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My multis: Raijinili (#116805) (Bad Moon), EvilRaijinili (#116998), StupidRaijinili (#1713138) (intended for great things, has achieved none; now deleted)

Keepin' track of Subpages: User:Raijinili/notes User:Raijinili/cl User:Raijinili/Spells

Combat skills which are also attacks somehow

Matters because attack skills have two chances of being blocked by, uh, I think it was the NS. Maybe Juju Mojo Mask as well.

Also, it would be interesting if we could actually classify skills this way. I suspect that MM isn't a "normal attack with Moxie instead of Muscle", but rather just uses the tohit and PART of the damage formula of normal attacks, which would make me feel better about it not taking elemental damage into account.

  • TS
  • LTS
  • Turtlebutts

And those which are not:

  • MM

Pre-ascending checklist (work in progress)

See also: once per ascension items
Quests (i.e. may take quite a bit of adventuring)
Conservation of items
  • Buy the skill you intend to get.
  • Remember that you can't read your quest log notes when you're in Valhalla, so make sure you know what you want before you go.
  • Don't be drunk. I'm pretty sure that's bad.
  • If you intend to pull items or use familiars in your next run, make sure you get those first. In particular, if you haven't done so already, get the tower familiars.

Various minor strategies

Strats: Save killing the Protector Spectre so that you have the Bulbasphere to stun people with funkslinging flyers. Level11/12: Market -> Hidden Ruins (don't put away spheres) -> Level 12 flyers -> (finish everything else?) -> Finish level 11 quest


private to radiobugbear: I guess next run I'll go for the Kittycore Red Balloon Big Boat Black Hole Gourdcore Three Amigos Awwww, Yeah Extinctionist Little Chickadee Tiny Plastic Trophy, any tips?

demon names
  • Pie: Gol Voxwaittar
  • Nemesis: Zuul K'z'kgore
  • strange cube: Baal'vekdth
  • Meat: Otep'der'foo
  • Pipes: Barkel

Raijinili's familiars

Aww, still in Memphis the Mosquito
/me saved money with a golf club the Leprechaun
Making Hash Browns the Levitating Potato
Honey Bunches of Goats the Angry Goat
Instead of office chair box contained the Sabre-Toothed Lime
int getrandomnumber(){ return 4; } the Fuzzy Dice
You'd make a great dread pirate, Roberts the Spooky Pirate Skeleton
Gluing captions to your cats the Barrrnacle
Here's some new character art! the Howling Balloon Monkey
River Tam (Beats up everyone!) the Stab Bat
Welcome to text-only Counterstrike. the Grue
Gluing down chess pieces the Blood-Faced Volleyball
Okay, listen, are you a zombie? the Ghuol Whelp
They should call you Mario the Baby Gravy Fairy
"_I_ could've caught that roadrunner." the Cocoabo
Abusive Astronomy the Star Starfish
There must be 50 ways to learn to hover. the Hovering Sombrero
My code's compiling! the Ghost Pickle on a Stick
Bees with tires! the Killer Bee
Die in Canada => Die in real life! the Whirling Maple Leaf
Spinning counterclockwise... the Hanukkimbo Dreidl
**** Grapefruit the Clockwork Grapefruit
Miss your love ones? YOU DON'T HAVE TO. the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech
Burn the world! the Flaming Gravy Fairy
Permafrost chasers the Frozen Gravy Fairy
Have leftover cheese. Need get nachos. the Stinky Gravy Fairy
It was debunked by... Oh my god. the Spooky Gravy Fairy
Feeding rocks to children in the park the Pet Rock
O RLY? I 'ardly know 'er! the Snowy Owl
"Carebearstare" "What?" the Teddy Bear
Nah, I'm not really into Pokemon the Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot
I'd have sex with that tree the Sleazy Gravy Fairy
sudo make me a sandwich the Wind-up Chattering Teeth
Help I'm trapped in a familiar factory the Misshapen Animal Skeleton
I wonder if that happens every time... the Scary Death Orb
This is why we can't have nice people the Reassembled Blackbird
Stand back. I'm going to try SCIENCE. the Origami Towel Crane
The GPL must be stopped. At the source. the Ninja Snowflake
No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die. the Evil Teddy Bear
"Breakout" is a stupid game the Toothsome Rock
Guys! This is not socially optimal! the O.A.F.
Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud! the Ragamuffin Imp
Convince the examiner that HE'S a parrot the Exotic Parrot
Blagocube the Bulky Buddy Box
Died in a borging accident the Teddy Borg
There's someone WRONG on the Blagohonk! the RoboGoose
import soul the El Vibrato Megadrone