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Here, entirely for my own edification, is the list of skills I have made permanent. The skills with the darker blue background are marked Hardcore Permanent (which is the only type that really matters anyway), and the lighter blue indicates mere Permanent skills. The count of skills I've made permanent only includes HP skills--like I said, it's the only type that really matters anyway.

You're welcome to copy this layout if you'd like. I'm rather fond of it.

Class Skills

Path classact.gif Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit Accordion Thief
0 Seal Clubbing Frenzy Clobber Patience of the Tortoise Toss Manicotti Meditation Spaghetti Spear Sauce Contemplation Salsaball Disco Aerobics Suckerpunch Moxie of the Mariachi Sing
1 Fortitude of the Muskox Lunge Smack Spirit Vacation Headbutt Ravioli Shurikens Utensil Twist Simmer Curse of Vichyssoise Deft Hands Disco Eye-Poke Moxious Madrigal Dissonant Riff
2 Audacity of the Otter Hibernate Skin of the Leatherback Blessing of the War Snapper Entangling Noodles Transcendent Al Dente Saucy Salve Stream of Sauce Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation Disco Dance of Doom Magical Mojomuscular Melody Cadenza
3 Blubber Up Cold Shoulder Amphibian Sympathy Stiff Upper Lip Lasagna Bandages Bind Vampieroghi Expert Panhandling Icy Glare Disco Nap Disco State of Mind Canticle of Celerity Crab Claw Technique
4 Wrath of the Wolverine Thrust-Smack Ghostly Shell Pizza Lover Cannelloni Cannon Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage Elemental Saucesphere Inner Sauce Frantic Gyrations Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith Accordion Bash
5 Super-Advanced Meatsmithing Buoyancy of the Beluga Armorcraftiness Shell Up Pastamastery Bind Vermincelli Advanced Saucecrafting Saucestorm Advanced Cocktailcrafting That's Not a Knife Polka of Plenty Accordion Appreciation
6 Thirst of the Weasel Scowl of the Awk Tenacity of the Snapper Spirit Snap Springy Fusilli Bringing Up the Rear Soul Saucery Curse of Marinara Nimble Fingers Disco Face Stab Symphony of Destruction Concerto de los Muertos
7 Hide of the Walrus Furious Wallop Blessing of She-Who-Was Kneebutt Spirit of Rigatoni Bind Angel Hair Wisp Jalapeño Saucesphere Wave of Sauce Tricky Knifework Flashy Dancer Phat Loot Lyric Five Finger Discount
8 Claws of the Walrus Club Foot Empathy of the Newt Butts of Steel Stuffed Mortar Shell Shield of the Pastalord Itchy Curse Finger Curse of the Thousand Islands Mad Looting Skillz Disco Smirk Anthem of Absorption Suspicious Gaze
9 Tongue of the Walrus Seething of the Snow Leopard Spiky Shell Testudinal Teachings Spirit of Ravioli Bind Undead Elbow Macaroni Intrinsic Spiciness Saucecicle Disco Greed Knife in the Dark Psalm of Pointiness Bawdy Refrain
10 Ire of the Orca Lunging Thrust-Smack Reptilian Fortitude Shieldbutt Weapon of the Pastalord Thrall Unit Tactics Master Saucier Antibiotic Saucesphere Disco Bravado Disco Shank Shanty of Superiority Thief Among the Honorable
11 Rage of the Reindeer Batter Up! Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises Blessing of the Storm Tortoise Leash of Linguini Bind Penne Dreadful Saucemaven Saucegeyser Adventurer of Leisure Disco Dance 3: Back in the Habit Antiphon of Aptitude Sticky Fingers
12 Double-Fisted Skull Smashing Cavalcade of Fury Astral Shell The Long View Cannelloni Cocoon Subtle and Quick to Anger Impetuous Sauciness Curse of Weaksauce Ambidextrous Funkslinging Disco Inferno Ode to Booze Cone of Zydeco
13 Northern Exposure Northern Explosion Cold-Blooded Fearlessness Spirit Boon Tolerance of the Kitchen Bind Lasagmbie Diminished Gag Reflex Wry Smile Heart of Polyester Disco Fever Sonata of Sneakiness Master Accordion Master Thief
14 Musk of the Moose Precision of the Penguin Hero of the Half-Shell Patient Smile Flavour of Magic Wizard Squint Irrepressible Spunk Sauce Monocle Smooth Movement Sensitive Fingers Cantata of Confrontation Knowing Smile
15 Pulverize Pride of the Puffin Tao of the Terrapin Turtle Power Transcendental Noodlecraft Bind Spice Ghost The Way of Sauce Blood Sugar Sauce Magic Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Disco Leer Aria of Annoyance Mariachi Memory
Spookyraven Snarl of the Timberwolf Spectral Snapper Fearful Fettucini Scarysauce Tango of Terror Dirge of Dreadfulness
The Sea Harpoon! Summon Leviatuga Tempuramancy Deep Saucery Salacious Cocktailcrafting Bubbly Ballad
Crimbo Carols Holiday Weight Gain Jingle Bells Candyblast Surge of Icing Stealth Mistletoe Curative Carol
Trader Iron Palm Technique Curiosity of Br'er Tarrypin Stringozzi Serpent Käsesoßesturm Kung Fu Hustler Incantation of Inspiration
Nemesis Bind Spaghetti Elemental
Class Skills: 40/217

Cross-Class Skills

Dv skullcap.gif Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit
Accordion Thief Song of the North Song of Slowness Song of Starch Song of Sauce Song of Bravado
Disco Bandit Grab a Cold One Conspiratorial Whispers Shadow Noodles Splashdance
Sauceror Splattersmash Sauceshell Spaghetti Breakfast
Pastamancer Carbohydrate Cudgel Turtleini
Turtle Tamer Club Earth
Cross-Class Skills: 1/15

Clan Dungeon Skills

Multi-Round Hobo Spells Awesome Balls of Fire Snowclone Eggsplosion Grease Lightning Raise Backup Dancer Toynado
Relaxing Skills Conjure Relaxing Campfire Maximum Chill Mudbath Inappropriate Backrub Creepy Lullaby Wassail
Hobo Songs Explosive Etude Medley of Diversity Ballad of Richie Thingfinder Chorale of Companionship Prelude of Precision
Hodgman Natural Born Scrabbler Thrift and Grift Abs of Tin Marginally Insane
Mother Slime Slimy Sinews [0/10] Slimy Synapses [0/10] Slimy Shoulders [0/10]
Clan Dungeon Skills: 0/24

Mr. Skills

Tomes Summon Snowcones Summon Stickers Summon Sugar Sheets Summon Clip Art Summon Rad Libs Summon Smithsness
Librams Summon Candy Hearts Summon Party Favor Summon Love Song Summon BRICKOs Summon Dice Summon Resolutions Summon Taffy
Grimoires Summon Hilarious Objects Summon "Tasteful" Gifts Summon Alice's Army Cards Summon Geeky Gifts
Mr. Skills: 16/17

Other Skills

Gnomebox.gif Gnomish Torso Awaregness Gnomish Hardigness Cosmic Ugnderstanding Powers of Observatiogn Gnefarious Pickpocketing
Scrip.gif CRIMBCO Fashionably Late Executive Narcolepsy Lunch Break Offensive Joke Managerial Manipulation
Mimeberet.gif Mimes Silent Slam Silent Squirt Silent Slice
Loottoken.gif Ancient Spells Walberg's Dim Bulb Singer's Faithful Ocelot Drescher's Annoying Noise
Anapests.gif Dis Spells Torment Plant Pinch Ghost Tattle
Angry.gif PvP Thick-Skinned Chip on your Shoulder Summon Annoyance
Map.gif World Events Vent Rage Gland Volcanometeor Showeruption Natural Born Skeleton Killer Summon "Boner Battalion" Frigidalmatian
Karma.gif Challenge Paths Master of the Surprising Fist Request Sandwich
Bigqmark.gif Miscellaneous CLEESH Chronic Indigestion Deep Dark Visions Rainbow Gravitation Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting
Summon Crimbo Candy Transcendent Olfaction Unaccompanied Miner
Other Skills: 7/37

Total Skills Permed