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In The Game

Gnomesquid is currently a level 33 Disco Bandit. She had beaten the Sorceress before NS13, but hadn't ascended yet. When she gets to basement level 500 she is going to ascend. She was going to keep the blackbird, but decided to complete the quest instead. She is currently doing the quest. She has a bunch of IOTMs, but has never donated. More details to come.

She is the third account. The first account was deleted a long time ago, but her second account, JeSuisPirate is still alive today due to the bug with the Dreidels marking accounts no-delete.

In Real Life

Gnomesquid is currently alive. Gnomesquid lives on Earth. Gnomesquid generally avoids talking in third person. Gnomesquid is writing this in third person, and is having fun. Gnomesquid should write in third person more often.

Want More Details?

Email Gnomesquid at