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Urutsini (#129788) was born in Australia, June 7, 1978. He has a multi called Egads its Urutsini (#1580689). He is a Radio DJ for Radio KoL and is one of the organisers for AusKoL. Visit the following forum topic for details on AusKoL: The Official AusKoL, Sydney in 2009

Urutsini was the name of his first ever roleplaying character in 1996 and the name was chosen from a random selection of Japanese sounding syllables. It has been his online handle since then. In 2007, he was made aware of the fact that the words 'Urut Sini' literally translates into 'Massage Here' in Indonesian. At first he was frustrated until he embraced the idea of being the massage guru. He is collecting everything related to massaging in the kingdom, at the moment that list consists of:
Scented massage oil
Flavored foot massage oil
Personal massager
Sensual Massage for Creeps
Sinful Desires