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Chyld (#1885211)
is Buh-nah-ners! B-u-h-n-a-h-n-e-r-s!

Everything you read on this page is out of date.


I am Chyld (#1885211). Hello.

Much as I'd like to tabuate everything I've ever done in KoL, it'd be much easier to just link to my Bumcheekcity profile, [1]. Also, the "personal profile under 10kb" thing. Many thanks to Bumcheekcity for writing it, its an awesome Mafia script.

I was the Dungeon Warden for the Monster Raving Loony Party Clan, and also the only clannie who was a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. Look them up if you need an awesome fun clan with a wicked set of Hobopolis loot policies.

But then I took part in the SLUTs contest held by the Piglets of Fate, and had a barrel of laughs in /clan there, so let myself get poached. Then oddly enough, I started pulling subronin runs...

I've been trying to get the biggest white lightning collection in the Kingdom, and as of writing I've got it! I'm liable to lose it if I stop paying attention though, so set up a trade any time I'm out of Ronin/HC, and I'll give you a good price for them.

Stuff I'd Like!

Proud member of Piglets of Fate