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Club (#66669) is leader of the RHODents of Unusual Size clan, where his title is "Eli the Regicide".


I'm a "Friendly Know-it-all" according to the BarKoL Test. Ironically, I score 0% Club (-5 raw score). (Oh, and my first few runs didn't include seal clubber. The name is ironic that way, too.)

On the Interwebs

Current user-space sub page(s):

Former user-space sub pages:

Collector Score

121 tattoos + 94 trophies + 129 familiars = collector score: 344

Familiar count no longer includes the reassembled blackbird, which I actively used for two very slow level 30 runs. At the time of flight it had 57,000 kills (and 36,996 experience). It has made the Most Kills (Reassembled Blackbird) leader board four times:

  • 2007/07/02 first place with 1,223 kills
  • 2007/11/19 first place with 22,633 kills
  • 2007/11/26 first place with 23,677 kills
  • 2008/04/11 first place with 49,191 kills

As of Nov 2011, with 129 familiars, all of my familiars have 400 or more kills and 41 have been used as part of a 90% or more ascension.

Discovery Score

Discovery score 948

Meat-Pasting Discoveries: 139
Cooking Discoveries: 312
Meatsmithing Discoveries: 240
Cocktailcrafting Discoveries: 142
Jewelry Discoveries: 42
Miscellaneous Discoveries: 73

Club KoL

Club3.gif Bluemilk.gif

I'm one of the top (and still aiming for the top) collectors of club necklaces in the game.

Other Accomplishments

Temporarily, Club has (some messages pre-date the Quest Log):

  • completed {his} training with the Toot Oriole.
  • found the Untinker's screwdriver.
  • helped the Pretentious Artist find his stuff.
  • fetched a larva for the Council.
  • slain {his} Nemesis in the Cave.
  • found the Dolphin King's treasure.
  • found the Slug Lord's treasure.
  • found Dr. Hobo Jones's treasure.
  • discovered the secret of the Dungeons of Doom.
  • slain the Boss Bat.
  • discovered the Hidden Temple.
  • built {his} own Bitchin' Meat Car.
  • slain Baron Von Ratsworth.
  • planted a Beanstalk in the Nearby Plains.
  • taken care of the rat problem at the Typical Tavern.
  • cleansed the taint for the Deep Fat Friars.
  • slain the King of Cobb's Knob.
  • helped the L337 Tr4pz0r clear the way to the Icy Peak [sic]
  • found everything there is to find in the Strange Leaflet.
  • summoned the UB3r 31337 HaX0R.
  • defeated the Naughty Sorceress.
  • freed King Ralph XI from the Sorceress' prism.
  • helped the Baron Rof L'm Fao.
  • undefiled the Cyrpt.
  • solved the mystery of the Giant Garbage.
  • found the Hole in the Sky.

Permanently, Club has:

  • proven {him}self literate.
  • completed the Most Extreme Haiku Challenge.
  • completed 10 Hardcore ascensions.
  • picked 1 pretty flower in PvP combat.
  • permanently unlocked the Bad Moon sign.
  • spent 466 Adventures protesting the slaughter of the Knott Yetis.
  • been inoculated against the Grey Plague.
  • contributed 10,000 Meat to the Council's Build a Huge Cannon fund.
  • contributed 123,456 Meat to the Council's War fund.
  • contributed 1,234 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed.
  • have spent 326 Adventures gazing at the stars.
  • rescued Uncle Crimbo that time he was kidnapped by Linnea.
  • saved Crimbo from Father Crimbo and his assimilated Crimborg.
  • helped defeat The Crimbomination
  • ousted Don Crimbo and put the Crimbomination at the helm of the holidays.
  • ousted the Crimbomination and reinstated Uncle Crimbo, and surely that's the end of all that nonsense.
  • Aboard {his} trusty steed Blooprecht, {he} defeated 108,308 skeletons during Corman's invasion of Valhalla.
  • delved 537 floor(s) into the basement over {his} entire lifetime before NS13 was implemented.
  • donated 12 bricks to the rebuilding of Hagnk's.

Club has found 20 hobo glyphs.

Club has heard about the following demon names:

  • Gaznyagog (wrong number / pie demon)
  • Gore-ach-beel (Spooky Forest / greed demon)
  • Rumvoxnya (Sonofa Beach / ocean demon)
  • Golleraba (Friar's gate / flaming whip)
  • Kel'dthgam (Bathroom / coprodaemon)
  • Derze (Nemesis / revenge demon)
  • Durfooben (strange box demon / pleasures)
  • Vox'voxgam (ancient tablet / burning man)