitten burglar
Hatches into
Cat Burglar
A familiar that, after combat, increases Item Drops like a Fairy and Meat Drops like a Leprechaun, and also gains progress toward a Heist. This familiar gains a Heist after 10 combats won, with the next Heist becoming available after a doubling number of combats won since the last (20, 40, 80...). The counter for gaining Heists resets at Rollover.

While active and with Heists available, this familiar can go on a Heist via the Terrarium, producing a choice of an item from a list of non-conditional item drops from the last 3 monsters (excluding bosses) encountered with this familiar. Each item acquired this way consumes one Heist.

This familiar's specific familiar equipment, burglar/sleep mask, occasionally grants additional progress toward the next Heist after combat when equipped.

August Bbattcrate.gif
Bastille Battalion control rig crate
Bastille Battalion control rig

  • 5 minigame plays per day
  • Daily bundle of substats, an accessory, and a buff
  • Cheeses and castles
Allows 5 plays of the cheese-collecting castle-fighting Bastille Battalion minigame per day. After each play, offers the choice to submit the score to a daily leaderboard, which can be done only once per day.

The first play per day gives the following rewards, which can be adjusted through the side panels before playing:

The control rig is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

Using a Bastille Battalion control rig loaner voucher allows for a single play of Bastille Battallion, for players that do not own a control rig.

September Npartyinv.gif
Neverending Party invitation envelope
  • Up to 10 free fights per day against partygoers
  • One free stat-gain improving buff per day
  • Optional quests with exclusive rewards
Allows permanent access to The Neverending Party, a scaling monster zone in the Wrong Side of the Tracks. After every 7 encounters, there is a periodic choice Adventure. Each day, the party starts in an "Early" state, during which victories against partygoers and the choice Adventure do not use turns, until reaching a shared maximum of 10 turnless encounters.

Some possibly useful monster drops:

Some possibly useful choice options:

The first encounter at the Party each day offers an optional quest, which is likely to take longer than the 10 daily free encounters to complete. Taking this quest resets the 7-encounter interval of the periodic choice Adventure here. Finishing this quest in the same day rewards a Neverending Party favor, and prevents further access to the zone until Rollover. Party favors initially give items based on how many have been previously opened, eventually producing the following items after all untradeable items have been received:

Using a Neverending Party guest pass allows entrance to the Party, but without the turnless encounters and until Rollover, for players without permanent access.

Path exclusive: In Disguises Delimit, partygoers from this zone wear unique masks:

  • Motorcycle (Mus), magical cartoon princess (Mys), "sexy" (Mox): +50 (attribute) and +5 (attribute) Stats per fight
  • Catcher's: +100 Damage Absorption, +25 Damage Reduction, +3 Resistance to All Elements
  • Werewolf: +100% Weapon Damage and +30 to all attributes
October Lattecard.gif
latte lovers club card
latte lovers member's mug
  • Customizable off-hand item
  • 3 refills of swapping enchantments, banishes, encounter manipulation, and restoration
  • Caffeination after every combat
An off-hand item whose enchantments depend on the three ingredients used in the latte inside. Each day, provides three refills, which are used to change the mug's enchantments. A refill requires three unique ingredients. At the start of an Ascension, the mug is empty, and the following ingredients are available:
  • Vanilla: +1 Muscle Stat per fight, +5% Muscle, +5% Weapon Damage
  • Pumpkin spice: +1 Mysticality Stat per fight, +5% Mysticality, +5 Spell Damage
  • Cinnamon: +1 Moxie Stat per fight, +5% Moxie, +5% Pickpocket Chance

While equipped, grants the following combat skills (0 MP each), each usable once per day before becoming disabled. Refilling the latte re-enables all disabled skills, allowing for a maximum of 4 uses per day for each skill.

Additional ingredients unlock after a few combats (including runaways) in certain locations with the mug equipped, these ingredients will be locked again upon Ascending.

Some possibly useful ingredients (from zones that are not detours in-run):

The mug is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of every Ascension.

November Vrform.gif
voter registration form
  • One daily polling and a free sticker
  • Two passive bonuses from local initiatives
  • Three free "wandering" scaling fights per day
Allows permanent access to A Voting Booth, in the Right Side of the Tracks, which allows for a daily mayoral election.

An election consists of a choice between two candidates, and two choices out of four local initiatives in the form of passive modifiers, which last until Rollover. The available initiatives are predetermined based on class, path, and day.

After voting, gives a "I Voted!" sticker, an accessory that gives +5% to all attributes and disappears after Rollover. While equipped, a scaling monster will appear when (Total Turns Played) / 11 has a remainder of 1, effectively appearing every 11 Adventures. The first three encounters per day against this monster are free fights, and the kind of monster is determined by the previous winning platform.

Some possibly useful monster drops:

Using a absentee voter ballot allows players without permanent access to participate in a single election.

December Boxingpackage.gif
Boxing Day care package
  • One daily care package containing a dreamy consumable, spa buff, and substats
  • Toddler training, aim for the top!
Allows permanent access to A Boxing Daycare, in the Wrong Side of the Tracks. The Daycare contains the following features:

Daydream Naptime Corner: Produces a random consumable, once per day

Day Spa: Gives a choice of a 100-turn effect, once per day

Daycare: Menu, for managing the boxing ring

  • Recruit toddlers: Adds toddlers to the boxing ring for increasing Meat costs, starting at 100 Meat, and multiplied by 10 for each previous recruitment that day. This cost resets at Rollover. The number of toddlers per recruitment increases with gym equipment and instructors.
  • Scavenge gym equipment: Adds gym equipment to the boxing ring and gives substats. The first scavenge per day does not take an Adventure, with further scavengings that day costing 1, 2, and 3 Adventures onward, this cost resetting at Rollover. Each scavenging permanently increases the equipment yield of further scavenging.
  • Hire instructor: Adds an instructor to the boxing ring for 11X² of a random item, where X is the current number of instructors.
  • Spar: Costs 1 Adventure and gives substats, also gives extra PvP Fights for the first spar per day. The substats and extra PvP Fights gained are based on the number of Toddlers in the ring.

In addition to improving substat gains and PvP Fights from sparring, increasing toddler count improves the Bauxite Baubles outfit bonus and its components' enchantments, and the damage and bonus substats from the Army of Toddlers combat skill.

Ascending resets toddler, gym equipment, and instructor count, but not gym equipment yields from previous scavenging.

Using a Boxing Day Pass allows access to the Daycare until Rollover, for players without permanent access.


These items include other Mr. Store items that are not tied to a particular month or year, and other relatively expensive and/or rare items.

Source Item Summary Description
Mr. Store Monstermanuel.gif
Monster Manuel
  • Unlocks up to three factoids for monsters after defeating them
  • With at least one factoid, reveals monster stats in-combat
  • With all three factoids, sometimes drops avatar-changing potions
  • Improves Combat Macros capabilities
Adds a new section to the Quest Log, containing factoids and statistics from previously defeated monsters. Most monsters have three factoids, and the first factoid always unlocks after defeating that monster for the first time. Monsters with at least one factoid unlocked (or monsters without factoids to unlock) display their HP, attack, defense, initiative, element, and Monster Type during combat (similar to a tongue depressor). These stats accurately reflect any changes in combat, such as damage dealt, bonus Monster Level, and deleveling, among other effects.

The additional information allows for more specificity when using Combat Macros:

  • monsterhpabove [x] and monsterhpbelow [x] require a Manuel
  • match [string] can parse the HTML in monster statistics

Some monsters can drop an avatar-changing potion if all three of their factoids are unlocked. These have an autosell price of 5 Meat, but are mainly cosmetic and for fun, otherwise.

Path exclusive: In Heavy Rains, Rain Man may conjure any copiable monster with at least one factoid unlocked.

Mr. Store, when selling Clan VIP items Envelope.gif
Clan VIP Lounge invitation
Clan VIP Lounge key
Grants access to the Clan's VIP Lounge. At the very least, a Clan's VIP Lounge contains A Relaxing Hot Tub and a Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game. The Hot Tub can be soaked in 5 times per day, each time removing most negative effects and fully restoring HP. The Crane Game can be played up to 3 times per day, sometimes giving various Gift Items.

A VIP Lounge may also contain the following additional features:

*Asterisked items are not available in Standard or the current special challenge path. This section details VIP Lounge items that are Standard-Restricted.

The key is automatically placed in the inventory at the start of an Ascension.

Mr. Store
(April 1st, yearly)
tiny costume wardrobe
  • Familiar equipment, randomizes familiar's effects each combat
A familiar equipment for any familiar that causes the equipped familiar into a random familiar for the duration of that combat, gaining the new familiar's effects while suppressing the original's effects.

Because this equipment can choose almost any familiar, it is possible to unreliably access familiar-specific effects, even if that familiar is not owned or is restricted by an Ascension path. This includes:

This item cannot be equipped in Hardcore.

Mr. Store
(during Twitch Livestream World Events)
Time belt.gif
time-twitching toolbelt
An accessory that gives +15 to all attributes, +60% Item Drops in The Time-Twitching Tower, and confers other benefits related to the Tower. Most of these benefits involve increasing Chroner gains when adventuring in Tower zones.

This item becomes a free pull from Hagnk's while the Tower is present.

Numeric PvP Season Book.gif
Manual of Numberology
Grants skill:
Calculate the Universe
When used, takes a number as input, which is used in a calculation with other numbers. The output's last two digits determine the result, varying from acquiring 100 turns of a certain effect, acquiring certain items, fighting a certain monster, randomly affecting Drunkenness, gaining Adventures, gaining PvP fights, gaining Meat, and gaining or losing stats.

This skill can be used once per day for each Manual used, up to a maximum of four uses per day.

Some possibly useful results:

Mr. Store
(August 2017 through August 2018)
Horsery contract
Allows permanent access to A Horsery in the Right Side of the Tracks, which offers four different horses, each with passive bonuses.
  • Normal Horse: +10% Intiative, restores 5-10 HP and MP after each combat
  • Dark Horse: -5% Combat Frequency, gives 10-15 Meat after each combat
  • Crazy Horse: Increases or decreases each attribute by a random amount, gives 5 turns of a random beneficial effect after every 5 combats
  • Pale Horse: +1 Resistance to All Elements, sometimes deals Spooky damage in combat

The first horse rental per day is free, and every rental after that costs 500 Meat. Only one horse can be rented at a time, and horses return to the Horsery at Rollover.

The Horsery also comes with a redeemable key for cosmetic horse armor in West of Loathing.

Mr. Store Derivatives

These items and skills are found from Mr. Store items or similar sources, but are also tradeable or at least obtainable by interacting with other players. This list does not contain every such tradeable item and skill, and is biased toward non-consumables.

Item descriptions
Item Item is usable as is. May be pulled in Softcore Ascensions.
Skill Item grants a skill, that can be made permanent in Valhalla for future Ascensions.
Familiar Item hatches into a familiar, which will be available in future Ascensions that permit familiars.
Other Item does not fit into any of the above descriptions.
Untradeable* Item itself is untradeable, but can still be obtained via related, tradeable items.

Source Item/Skill Summary
Purse.gif designer handbag Purserat.gif Purse Rat A familiar that increases Monster Level by half its weight.
Candy.gif dubious peppermint Jicknumbers.gif numberwang* An accessory that gives +5 Adventures and +5 PvP Fights at Rollover, +11 Monster Level, +23% Initiative, +37 maximum HP/MP, and +6-9 HP/MP regeneration.
The Game Grid
(Ggtoken.gif Game Grid token)
Gg def.gif defective Game Grid token When used, gives 5 turns of Video... Games?, which gives +5 and/or +5% of nearly all numeric bonuses. Usable once per day.
Deck of Every Card
(Buscard.gif gift card)
Gardenspade.gif talking spade* When used, reveals the total values of active Item Drops, Meat Drops, Initiative, and Monster Level bonuses.

This item is a free pull from Hagnk's, and is not affected by Standard restrictions.

Signal fragment puzzle Sig receiver2.gif enhanced signal receiver* An off-hand item that gives X turns of a random beneficial effect after combat. X starts at 11, and decreases by 1 for each effect received this way that day, down to a minimum of 2.
Madame Zatara’s Relationship Fortune Teller Rubberbaby.gif rubber baby doll* An off-hand item that deals 13 Spooky damage each round of combat.
The following 6 skills are automatically marked Hardcore Permanent upon using their corresponding skillbook.
Getbig.gif Get Big (book) A non-combat skill (15 MP) that gives 10 turns of +20% to all attributes.
Matingturtle.gif Gallapagosian Mating Call (book) A combat skill (30 MP) that adds one copy of the monster to its location, usable once per combat. This affects one monster at a time, stacks with On the Trail, and lasts until Rollover or using the skill again.
Psychicgaze.gif Inscruable Gaze (book) A Facial Expression (10 MP) that gives 10 turns of +10% Mysticality stat gains.
Potion9.gif Love Mixology (book) A non-combat skill (50 MP) that produces a Love Potion #XYZ, a quest item potion that gives 20 turns of randomly increased or decreased attributes and maximum HP/MP. This skill is usable while there is no Love Potion in the inventory and not under its effect.
Rhinestones.gif Acquire Rhinestones (book) A non-combat skill (10 MP) that summons 23-37 rhinestones, usable once per day. Rhinestones are potions that give 1 turn of Rhinestoned, which gives +1 Moxie per turn of the effect remaining.
Paulssong.gif Paul's Passionate Pop Song (book) An Accordion Thief song (20 MP) that gives +4-5 MP Regeneration.
Tall Grass These familiars' specific familiar equipment are the same as those produced by Tall Grass, usable by any familiar and disappearing after Rollover.
Pokefam46.gif Unspeakachu A familiar that attacks and restores MP like a Star Starfish, and after combat, has a 5% chance of extending active effect durations by 5 turns, with each effect having a 50% chance of being extended.
Pokefam47.gif Stooper A familiar that increases liver capacity by 1 while active.
Pokefam48.gif Disgeist A familiar that decreases Combat Frequency by 1% per 7.5 pounds, to a maximum of -10% at 75+ pounds.
Pokefam49.gif Bowlet A familiar that attacks and increases Item Drops like a Fairy.
Pokefam50.gif Cornbeefadon A familiar that increases Meat Drops like a Leprechaun after combat.
Pokefam8675309.gif Mu A familiar that increases Elemental Resistance like an Exotic Parrot and occasionally attacks with Prismatic damage in combat.
FantasyRealm Premium Rubee™ Store Cornercutting.gif Expert Corner-Cutter (book) A passive skill that allows for 5 craftings without Adventure cost per day.
FantasyRealm, by LyleCo
(Fr pass.gif FantasyRealm guest pass)
Fr warriorhat.gif FantasyRealm Warrior's Helm*
Fr breastplate.gif Dragonscale breastplate*
Ghoulpants.gif The Ghoul King's ghoulottes*
Ogrebelt.gif belt of Ogrekind*
Components of the FantasyRealm Warrior's Outfit (bonus: +100% Weapon Damage). Respectively:
  • 50-power hat, +15 Muscle
  • 200-power shirt, +15 and +25% Muscle, +3 Resistance to All Elements
  • 200-power pants, +15 and +25% Muscle, +100 maximum HP
  • Accessory, +15 and +25% Muscle, +5 Muscle Stats per fight
Fr wizardhat.gif FantasyRealm Mage's Hat*
Phoenixnozzle.gif nozzle of the Phoenix*
Wizardbriefs.gif the Archwizard's briefs*
Leywaist.gif the Ley Incursion's waist*
Components of the FantasyRealm Wizard's Outfit (bonus: +100% Spell Damage). Respectively:
  • 50-power hat, +15 Mysticality
  • Off-hand, +15 and +25% Mysticality, +50 Hot Spell Damage
  • 200-power pants, +15 and +25% Mysticality, +100 maximum MP
  • Accessory, +15 and +25% Mysticality, +5 Mysticality Stats per fight
Fr roguehat.gif FantasyRealm Rogue's Mask*
Dukevampcape.gif Duke Vampire's regal cloak*
Spiderleggings.gif leggings of the Spider Queen*
Thiefbelt.gif Master Thief's utility belt*
Components of the FantasyRealm Thief's Outfit (bonus: +25% Pickpocket Chance). Respectively:
  • 50-power hat, +15 Moxie
  • Back item, +15 and +25% Moxie, +50% Intiative
  • 200-power pants, +15 and +25% Moxie, +50 maximum HP/MP
  • Accessory, +15 and +25% Moxie, +5 Moxie Stats per fight
Skeletonshield.gif shield of the Skeleton Lord* A shield (50 Muscle requirement) that gives +19 Damage Reduction, +50% Muscle, +50 Monster Level, and +5 Familiar Weight.
Skeletonring.gif ring of the Skeleton Lord* An accessory (50 Mysticality requirement) that gives +50% Mysticality, +50% Meat Drops, and +25% Item Drops.
Skeletonscepter.gif scepter of the Skeleton Lord* A 2-handed melee weapon (50 Moxie requirement) that gives +50% Moxie, and +3 Adventures and PvP Fights at Rollover.
Slordstaff.gif Staff of Kitchen Royalty* A 1-handed chefstaff (200 Mysticality requirement) that gives +200% Spell Damage, +30-40 MP regeneration, +50% Moxie, and +4 Adventures and PvP Fights at Rollover.
The Neverending Party
(Npartydaypass.gif Neverending Party guest pass)
Endlessglass.gif everfull glass A size-4 booze that acts as a random size-4 booze when used, and is not consumed. Usable once per day.
Partypants.gif fancy party pants* 75-power pants that give +10% Moxie and +40% Booze Drops.
Partycrasher.gif party crasher* A shield that gives +9 Damage Reduction, +25% Initiative, +2 Resistance to All Elements, and the combat skill Party Crash (0 MP), a 4-round stun, usable once per combat.
Npartyshirt.gif PARTY HARD T-shirt* A 10-power shirt that limits base attributes to 100 and allows access to hard Party quests, which reward deluxe Neverending Party favors.
Partywhip.gif party whip* A 1-handed melee weapon that gives +15 Monster Level, +10% Item Drops, and +5 Familiar Weight.
Partymouse.gif Party Mouse* A familiar that increases stat gains like a Volleyball and sometimes drops random booze items after combat.
The following 2 skills are automatically marked Hardcore Permanent upon using their corresponding skillbook.
Meat.gif Budget Conscious (book*) A passive +10% Meat Drops skill.
Martini.gif Drinking to Drink (book*) A passive skill that increases liver capacity by 1.
Ivoted.gif "I Voted!" sticker
(Absballot.gif absentee voter ballot)
Rsnakehat.gif snakeskin cowboy hat*
Punkjacket.gif snakeskin jacket*
Rsnakeboots.gif snakeskin thighboots*
Components of the Snakeskin Suit (bonus: +100% Moxie). Respectively:
  • 100-power hat, +5 Moxie, +50% Ranged Damage
  • 100-power shirt, +15 Moxie, +5-10 HP and MP regeneration
  • 100-power pants, +10 Moxie, +50% Initiative
Eplasmhat.gif slime fedora*
Eplasmknucks.gif slime knuckles*
Eplasmboots.gif slime waders*
Components of the Slime Enslamble (bonus: +100% Mysticality). Respectively:
  • 150-power hat, +25% Mysticality, +10% Critical Spell Chance, +10-15 MP regeneration
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +25% Mysticality, +25 Sleaze Spell Damage, +50% Spell Damage
  • 150-power pants, +25% Mysticality, +3 Mysticality Stats per fight, +3 Sleaze Resistance
Mutanthead.gif mutant crown*
Mutantarm.gif mutant arm*
Mutantlegs.gif mutant legs*
Components of the Mutant Parts Apparel (bonus: +100% Muscle and +50 Monster Level). Respectively:
  • 200-power hat, +15 Monster Level, +25% Muscle, +25-50 HP and MP regeneration
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +5 Monster Level, +25 maximum HP, +50% Weapon Damage
  • 200-power pants, +10 Monster Level, +10 Muscle, +10% Critical Hit Chance
Visor.gif government-issued eyeshade*
Greypants.gif government-issued slacks*
Necktie.gif government-issued necktie*
Components of the Government-Issued Garb (bonus: +25% Meat Drops and +25 Item Drops). Respectively:
  • 50-power hat, +10% Moxie stat gains, +25 Damage vs. Ghosts, +5 Pool Skill
  • 50-power pants, +10% Muscle stat gains, +25% Damage vs. Skeletons, +5 Fishing Skill
  • Accessory, +10% Mysticality stat gains, +25% Damage vs. Zombies, and +5% Meat Drops per Grimace Darkness
Boxing Daycare
(Boxingdaypass.gif Boxing Day Pass)
The following things have increased effects based on T, the number of toddlers in the Boxing Ring.
Bauxitehat.gif bauxite beret*
Bauxitepants.gif bauxite boxers*
Bauxitebowtie.gif bauxite bow-tie*
Components of the Bauxite Baubles outfit (bonus: +(10 + T0.25) Pool Skill). These items have their non-attribute bonuses increased by X, where X = T0.35. Respectively:
  • 150-power hat, +11 Muscle, +(23 + X) maximum HP, +(37 + X) Weapon Damage
  • 150-power pants, +11 Moxie, +(23 + X)% Initiative, +(37 + X) Ranged Damage
  • Accessory, +11 Mysticality, +(23 + X) maximum MP, +(37 + X) Spell Damage
Toddlerarmy.gif Army of Toddlers (book*) A combat skill (50 MP) that deals three hits of physical damage and increases stat gains after combat by √T. Usable once per day.
(Pr daypass.gif PirateRealm guest pass)
Pr partyhat.gif PirateRealm party hat*
Pr breastplate.gif conquistador's breastplate*
Pr gun.gif piratical blunderbuss*
Pr radioring.gif pirate radio ring*
Pr serpent item.gif plush sea serpent
Components of the PirateRealm Assortment outfit (bonus: +20% Moxie). Respectively:
  • 50-power hat, +10 to all attributes, adds 1 FunPoint gained after Adventures in PirateRealm
  • 80-power shirt, +2 Resistance to All Elements, +15% Meat Drops
  • 2-handed ranged weapon, +5 Familiar Weight, +30% Booze Drops
  • Accessory, +2 Prismatic Damage, +15% Spell Damage
  • Accessory, +10 Damage Reduction, and -100 Monster Level in underwater combats
Pr tiki2 3.gif Tiki Mixology (book*) A passive skill that allows for cocktailcrafting bottles of rhum with ingredients dropped by tiki idols.

This skill is automatically marked Hardcore Permanent upon acquiring.

Pr rhum.gif Prevent Scurvy and Sobriety (book*) A non-combat skill (50 MP) that summons 3 bottles of rum and 1-2 limes and 1-2 grapefruits, for a total of 3 fruits. Usable once per day.
Pr fork.gif pirate fork* A size-4 food that acts as a random size-4 food when used, and is not consumed. Usable once per day.
Weddingring.gif lucky gold ring* An accessory that sometimes activates after combat, giving a random currency. These currencies include Meat, sand dollar, hobo nickel, Freddy Kruegerand, and corresponding currencies for any currently available Elemental International Airport and Monorail destinations.
Pr rogerskull.gif Plastic Pirate Skull* A familiar that delevels at the start of combat like a Barrrnacle and sometimes restores HP and MP like a Ghoul Whelp after combat.
Comb the Beach
(Woodbeachcomb.gif piece of driftwood)
Fishspear.gif spearfish fishing spear
Waders.gif waders
Rabbitfin.gif lucky rabbitfish fin
Components of the Shallow Sea Fishing Outfit (bonus: +5 Fishing Skill). Respectively:
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +50% Weapon Damage, +10 Monster Level, +5 Fishing Skill
  • 150-power pants, +2 Resistance to All Elements, +5 Stats per Fight, +5 Fishing Skill
  • Accessory, +10-12 HP and MP regeneration, +5 Familiar Weight, +5 Fishing skill
Piratetricorn.gif cursed tricorn hat
Piratecutlass.gif cursed pirate cutlass
Piratebuckle.gif cursed swash buckle
Components of the Cursed Skeleton Pirate Costume (bonus: +10% Critical Hit Chance and +10% Critical Spell Chance). Respectively:
  • 200-power hat, +25 Mysticality, +10 Stats per Fight, +5 PvP Fights at Rollover
  • 1-handed melee weapon, +25 Muscle, +10 Familiar Weight, +5 Adventures at Rollover
  • Accessory, +25 Moxie, +50% Meat Drops, +25% Item Drops
Meteorockearring.gif meteorite earring
Meteorockneck.gif meteorite necklace
Meteorockring.gif meteorite ring
Accessories, each with 200 Mysticality requirements. Respectively:
  • +25% to all attributes, +25% Moxie stat gains, +200% Initiative
  • +25% to all attributes, +25% Mysticality stat gains, +200% Spell Damage
  • +25% to all attributes, +25% Muscle stat Gains, +200 Weapon Damage
Beachhourglass2.gif hourglass When used, gives the number of seconds remaining until Rollover.
Beachhourglass3.gif etched hourglass* Gives 5 Adventures upon use. Usable once per day.
Petcoral.gif Pet Coral A beautiful familiar.
Your Mushroom Garden Piranhaplant.gif Piranha Plant A familiar that attacks and increases stat gains like a Volleyball.
Gmushslab.gif mushroom slab
When used, produces a mushroom cap, which is part of a set of foldable equipment:
  • mushroom cap: 100-power hat, +25 Monster Level, +5 Adventures and PvP Fights at Rollover
  • mushroom shield: Shield, +6 Damage Reduction, +40 Muscle, -20 Mysticality, -20 Moxie, +5% Combat Frequency
  • mushroom pants: 100-power pants, +40 Moxie, -20 Muscle, -20 Mysticality, -10% Combat Frequency
  • mushroom badge: Accessory, +40 Mysticality, -20 Muscle, -20 Moxie, -25% Monster Level

Each of these items is a quest item and a part of the Mushroom Masquerade outfit, which has the following bonuses:

  • +25% to all attributes
  • +25 maximum HP/MP
  • +50% Initiative
  • +5 Stats per Fight
  • +10 Familiar Weight
  • +3 Resistance to All Elements
Gmush6.gif colossal free-range mushroom When used, produces a house-sized mushroom and an immense free-range mushroom.

Using the house-sized mushroom creates a Mushroom House as Campground housing. When rested in, gives 20 turns of +25% to all attributes, +25% Initiative, and +1 Resistance to All Elements.

Using the immense free-range mushroom and its derivatives produces a total of 2 mushroom slabs and 9 mushroom filets.

Righthandbody.png Left-Hand Man Lhmlarva.gif Left-hand man action figure An off-hand item that gives +7 Familiar Weight.
Guzzlrtablet.gif Guzzlr tablet Ggeyes.gif Always Never Not Guzzling (book) A passive skill that gives +25% Booze Drops.
Cultistshorts.gif Cargo Cultist Shorts Fancychess.gif fancy chess set* Usable once per day, giving one of these results: