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Wha? Sparksol (#202611) Reads as much as plays

A casual player who started Loathing a less than a month after Black Sunday, and she had no clue what was happening. Around his second KoLiversary, Sparksol became more focused on game and discovered the wiki. He refers to herself as a male or female depending on his current KoL sex, but wouldn't mind having a null or N/A option, though.


She is a very lurkative editor; since by the time he's made her notes and double-checked them in preparation for posting them, some other people have not only placed the information, but had it edited two or three times. While she's getting better about learning the ways of wiki-ing, his progress in data pages remains woefully low, with a first-time success rate of under 27%.

Easy-Access Links

Asdon Martin, Spacegate Operations Handbook and Wildlife Guide, The Tunnel of L.O.V.E., Spinning Your Time-Spinner, A GingerGuide to Gingerbread City, Deck of Every Card, Shrine to the Barrel god, Potted tea tree, Mer-kin Temple, Tales of Spelunking (area)

Sparksol's ascensions can be found here: Easy Access Link

Sparksol's completionist stuff can be found here: Cheesy link

Other easy access links I use, in no particular order (until such time as I bother to put them in some sort of orderlike style): Chefstaves, Discoveries, Supertinkering, El Vibrato language, El Vibrato language (monsters), Dwarvish language, Buffbot, Slime Hates It, Yellow ray strategy, Foldables, Special challenge path, Dressing For Success,

Infernal Seals, Turtle Taming, Turtle Blessings, Pasta Thralls, Soul Saucery, Disco Momentum, Pickpocket

KoL Calendar, Many helpful things, thanks to Ezandora

A Tourist's Guide to Spring Break, Oceanic Island Survivalist Guide, Dinseylandfill Employee Manual, Groovy Geology: Your Guide to That 70s Volcano, "Kyliga Bollar," The Glaciest Guide, Investigating a Plaintive Telegram

The Slime Tube, Hobopolis Strategy, Advanced Hobopolis Mechanics, Dreadsylvania, Advanced Dreadsylvania Mechanics

Things no longer in Standard, but still on my list: Summon Smithsness, How to Chibi, Dis in a Jif, How to Vamp, Repair the Elves' Shield Generator, Crown of Thrones, Release the Boots, Summon Clip Art, Summon Dice, Pumpkin, Peppermint sprout, Skeleton, Psychoanalytic jar, Over-the-shoulder Folder Holder, The GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon, Mad Hatrack

Most-in-one References Chart

Dressing Up

Mus · Mys · Mox · HP · MP · WDmg · SDmg · Init
DA · DR · Res · FightStats · ML · Items · Meat · HP Regen · MP Regen
Adv · PvP · Fam Wt · Crit · Diving


Mus · Mys · Mox · HP · MP · WDmg · SDmg · Init
DA · DR · Res · FightStats · XPBoost · ML · Items · Meat · HP Regen · MP Regen
Adv · PvP · Fam Wt · Crit · Diving

PrismDmg · RDmg · SCrit · Fumb · Stun · Passive Dmg
MP Cost · Spell Elts · Combat% · Hobo · Smith · Poison
Stat Limit

Mayocase.gif Clinical Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise Packets
Mayo1.gif Mayonex Gain blood mayo instead of Adventures
Mayo2.gif Mayodiol Convert 1 Fullness to Drunkenness
Mayo3.gif Mayostat Recover a portion of food
Mayo4.gif Mayozapine Increased stat gains and effect durations
Mayo5.gif Mayoflex Increased adventure yield
Medical Supplies
Mayo Minder™ usable automatically consume mayo
sphygmayomanometer accessory all stats +(X+20)%
(where X is blood mayo concentration)
tomayohawk-style reflex hammer combat item, reusable staggers enemy and deals Sleaze Damage based on blood mayo
mayo lance combat item, reusable yellow ray
(turns of cooldown decrease with blood mayo)
miracle whip 2h weapon (whip) initiative +50%
weapon damage +50
item drops +50%
meat drops +100%
Portable Mayo ClinicForce of Mayo Be With You
Machelf.gif Abstractions
Abstraction Buff Obtained From
abstraction: actionAbs1.gif
abstraction: action
Abs1.gif Action (50 Adventures)
Muscle +100%
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part1.png
Performer of Actions
abstraction: thoughtAbs2.gif
abstraction: thought
Abs2.gif Thought (50 Adventures)
Mysticality +100%
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part4.png
Thinker of Thoughts
abstraction: sensation
Abs3.gif Sensation (50 Adventures)
Moxie +100%
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part6.png
Perceiver of Sensations
abstraction: purposeAbs4.gif
abstraction: purpose
Abs4.gif Purpose (50 Adventures)
+25% to all Muscle Gains
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part1.png
Performer of Actions
abstraction: categoryAbs5.gif
abstraction: category
Abs5.gif Category (50 Adventures)
+25% to all Mysticality Gains
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part4.png
Thinker of Thoughts
abstraction: perception
Abs6.gif Perception (50 Adventures)
+25% to all Moxie Gains
Machine Elf
or Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part6.png
Perceiver of Sensations
abstraction: certaintyAbs9.gif
abstraction: certainty
Abs9.gif Certainty (50 Adventures)
+100% Item Drops from Monsters
abstraction: thoughtAbs2.gif
abstraction: thought
Plus.gif Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part6.png
Perceiver of Sensations
abstraction: joyAbs8.gif
abstraction: joy
Abs8.gif Joy (50 Adventures)
+10 to Familiar Weight
abstraction: actionAbs1.gif
abstraction: action
Plus.gif Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part4.png
Thinker of Thoughts
abstraction: motionAbs7.gif
abstraction: motion
Abs7.gif Motion (50 Adventures)
+100% Combat Initiative
abstraction: sensationAbs3.gif
abstraction: sensation
Plus.gif Dmtmonster part3.pngDmtmonster part1.png
Performer of Actions
abstraction: comprehensionAbs10.gif
abstraction: comprehension
200-300 muscle substats
200-300 mysticality substats
200-300 moxie substats
Shining Mauve Backwards In Time
Genelab.gif Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab Syringe3.gif
Phylum Gene Tonic Effect
Beasts Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Beast Human-Beast Hybrid Weapon Damage +30
Bugs Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Insect Human-Insect Hybrid +25% Combat Initiative
Constellations Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Constellation    Human-Constellation Hybrid    +50% Meat from Monsters
Constructs Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Construct Human-Machine Hybrid Damage Absorption +50
Damage Reduction: 5
+5 to Familiar Weight
Demons Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Demon Human-Demon Hybrid +20 Hot Damage
+20 Damage to Hot Spells
Dudes Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Dude Human-Human Hybrid Muscle +10
Mysticality +10
Moxie +10
+10% Item Drops from Monsters
Elementals Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Elemental Human-Elemental Hybrid Serious Resistance to All Elements (+3)
Elves Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Elf Human-Elf Hybrid +50% Candy Drops from Monsters
Spell Damage +100%
Fish Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Fish Human-Fish Hybrid +10 to Familiar Weight
Goblins Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Goblin Human-Goblin Hybrid +50% Food Drops from Monsters
+20% Pickpocket Chance
Hippies Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Hippy Human-Hippy Hybrid Maximum MP +20
+1 Stats Per Fight
Hobos Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Hobo Human-Hobo Hybrid +20 Stench Damage
+20 Damage to Stench Spells
Horrors Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Horror Human-Horror Hybrid +10% Critical Hit Chance
+10% Critical Spell Chance
Humanoids Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Humanoid Human-Humanoid Hybrid Muscle +10%
Mysticality +10%
Moxie +10%
+20% Meat from Monsters
Mer-kin Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Mer-kin Human-Mer-kin Hybrid +25 to Monster Level
Orcs Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Orc Human-Orc Hybrid Maximum HP +40
+1 Stats Per Fight
Penguins Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Penguin Human-Penguin Hybrid +25% Item Drops from Monsters
Pirates Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Pirate Human-Pirate Hybrid +50% Gear Drops from Monsters
+50% Booze Drops from Monsters
Plants Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Plant Human-Plant Hybrid +20 Cold Damage
+20 Damage to Cold Spells
Slimes Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Slime Human-Slime Hybrid +20 Sleaze Damage
+20 Damage to Sleaze Spells
Undead Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Undead Human-Undead Hybrid +20 Spooky Damage
+20 Damage to Spooky Spells
Weird Genetonic.gif Gene Tonic: Weird Human-Weird Thing Hybrid +4 Stats Per Fight

Summoned Snowcones
purple | green | orange | red | blue | black
Snowcone Effects ([Color] Tongue)
purple +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight
green +5 lbs. to Familiar Weight & +2 Familiar Experience Per Fight
orange +3 Stats Per Fight
red +50% Meat from Monsters
blue +30% Item Drops from Monsters

black +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight, +5 lbs. to Familiar Weight, +2 Familiar Experience Per Fight, +3 Stats per Fight, +50% Meat from Monsters, +30% Item Drops from Monsters
Summoned Stickers
sword | crossbow | Bedazzle!
Sticker Effects
unicorn +25% Items from Monsters
apple +2 Stat(s) Per Fight
UPC +25% Meat from Monsters
wrestler All Attributes +10%
dragon +3 Prismatic Damage
rock band Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
Sugar sheets
Sugar item Type Effects
sugar chapeau Hat Spell Damage +50%
+10% chance of Spell Critical Hit
Regenerate 3-5 MP per adventure
sugar shank One-handed knife Weapon Damage +50%
Bleed on Critical hit
sugar shield Familiar Equipment +10 to Familiar Weight
sugar shillelagh Two-handed club Weapon Damage +50%
sugar shirt Shirt +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
sugar shotgun One-handed pistol Weapon Damage +50%
Stuns on Critical hit
sugar shorts Pants All Attributes +25%
Equipment shatters into sugar shards after 30 combat adventures
Summoned Candy Hearts
white | pink | orange | lavender | yellow | green
Candy Heart Effects
(Heart of [Color])
white All Attributes +3 +1 Stat Per Fight, +1 Familiar Experience Per Fight
pink All Attributes +3 +20% Meat from Monsters
orange All Attributes +3 +5 Hot Damage, +5 Damage to Hot Spells,
+5-6 MP and +5-6 HP per Adventure
lavender All Attributes +3 +10% Items from Monsters
yellow All Attributes +3 +20% Combat Initiative
green All Attributes +3 +3 to Familiar Weight
Summoned Party Favors
divine noisemaker Muscle-based damage and stats
divine can of silly string Myst-based damage and stats
divine blowout Moxie-based damage and stats
divine champagne flute Add MP gain to booze
divine champagne popper Banish monster for 5 turns
Run Away (no adventure loss)
divine cracker Pickpocket and delevel enemy
Summoned Love Songs
Love Song Combat Use Effect
vague ambiguity Muscle-based Physical Damage
Gain HP
Broken Heart X HP Regen
+X Muscle
smoldering passion Myst-based Hot Damage
Gain MP
Fiery Heart X/2 MP Regen
+X Myst
icy revenge Moxie-based Cold Damage
Gain Familiar experience
Cold Hearted +X/2 Familiar Weight
+X Moxie
sugary cuteness Muscle-based Stench Damage
Gain Muscleboundness
Sweet Heart +2X% Meat
+X Muscle
disturbing obsession Myst-based Spooky Damage
Gain Magicalness
Withered Heart +X% Items
+X Myst
naughty innuendo Moxie-based Sleaze Damage
Gain Chutzpah
Lustful Heart +2X% Combat Initiative
+X Moxie
X is the number of turns of the effect remaining, capped at 20.
Summoned Dice
Die Combat Use Single Use Multi-use
d4 Delevels enemy generic restorative potions 100 Fight a family of kobolds
d6 Stuns enemy with Cold Damage generic mana potions 3 stat gain, up to 3 times per day
d8 Deals Prismatic Damage generic healing potions none
d10 Delevels enemy Fight random monster 2 stat gain, HP loss and a dungeon dragon chest
d12 Deals random damage 10 turns of Bastard! varies Moving Target trophy (sometimes)
d20 Deals Hot Damage 1 turn of Natural 20 or Natural 1 20 20-400 turns of 20/20 Vision
Summoned Resolutions
Resolution Effect
wealthier Greedy Resolve +30% Meat from Monsters
happier Joyful Resolve +15% Items from Monsters
feistier Destructive Resolve Weapon Damage +20
Spell Damage +20
stronger Strong Resolve +2 Muscle Stats Per Fight
smarter Brilliant Resolve +2 Mysticality Stats Per Fight
sexier Irresistible Resolve +2 Moxie Stats Per Fight
kinder Kindly Resolve +5 to Familiar Weight
luckier Fortunate Resolve Bonus Luck!
(several small bonuses)
more adventurous n/a +2 Rollover Adventures
Summoned Pulled Taffy
Color of Pulled Taffy Combat Use (Underwater Only) Effect Rarity
Red Summons a red herring that gives you an underwater item at the end of combat. Cinnamon Challenger +X/10 Moxie Stats per Fight
+X/2 Moxie
Orange Summons an orange ruffian that deals 150-250 physical damage every round. Orange Crusher +X/10 Muscle Stats per Fight
+X/2 Muscle
Yellow Summons a Giant Yellow Manta Ray. (75 turn cooldown). Sour Softshoe +2X% Meat from Monsters
+X% Items from Monsters
Green Summons a green envyfish that copies your opponent in the form of an envyfish egg. Soda Jerked Regenerate X/2-X MP per Adventure Uncommon
Blue Summons a hairtriggerfish that turns some of your hits into criticals. Blue Swayed +X/10 to Familiar Weight
+X/5 Familiar Experience Per Combat
Indigo Summons a giant squid that banishes your opponent without consuming an adventure. Closer to Fine Regenerate X-2X HP per Adventure Uncommon
Violet Summons a purple octomom that restores your HP and MP at the end of combat and blocks your opponent in battle. Purple Reign +X/10 Mysticality Stats per Fight
+X/2 Mysticality
X is the number of turns of the effect remaining, capped at 50. All fractions are rounded up.
Effects From Playing Pool
Strategy Effect Name Effect
2ball.gif Play aggressively Billiards Belligerence Weapon Damage +50%
+5 to Familiar Weight
9ball.gif Play strategically Mental A-cue-ity +50% Spell Damage
Regenerate 10 MP per Adventure
8ball.gif Play stylishly Hustlin' +50% Combat Initiative
+10% Item Drops from Monsters
Jungman.gif Angry Jung Man's Psychoanalysis
Analjar empty.gif psychoanalytic jar A Couch Next To A Jar
NPC Jar Zone Sword
The Captain of the Gourd Analjar full.gif
Captain of the Gourd
The Captain of the Gourd's Psychoses Truthseeker.gif
The Crackpot Mystic Analjar full.gif
Crackpot Mystic
The Crackpot Mystic's Psychoses Byte.gif
Jick Analjar full.gif
Jick's Obsessions Pcgsword.gif
Sword of Procedural Generation
The Meatsmith Analjar full.gif
The Meatsmith's Brainspace Meatcleaver.gif
The Old Man Analjar full.gif
Old Man
The Old Man's Past Bloodbath.gif
The Pretentious Artist Analjar full.gif
Pretentious Artist
The Pretentious Artist's Obsession Ginsu.gif
The Suspicious-Looking Guy Analjar full.gif
Suspicious-Looking Guy
The Suspicious-Looking Guy's Shady Past Whitefang.gif
White Dragon Fang
Folders for the over-the-shoulder Folder Holder
Num. Folder Enchantment Source
01 red Muscle +20 The General Store
02 blue Mysticality +20 The General Store
03 green Moxie +20 The General Store
04 magenta Muscle +15, Mysticality +15 rushing bum
05 cyan Mysticality +15, Moxie +15 Sub-Assistant Knob Mad Scientist
06 yellow Muscle +15, Moxie +15 possessed can of tomatoes
07 smiley face +2 Muscle Stat(s) Per Fight Punk Rock Giant
08 wizard +2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight Claybender Sorcerer Ghost
09 space skeleton +2 Moxie Stat(s) Per Fight sk8 gnome
10 D-Team +1 of Each Stat Per Fight Bob Racecar
11 Ex-Files Increases combat frequency by 5% Grass Elemental
12 skull and crossbones Decreases combat frequency by 5% Scary pirate
13 Knight Writer Combat Initiative +40% Gnollish Gearhead
14 Jackass Plumber +25 to Monster Level Ticket Redemption Counter
15 holographic fractal +4 Resistance to All Elements ferrelf
16 barbarian Increased physical damage as you take damage tribal goblin
17 rainbow unicorn Deals Prismatic Damage to Attackers suckubus
18 Seawolf Makes you a better diver school of wizardfish
19 dancing dolphins +50% Item Drops (Underwater only) Big Brother
20 catfish +15 to Familiar Weight (Underwater only) Mer-kin teacher
21 tranquil landscape Damage Reduction: 15, Regenerate 10-20 HP and MP per adventure The Terrified Eagle Inn
22 owl +500% Item Drops from Monsters (Dreadsylvania only) Treebasing
23 Stinky Trash Kid Deals Stench Damage every round stench ghost
24 sports car +5 Adventure(s) per day when equipped. motorhead
25 sportsballs +5 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped. sporto
26 heavy metal +5 to Familiar Weight wastoid
27 Yedi Spell Damage +50% dweebie
28 KOLHS +50% Item Drops (KoL High School zones only) Through the Locking Glass
Iceberglet meltables
Ice item Type Enchantment
Icepick.gif ice pick Hat +15% Item Drops from Monsters
Iceskates.gif ice skates Accessory Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Icesickle.gif ice sickle One-handed knife +15 to Monster Level
+5 Cold Damage
Icebaby.gif ice baby off-hand items +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
Great Ball of Frozen Fire meltables
Flaming item Type Enchantment
Ffnecklace.gif evil flaming eyeball pendant Accessory Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Ffpants.gif liar's pants pants +30 to All Attributes. Yeah, +30. That's the ticket.
+10 Hot Damage
Ffballs.gif flaming juggler's balls One-handed euphemisms +10 Hot Damage
+2 Stat(s) Per Fight
Ffshirt.gif flaming pink shirt shirt +15% Item Drops from Monsters
Ffdop.gif flaming familiar doppelgänger Familiar Equipment Familiar gains 1-2 extra experience per Adventure
+5 to Monster Level
Naughty origami kit foldables
Origami item Type Enchantment
Origamiken.gif naughty paper shuriken Combat Items Deals 15-20 damage
Chance of stunning opponent
Origamipasties.gif origami pasties Shirt +30% Meat from Monsters
Origamicrop.gif origami riding crop One-handed crop Makes you prone to innuendo (heh heh)
+10 Sleaze Damage
Combat Initiative +15%
Origamiteller.gif naughty fortune teller Off-hand Items +Some Stats Per Fight
Origamimag.gif origami "gentlemen's" magazine Familiar Equipment +10 lbs. of Ghuol Whelp
Container of Spooky Putty squeezables
Putty item Type Enchantment
Sputtysheet.gif Spooky Putty sheet Combat Item Copy monsters in combat
Sputtysnake.gif Spooky Putty snake Chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Spooky Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Sputtymitre.gif Spooky Putty mitre Hat +3 Stat(s) Per Fight
Sputtypants.gif Spooky Putty leotard Pants Combat Initiative +15%
+15% Meat from Monsters
Sputtyball.gif Spooky Putty ball One-handed superball +10 Spooky Damage
Stinky cheese ball squeezables
Cheese item Type Enchantment
Sc sword.gif stinky cheese sword One-handed sword +Z/3 Stench Damage
Sc diaper.gif stinky cheese diaper Pants +Z/10 adventures per day when equipped
Sc wheel.gif stinky cheese wheel Shield Z/2 Damage Absorption
Sc eye.gif stinky cheese eye Accessory +Z/5% meat drops
+Z/5% item drops
Allows use of Give Your Opponent the Stinkeye in battle
Sc staff.gif Staff of Queso Escusado One-handed chefstaff Spell Damage +50%
+20 Damage to Stench Spells
Regenerate 6-8 MP per adventure
Jiggle for Z-10 to Z+10 stench damage
Z is the current stinky counter, capped at 100
Loathing Legion switchables
Loathing Legion item Type Enchantment
Llabacus.gif Loathing Legion abacus off-hand item -5 MP to use Skills (in-combat only)
Llcanopener.gif Loathing Legion can opener off-hand item +25% Food Drops from Monsters
Llchainsaw.gif Loathing Legion chainsaw 2-handed chainsaw Weapon Damage +100%
Successful hit weakens opponent.
Llcorkscrew.gif Loathing Legion corkscrew off-hand item +25% Booze Drops from Monsters
Lldefib.gif Loathing Legion defibrillator off-hand item Regenerate 5-6 MP per adventure
Llprism.gif Loathing Legion double prism 1-handed prism +2 prismatic damage
Llelecknife.gif Loathing Legion electric knife off-hand item +20% Meat from Monsters
Llflamethrower.gif Loathing Legion flamethrower 2-handed flamethrower +20 Hot Damage
Llhammer.gif Loathing Legion hammer 1-handed hammer Gets the job done
Llhelicopter.gif Loathing Legion helicopter familiar equipment +5 to Familiar Weight
Familiar will act more often
Lljackhammer.gif Loathing Legion jackhammer <none> Allows Meatsmithing without the Adventure cost (3 times a day)
Llsink.gif Loathing Legion kitchen sink off-hand item Spell Damage +25%
Llknife.gif Loathing Legion knife <none> Tradable
Llhook.gif Loathing Legion many-purpose hook off-hand item +10% Item Drops from Monsters
Llsundial.gif Loathing Legion moondial off-hand item +4 Adventure(s) per day when equipped.
Llnecktie.gif Loathing Legion necktie accessory +4 Stat(s) Per Fight
Llpizzastone.gif Loathing Legion pizza stone off-hand item (shield) Slight Resistance to All Elements
Llskates.gif Loathing Legion rollerblades accessory Combat Initiative +50%
Lltapemeasure.gif Loathing Legion tape measure off-hand item +10% chance of Critical Hit
Lltattoo.gif Loathing Legion tattoo needle usable Gives a tattoo.
Llscrewdriver.gif Loathing Legion universal screwdriver usable Allows you to unscrew (untinker) meat-pasted items.
Glimmering Feathers
buzzard | great tit | penguin | phoenix | raven | roc
Feather Effects
buzzard +60% Meat from Monsters (20 adventures)
great tit +20 to Monster Level
Moxie +5%
(20 adventures)
penguin Restores 40 HP and MP after a battle (20 adventures)
phoenix +6 Stats per Fight (20 adventures)
raven +60% Items from Monsters (20 adventures)
roc 20-30 Beefiness, Enchantedness, & Roguishness 6-10 Adventures 4 Spleen
Astral Cupcakes
blue | green | orange | pink | purple
Cupcake Effects
blue +30% Item Drops from Monsters
green +10 Monster Level
orange +3 Stats per Fight
pink +30% Meat from Monsters
purple +20 HP & +20 MP per Fight
Mayflower Flowers
Flower - Effect
Tin magnolia Tin, Man +5 Damage Reduction
Upsy daisy Ass Over Teakettle +50% Combat Initiative
Lesser grodulated violet Fustulent +15 Stench Damage
+15 Damage to Stench Spells
Half-orchid Bestial Sympathy +3 Familiar Weight
Begpwnia Can't Be a Chooser +30% Meat from Monsters
In-game KoL Crafts
Cooking Cocktailcrafting
Advanced Saucecrafting · The Way of Sauce · Deep Saucery · Pastamastery · Transcendental Noodlecraft · Tempuramancy · Sushi-Rolling Advanced Cocktailcrafting · Superhuman Cocktailcrafting · Salacious Cocktailcrafting · Tiki Mixology · Nash Crosby's Still
Meatsmithing Crimbo
Armorcraftiness · Super-Advanced Meatsmithing · Grimacite Smithing Toymaking · Toolmaking · Spooky Toymaking · Assimilating · Crimborg Toymaking
Meat Pasting · Untinkering · Jewelrycrafting · Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting · Pixelcrafting · Star Combining · Weaving · Staffcrafting · Mushroom Breeding · Supertinkering · The Malus of Forethought
Meat-Pasting · Cooking · Meatsmithing · Cocktailcrafting · Jewelrycrafting · Miscellaneous
Level Achieved At Stat Total Sub-Point Cost From Last Level
1 N/A N/A N/A
2 5 25 10
3 8 64 39
4 13 169 105
5 20 400 231
6 29 841 441
7 40 1600 759
8 53 2809 1209
9 68 4624 1815
10 85 7225 2601
11 104 10816 3591
12 125 15625 4809
13 148 21904 6279
14 173 29929 8025
15 200 40000 10071
16 229 52441 12441
17 260 67600 15159
18 293 85849 18249
19 328 107584 21735
20 365 133225 25641
21 404 163216 29991
22 445 198025 34809
23 488 238144 40119
24 533 284089 45945
25 580 336400 52311
26 629 395641 59241
27 680 462400 66759
28 733 537289 74889
29 788 620944 83655
30 845 714025 93081