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"Get out of my office." --GoldS 22:37, 18 November 2005 (Central Standard Time)

Pickpocket Drop Rates (work in progress)

Item Monster Location Rate
Boozehounds Anonymous token half-orc hobo (drunken and hungover) The Sleazy Back Alley 10%
C.H.U.M. chum C. H. U. M./C. H. U. M. chieftain A Maze of Sewer Tunnels 40%
calavera concertina mariachi calavera South of The Border 5%
caret Anime Smiley The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasm 4%
cheap cigar butt rushing bum The Sleazy Back Alley 60%
Colon Annihilation Hot Sauce Knob Goblin Barbecue Team Outskirts of Cobb's Knob 20%
enchanted handwarmer eXtreme cross-country hippy or Orcish snowboarder The eXtreme Slope 5%
fat wallet wealthy pirate The Poop Deck 10%
frigid mote Ninja Snowman Weaponmaster Lair of the Ninja Snowmen 5%
fumble formula Dr. Awkward The Palindome 5%
glass gnoll eye one-eyed Gnoll Degrassi Knoll 5%
hand grenegg demonic icebox The Haunted Kitchen 20%
handful of bees The Guy Made Of Bees The Haunted Bathroom 10%
little round pebble ancient insane monk The Haiku Dungeon 55%
lucky lighter Cloaca-Cola/Dyspepsi-Cola Soldier A Battlefield 5%
manly bloomers decent lumberjack Camp Logging Camp 15%
mother's secret recipe white chocolate golem Whitey's Grove 3%
Nardz energy beverage Lamz0r N00b The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasm 30%
packet of beer nuts Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover, Paddler, or Pledge) The Orcish Frat House 15%
pile of gold coins Quantum Mechanic The Dungeons of Doom 20%
polka-dot bow tie creepy/scary clown The "Fun" House 5%
possessed tomato possessed can of tomatoes The Haunted Pantry 15%
ratarang ratbat Batrat and Ratbat Burrow 5%
smudged alchemical recipe Knob Goblin Very Mad Scientist Laboratory 5%
software glitch bugged bugbear The Bugbear Pens 25%
spectral jelly Spectral Jellyfish Menagerie Level 3 1%
unstable quark Hellion The Deep Fat Friars' Gate 20%
vampire pearl vampire clam The Daily Dungeon 35%

Total: 28/28 (Complete!)

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