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DaemonStryker joined March First, 2007, starting as an Accordion Thief because his step-brother, from whom he had heard about KoL, was one. After fifty-two grueling days of farming and leveling, he finished the run, ascending with a NPZR and perming the Moxious Madrigal. Having planned everything out, but still not being good at ascending, he went into a Hardcore Seal Clubber, to get a Stainless steel shillelagh to help tons on all other ascensions. Due to being frightfully inept at either HC ascending (having bought many items needed for quests from the mall, then farming to afford them) or planning, this ascension took 51 days. But he emerged with his shillelagh, and a much better grasp of ascending. Perming Double-Fisted Skull Smashing, he vaulted into a Turtle Tamer run right before NS13 hit, intending to pick up Amphibian Sympathy. He finished on 7/8, fully intending to go Disco Bandit and pick up Torso Awaregness, then go Disco Bandit again. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, he met Misery, who convinced him that going HCSC again was worth it, to pick up another Stainless steel shillelagh. However, they both agreed that Hardcore without any foodcrafting skills was a pain. Thus, very much not wanting to, a very much knowing he should, he took the plunge. He finished a HC PM ascension after a looong 52 days. He's no good at Myst Runs, and HC just made it harder. He finished a no-clover HC DB ascension, to unlock Bad Moon, although having Ambidextrous Funkslinging as HP and the Stainless steel slacks was a big bonus. Now that it's over, he's smashed into a Bad Moon Seal Clubber run, to pick up HP Pulverize and the best weapon ever, the Brimstone Bludgeon. Chances are he will continue doing BM until he has a full set. 44 slow, slow days later, he is facing down the NS. It's quite difficult- rumors are true, about her being tough as a BM SC. Also, 44 days of barely logging on from being busy. But, yeah, 44 days. Ouch. After that, he somewhat subduedly went sauceror, his first time playing one. But he finished the run in about 20 days, although several of those he didn't log on. Then, he stayed there for another 13 days to enjoy Crimbo. On the 28th of December, he jumped through the gash, reincarnating as a Seal Clubber for the second time, to get his matching set of bludgeons. The run went all right, but he fought a month of apathy and not logging on to end up with a 47- (ouch!) day ascension. Now he's in a BM DB ascension, which he somewhat cares about. He's planning to perm either Mad Looting Skillz or Smooth Movements.

He is also quite proud of the fact he figured out how to get a Ragamuffin Imp a full week before it was spoiled.

Skill Chart:

<font=modern> Unpermed : In Progress : Softcore Permed : Hardcore Permanent

Lvl Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit Accordion Thief
0 Seal Clubbing Frenzy Patience of the Tortoise Manicotti Meditation Sauce Contemplation Disco Aerobics Moxie of the Mariachi
1 Hide of the Otter Headbutt Minor Ray of Something Stream of Sauce Disco Eye-Poke Moxious Madrigal
2 Claws of the Otter Skin of the Leatherback Entangling Noodles Saucy Salve Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation The Magical Mojomuscular Melody
3 Tongue of the Otter Amphibian Sympathy Lasagna Bandages Expert Panhandling Disco Nap Canticle of Celerity
4 Thrust-Smack Ghostly Shell eXtreme Ray of Something Elemental Saucesphere Disco Dance of Doom The Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith
5 Super-Advanced Meatsmithing Armorcraftiness Pastamastery Saucecrafting Cocktailcrafting The Polka of Plenty
6 Eye of the Stoat Tenacity of the Snapper Spriny Fusilli Saucestorm Nimble Fingers Symphony of Destruction
7 Hide of the Walrus Kneebutt Spirit of Rigatoni Jalapeño Saucesphere Electric Boogaloo Phat Loot Lyric
8 Claws of the Walrus Empathy of the Newt Cone of Whatever Wave of Sauce Mad Looting Skillz Anthem of Absorption
9 Tongue of the Walrus Reptilian Fortitude Spirit of Ravioli Intrinsic Spiciness Disco Power Nap The Psalm of Pointiness
10 Lunging Thrust-Smack Shieldbutt Weapon of the Pastalord Jabañero Saucesphere Disco Face Stab Shanty of Superiority
11 Rage of the Reindeer Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises Leash of Linguini Saucegeyser Crossbow Fever Antiphon of Aptitude
12 Double-Fisted Skull Smashing Astral Shell Cannelloni Cocoon Impetuous Sauciness Ambidextrous Funkslinging The Ode to Booze
13 Northern Exposure Cold-Blooded Fearlessness Tolerance of the Kitchen Diminished Gag Reflex Heart of Polyester Sonata of Sneakiness
14 Musk of the Moose Hero of the Half-Shell Flavour of Magic Immaculate Seasoning Smooth Movement Cantata of Confrontation
15 Pulverize Tao of the Terrapin Transcendental Noodlecraft The Way of Sauce Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Aria of Annoyance
Manor Snarl of the Timberwolf Spectral Snapper Fearful Fettucini Scarysauce Tango of Terror Dirge of Dreadfulness
Gnomish Torso Awaregness Gnomish Hardigness Cosmic Ugnderstanding Powers of Observatiogn Gnefarious Pickpocketing
Special CLEESH Chronic Indigestion Summon Snowcone Summon Hilarious Objects Summon Candy Hearts

To Do List:

Level 1 - Toot Oriole Quest
Unlock: Mansion via Haunted Pantry
- Cobb’s Knob: encryption key, knob goblin firecracker

 HC/OPTIONAL: pretentious paintbrush

- Haunted Pantry: unlock spookyraven manor, can lid

 HC/OPTIONAL: pretentious palette

- Sleazy Back Alley: spider web

 HC/OPTIONAL: pretentious pail

Level 2 - Spooky Forest Quest
- Spooky Forest: Map, sapling, fertilizer, unlock hidden temple, stolen accordion
- Unlock Guild
- Epic Weapon Quest
- Funhouse: disease
- Haunted Kitchen: leftovers

Level 3 - Typical Tavern Quest
- Degrassi Knoll: bitchin meatcar quest
- South of the Border: handsomeness potion, G-string, marzipan skull, Meleegra pills, jabanero gum, pickle gum, tamarind gum, lime-and-chile gum
- Wizard of ego
- Misspelled Cemetery: loose teeth, skeleton bone
- Fernswarthy’s Tower

Level 4 - Boss Bat Quest
Unlock: The Haunted Billiards Room
- Bat Hole: Boss bat quest, baseball and sonar in guano junction, enchanted bean in bean bat chamber, broken skull
- Haunted Billiards Room: unlock library

Level 5 - The King of Cobb's Knob Quest
Unlock: Haunted Library
- Cobb’s Knob: lab key, defeat king, disease
- 8 bit realm: digital key
- Haunted Library: unlock upstairs, unlock gallery, inkwell

Level 6 - Deep Fat Friars' Gate Quest - This is not available until you have completed the Typical Tavern Quest
Farm: Ruby W, Wussiness Potion
Optional: Hey Deze - Steel of Organ
Unlock: The Mysterious Island of Mystery - WARNING: You can not Farm for Snakehead charrrms till level 11
- The Shore: dinghy plans
OPTIONAL: The Shore- Mainstat Tower Item
- Mysterious Island: hippy outfit

Level 7 - Undefile the Cyrpt Quest
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove: Pirate Outfit
- Cyrpt Quest: skeleton bone, loose teeth, broken skull
- Dungeons of Doom: wand, !potions

Level 8 - Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
Unlock: Ballroom
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove: Pirate Outfit
Ninjas: Frigid Ninja Stars

Level 9
- Strange Leaflet- Secret Words
- Orc Chasm Quest - This is not available until you have completed The King of Cobb's Knob Quest
- Haunted Ballroom: unlock wine cellar
- Haunted Bathroom: fancy bath salts
- Orc Chasm: lowercase n, meat vortex, tasty fun good rice candy

Level 10:
- Penultimate ship: metallic A, hair gel, torpedo
- Giant Castle: heavy d, original g, Mick’s VapoRub, thin candle, plot hole, butterfly, unlock HitS
- Hole in the Sky: star hat, star weapon, star key
- Haunted Bedroom: Spooyraven’s Spectacles
- Haunted Ballroom: Unlock Wine Cellar

Level 11: God Help Us All
- Black Forest: sunken eyes, broken wings, black market map, black No. 2, adder bladder, black pepper
- Black Market: forged IDs, paint can
- The Hidden City: pygmy blowgun
- Spookyraven Manor
- Obligatory Pirate’s Cove: snakehead charms for Talisman
- Palimdome: hard rock candy, photo of god, ostrich egg, stunt nuts, ketchup hound
- Whitey’s Grove: bird rib, lion oil
- Cobb’s Knob Lab: Mega Gem
- Arid Desert/Oasis: stone rose, drum machine, manual, bronze locust
- Pyramid: wheel, tomb ratchet, powdered organs, token, bomb

Level 12 - Make War, Not . . . Oh, Wait - This is not available till you have unlocked and visited The Palindome
Get: Massive sitar from hippy camp before finishing the war, gremlin juice

Level 13 - Naughty Sorceress Quest - This is not available until you have completed all the non-optional quests