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You find yourself briefly unmolested and standing in front of a map of the nightmare labyrinth that is VYKEA.

They've got basically everything here. What do you want to do?

Head to the cafeteria (1/day)

You head to the noisy cafeteria, stand in line for a few minutes, and your patience is rewarded with a plate of meatballs and a bottle of mead.

Vykballs.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA meatballs
Vykmead.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA mead

Poke around in the back

You poke around in the maintenance areas. There's not much of interest, but you find a pretty cool tool. "Cool tool," you say to yourself. "Cool tool."

Hexkey.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA hex key

Look for some balls

You grab a few bags of frozen meatballs and empty them into Walford's bucket. (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Look for some bolts

You go ape on several pieces of furniture, disassembling them and harvesting all of the bolts you find. (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Look for some chum

You clean some meat fragments out of the grease trap in the cafeteria. That's close enough to chum for government work. (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Look for some milk

You break into the walk-in in the cafeteria and find the weird cream they use to make that weird gray meatball sauce. It's somewhat like milk! (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Look for some moonlight

You go to the section of VYKEA where they sell mirrors, and arrange them all into a parabola to help you collect more moonbeams for Walford. (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Look for some rain

You pull a fire alarm and set off VYKEA's sprinkler system. You manage to collect a good amount of rain before the nozzles all freeze up. (Walford's bucket filled by 10-15%)

Check the employee lounge (1/day)

You sneak into the employee lounge, rifle through some lockers and steal some valuables.

Walcert.gifYou acquire 3 Wal-Mart gift certificates

Dig through the garbage

You dig through the garbage can near the cash registers. It's mostly discarded packing materials and receipts, but you do find a cool shiny sticker!

Vykrune3.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA lightning rune


Vykrune1.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA blood rune


Vykrune2.gifYou acquire an item: VYKEA frenzy rune

Don't bother

You can't stand the thought of doing another circuit through this place, so you bail.

Occurs at VYKEA.


  • Looking for some <quest item> only shows up while on that quest.