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I do what I can around here, primarily with formatting things consistently and making sure links are inserted correctly. Hotlinked images are my enemy, so whenever I come across them on talk pages I change them to either their locally-hosted counterpart or to a link instead of a displayed image. I also try to keep References sections in check by reviewing Recent Changes.

I often jump on new content and get as much of the in-game text transferred and verified here as I can, though I don't quite get into spading out numbers. I also find it fun to update tables from old html syntax to the more efficient wikitables, so if you know of any out there, let me know.

KoL Accounts

I have 7 accounts: my main plus one of each class, primarily so I always have access to new class-specific content. Most of them are usually just sitting around with nothing to do.

Player ID Name Class Created Purpose JJ
1320694 TimRem varies 25 April 2007 Main; Hardcore Ascensions
(mostly special challenge paths)
1376385 TimothyRem AT 18 June 2007 idle 19
1394066 Tenken SC 03 July 2007 idle 13
1413551 RemTim PM 20 July 2007 idle 17
1483011 MerMit DB 02 October 2007 idle 17
1540121 Seven of Nine S 07 December 2007 Assimilation 18
1719838 Compendium of Cohorts TT 06 July 2008 idle 13


Oyster Egg Day Alphabetization

Every Oyster Egg Day, people add the locations in which eggs can be found. Once the day is over, the page for that Oyster Egg Day is left with locations in whichever order people found them. I wrote a script which will alphabetize these and add an intro at the top if it's missing, but it still needs a bit of work to handle in-line notes outside of links, such as "(in Disguise)". Edits are not automated, and I check the results every time, so existing pages probably won't all be done in a single batch.

Wikitable Conversion

These pages have html tables that should be replaced by wikitables:

  • most of Yiab's spading tables on monster talk pages (fixed A-F)

(feel free to update this if you find any tables that need conversion)