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Prima Vera Angelhair (#144394) is a Radio KoL DJ, hired in late November with his first show on December 3rd, 2004. PVA, as he is commonly known, is a frequent forum poster under the name Wind, a proponent of player-made music and art (and thus, the caretaker of the Player-Made Music Site and Archive), and a member of the respected community-oriented clan Noblesse Oblige. He hosts the Mystery Guest Show and the Albums Show contests, is known for having an eclectic DJing style varying between outright talk shows, curious themed shows such as the Izzard and the Lizards show, and random chaos. Musically, he plays a high degree of player-made music, nerdcore, German and other foreign bands, and in general strives to introduce new and different sounds to his listeners. He is also known for devilishly difficult contests, and for possessing the eleventh custom item made, the Stupid University Diploma, awarded to him for interviewing Time Cube proponent and internet crackpot Gene Ray. A recording of this interview is available at Coldfront. PVA was the 18th person to ascend the night Ascension rolled out, straight into an oxycore run, and was one of the earlier oxycore ascenders while managing to stay on the PvP leaderboards.

Other accomplishments include reaching a full Collector's Score multiple times, interviewing numerous players and player-related bands, running the Albums Show and Mystery Guest Show contests, hosting the Ultimate Familiar Giveaway contest, running regular Izzard and the Lizards marathons, pulling unusually long RKoL shifts on a semi-regular basis, running regular radio dramas, maintaining a long-running thread featuring his recipes, and creating KoL Chess.

Proud member of Noblesse Oblige

Past Clans

The Blue Dragons Clan, ******Warclan******, The Rye.

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