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Wildfire393 (#1051744) is a fairly new player, having only been playing since September 2nd, 2006. However, he has plunged immediately into the game, and has been a serious Hardcore player since about a month after his joining. Armed with a Libram of Candy Heart Summoning and an Ancient Yuletide Troll, he has set out to accumulate all of the hardcore skills.

Play Style

Wildfire393 has a clear preference for Seal Clubbers, and as such, has placed a heavy emphasis on LTSynergy style Hardcore play. (This preference has also led to a couple of questionable skill choices, like taking Northern Exposure rather than Elemental Saucesphere.) Because of the lack of MMJ access in Muscle classes and unwillingness to use the distinctly non-Muscle Stasis strategy, Wildfire393 has been forced to look other places for his MP gain. The Candy Hearts Libram and Yuletide Troll have served him well in this regard, as has a slew of MP regenerative gear: Sword of static, Baconstone ring, Yak toupee, and Yak anorak. Wildfire393 does most of his levelling in the course of a run in The Haunted Gallery, even going so far as to use a Spooky Gravy Fairy for the majority of the quest portions of levels 8-10 in order to get back to the Gallery faster.

Run Blueprint

Wildfire393 has been doing a series of 5-day Teetotaler Hardcore runs, using the following strategy:

Oppossum Sign

Day 1:

Level 1-2: Visit the Toot Oriole for ascension rewards. Eat Pate. Open Pork elf goodies sack. Hope for 2 Baconstone and a Hamethyst. Sell the rest. Spend 10 turns leveling a Spooky Gravy Fairy at the Cake-shaped Arena. Equip the resultant Lead necklace on the Ancient Yuletide Troll.

Level 3: Visit the Council for the Larva quest. Adventure at the Spooky Forest until a Mosquito larva and a Stolen accordion are in inventory. Bonus points for getting a Wooden stakes, Vampire cape, and/or Bottle of used blood on the way. Visit the council for the 500 meat reward and access to the Typical Tavern quest. If meat is around 1350 at this point, purchase a pair of Jewelry-making pliers and one each of the Ring setting, Necklace chain, and Piercing post (unless the appropriate gem is not present). Make a Hamethyst necklace, Baconstone ring, and Baconstone earring. Equip them all, and begin adventuring in the basement of the Tavern. If less than the three preferred gems are available, fight Baron von Ratsworth for his monocle. Close off the Faucet, obtain and sell the rewards. If aforementioned Jewlery is not purchased yet, do so now. Also, create a Rock and Roll Legend using the starting clover. At this point, level 4 should be reached.

Level 4: Ignore The Bat Hole quest for now, this can be completed after obtaining the easily obtainable Knob Goblin harem veil for stench protection. Instead, complete the following tasks. Enter the guild, completing the first two entrance tasks. Talk to the person necessary to start The Wizard of Ego quest. Adventure in The Misspelled Cemetary until a Grave robbing shovel is found and the first part of the quest completed. Return to the guild for 500 meat. Return to the plains and adventure at The Cola Wars Battlefield for the uniform, then at The "Fun" House for a Long skinny balloon (and, if no Vampire Cape, a Clown skin for a Clownskin harness). If level 5 is not accheived yet, return to the guild once more to get the second half of The Wizard of Ego quest. With The Sonata of Sneakiness and Smooth Movements, getting the book should be fairly quick, and the process should put you up to level 5.

Level 5: Enter the Kitchens to get a Knob sausage or Knob mushroom. Purchase an oven, summon dry noodles and Scrumptious reagents, and make a reagent dish, filling to 15. Then, adventure at the Harem until a Knob Goblin harem veil is obtained. Equip this and enter The Bat Hole, adventuring at the Guano Junction until 3 sonar-in-a-biscuit and a Broken skull are obtained. Crack the Biscuits and smack down the Boss Bat. Return to the Harem, adventure for the entire suit and a Perfume. When the Lab Key is obtained, take a clover or an Orange candy heart to the Knob Shaft to get a Bubblewrap ore. Once this is obtained, buy a Tenderizing hammer and smith a Sword of static (and a Clownskin harness, if desired). Equip this and smack down the Knob Goblin King. Spend the remainder of the day (and the level) completing the following tasks: Build a Bitchin' Meatcar, get the Untinker's Screwdriver, Unlock the Gallery (likely won't be able to adventure there yet), Unlock the Shore, Obtain a Digital Key.

Day 2:

Level 5: If not level 6 yet, obtain two Sausage or Mushroom from the Kitchens, make two reagent dishes, and finish out the tasks listed at the end of day one. Once level 6 is obtained, proceed to the next section.

Level 6: Turn on the Sonata and Smooth Movements, and start the Friar's Quest. Complete the topmost section first to see how many Hellion cubes can be scrounged up (and to ensure a Ruby W and Wussiness potion). Post quest, eat three reagent dishes and two Hot wings. Complete any outstanding side-quests from level 5, check for all appropriate items at this point, and begin Gallery-ing. At level 6, a combination of equipment stat boosts, Candy Hearts, Hairspray, and Blood of the Wereseal, along with the trivial class skill should give 68 mainstat. Tenacity of the Snapper and Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction should put all Gallery monsters within single-LTS range, making for some smooth riding. Smooth Movements and Sonata should make for a high frequency of Louvre It or Leave It adventures, making for some fantastic stat gains. Smash any antiques (and Broken swords if a muscle class) found, eating the wads for extra turns and stats (save stench and hot wads for the 'dagon). Continue this way until level 7 is reached.

Level 7: After the gallery, the Cyrpt should pose no threat. Thrust smack through the defiled portions, then eat a Hot wad and Stench wad before fighting the Bonerdagon himself. This should either put muscle over the point where the Dagon can be hit normally or provide enough HP to use LTS enough times to connect (and lethally). If the Pork Elves were especially cruel this run, set the MCD to 10 beforehand to pick up the Vertebra of the Bonerdagon, and spend a couple of turns at The Hippy Camp to get the Hemp string needed for the Bonerdagon necklace. Spend the remainder of the day in the Gallery racking up stats.

Day 3:

Level 8: Start off by obtaining 3 Reagent Dish base ingredients, but don't cook or eat them yet. Equip the Spooky Gravy Fairy from the begining to swoop quickly through the mines, then comes the Goatlet. As soon as a Glass of goat's milk is obtained, cook a Milk of magnesium and the three reagent dishes, and gorge on those and another two Hot wings (or a Manetwich, if one was stumbled upon while mapping the Louvre maze). With the Spooky Fairy, the 6 Goat cheeses should be fairly quick in dropping, and with Northern Exposure, that's all there is to this quest. Trade up some furs to the trapz0r to smith some gear: Yak anorak, Yak toupee, Penguin shorts. Back to the Troll and the Gallery then, until level 9 is reached.

Level 9: Get a Pirate outfit and the Dictionary. Untinker it, and head to The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasm. Again, with the Spooky Fairy, the 64735 scroll should be quick in coming. Ignore the 31337 scroll unless a the 33398 scroll or a Lowercase n is very slow in dropping, better stat returns can be gained by spending the same amount of turns in the Gallery. Speaking of which, head back there, and level 10 should be about obtainable by the end of the day.

Day 4:

Level 9: Obtain the standard 3 Reagent Dish ingredients, cook another Milk of magnesium if the Milk is available, and eat to fullness. Obtain an Enchanted bean, and finish out the level in the Gallery if necessary. Before the level is quite complete, consider a trip through The Haunted Bedroom into The Haunted Ballroom to set the Strung-Up Quartet to increase non-combat adventures.

Level 10: With the quartet, Sonata, and Smooth, the Penultimate Fantasy Airship should be easy running. Save a Mohawk wig if it drops, and be sure to grab a Metallic A. Switch back to the Spooky fairy for the Giant's Castle. Between the +Item Drops and +Non-combat Frequency, it should also go fairly quickly. Make sure to visit the Council after moving the Wheel once. Bring the Fairy on up to the Hole in the Sky, until enough Stars, Lines, and 3 Star charts are obtained.

Day 5:

Level 10: Standard 3 Reagent dishes. Finish up anything left over from Day 4's Level 10. Finish the level out at the Gallery. Stat boosts can be further inflated at this point with a Goth kid t-shirt or Hipposkin poncho and a Serpentine sword, and the Quartet should help as well.

Level 11: Nothing special for here, just finish out the Sorc Quest and Ascend! Gear for the sorceress: Furry Suit (smithable), Clownskin harness or Vampire cape, Wand of Nagamar. offhand Pitchfork or Stainless steel shillelagh