Utensil Twist

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Utensil Twist

Utensil Twist

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 1

Anybody can use a utensil, but not everybody can use it to bend the laws of physics.

Source: Guild trainer
Price: 125 Meat
Class: Pastamancer
Level: 1
Effect: Deals (Weapon Damage)+(Mys/10) damage, where Mys is your buffed Mysticality (which isn't ever capped)
When Used:
You slash the air in front of your foe with your <utensil>, magically creating an identical slash wound on your foe itself, dealing X damage.


You twirl your <utensil> around like a teppanyaki chef, creating a spiral of destructive energy that strikes your foe for X damage.


You slap your <utensil> against the ground, kicking up a spark that strikes your foe in the <shins>, dealing X damage.

or, if Hand that Rocks the Ladle is equipped in the main hand

You twirl the Hand that Rocks the Ladle and unleash a torrent of bad vibes and negative emotions, dealing X (+10-12) (+10-12) (+10-12) (+10-12) (+10-12) damage.

or, if Dinsey's pizza cutter is equipped in the main hand

As you twirl the pizza cutter, the motor that powers its blade suddenly springs to life. It leaps toward your foe, cutting it nearly in half and dealing X damage.


  • Must have a utensil equipped.
  • If a utensil is equipped in both weapon and off-hand, the one in the weapon slot is used for the combat text and damage calculation.
  • With Dinsey's pizza cutter equipped, the attack will do roughly half of the enemy's HP.
  • Interestingly, Utensil Twist isn't actually categorized as a spell, which can prove useful against monsters who are resistant to spells but not non-spell skills.

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