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About Me

I am a collector, one of the biggest. I buy all sorts of stuff, mostly junk. Whenever I get far enough in a goal, I start a new one. I am active in /games, as my custom title says.

Icon315 (#1959735)
"The Official Icon of /Games for Years"
Class: Accordion Thief
Sign: The Marmot
Path: Nuclear Autumn
Ascensions: 5
Turns Played (total): 69,060
Account Created: June 24, 2009
Favorite Food: Stuffies
Favorite Booze: Stuffed Smoothie
Proud member of Margaretting Tye
Proud member of Immortal Knights



Ascension Records:

Current Ascension: HC - No Path

Wish List

34.53% From 111,111 Disco balls