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I am Emtu (#1020411).

I use these a lot

Actually Ed the Undying
Fancypants Scarecrow
Avatar of Jarlsberg
Jarlsberg's Cosmic Kitchen
Avatar of Sneaky Pete
Zombie Slayer
Avatar of Boris
Bugbear Invasion
Way of the Surprising Fist
hot cold spooky stench sleaze
Extra Rollover Adventures
Hardcore Skill Analysis
Me and My Nemesis
Safe Adventuring
Semi-Rare Adventures
Underwater adventuring
MP Restorers
Weapons (by power) (1h, Ranged)
Off-hand Items
Best Foods (adventures)
Best Drinks
Best Spleen Items
Drinks By Ingredient
Moxie Modifiers
Items from Monsters
Meat from Monsters
List of Greasemonkey scripts
Semi-Rare Adventures
The Cake-Shaped Arena

Things I Tend To Forget To Do Until Late In A Run

The Daily Dungeon, for the keys (both for actual use and key lime pies) and the breath spray
The Inexplicable Door Get a digital key (30x white) and several RPPs (3 red & 2 black each), or get scented massage oil to fight the shadow
get an enchanted bean for the beanstalk quest
identify my current Dungeons of Doom potions by throwing them in combat
check if the Bounty Hunter Hunter is looking for any bounties in areas I'm in/near
NS Quest items, as they show up

Underwater zones by pressure penalty

Pressure Zone Penalty
Minor The Briny Deeps -25%
Moderate The Brinier Deepers -50%
High The Briniest Deepests -75%
The Sea Floor An Octopus's Garden -100%
The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
Madness Reef
The Mer-Kin Outpost
Intense The Marinara Trench -200%
Anemone Mine
The Dive Bar

Pulverize Table

Power Requirement Yield
10-35 0-2 1 powder
40-55 5-13 2 powders
60-75 15-23 3 powders
80-95 25-33 4 powders or 1 nugget
100-115 35-43 3 powders/1 nugget or 2 nuggets
120-135 45-53 3 nuggets
140-155 55-63 4 nuggets or 1 wad
160-175 65-73 3 nuggets/1 wad or 2 wads
180+ 75+ 3 wads

Things that add elemental damage produce p/n/w of the element of damage they do + twinkly.
Things that resist elements produce p/n/w of the elements that do double damage to that/those elements + twinkly.
Things that have the potential to produce elemental wads may randomly produce elemental jewelry stones of the same element(s) instead; higher-power items seem to have improved chances of this, as does smashing more of them at once.
All parts of Antique Arms And Armor now smash to useless powder.

Hobo Codes I need

Cola Wars Battlefield (Undisguised)1
The Battlefield (Frat Warrior Fatigues)1
Camp Logging Camp3
  • Take note of the marked adventures:
    1The appropriate zone is only accessible for a limited time during the course of a single ascension, usually when a certain quest has been begun but has not yet been completed. Check the individual zones' wiki pages for more information.
    3The appropriate zone is only accessible while ascending under certain moon signs.