V for Vivala mask

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V for Vivala mask
V for Vivala mask

This is a creepy mask like the one worn by domestic terrorist Frank Vivala when he led the famous Vivala Revolution and attempted to depose (and probably depants) King Ralph III. It's pretty scary-looking -- anybody who sees you in it is sure to be petrified. Or at least covered in hot grits.

Type: accessory
Cannot be discarded

Muscle +30%
+10% chance of Critical Hit
Critical Hits are extra-explosive
Combat items do more damage
+1-3 Stat(s) per Fight
Allows use of Creepy Grin (once per day)

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.
NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore.

(In-game plural: V for Vivala masks)
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)
The Raffle House


When you deal a physical Critical hit

  • With a nefarious grin, you hit <it> so hard that it knocks <it> into last week. It saves you some time, because you already beat <it> up last week!
    AdventuresYou gain 1 Adventure.
  • You beam as you produce a smoke bomb and throw it on the ground at your opponent's feet. <It> coughs and sputters. (Prevents opponent from attacking that round.)
  • You grin as you produce a bomb, and hurl it at your opponent, hitting <it> for X damage. You never stop to wonder where the bomb came from.
  • You smile as you produce a pair of throwing knives and hurl them at your opponent, dealing an extra X damage.
  • You smile broadly as you hit <it> so hard it knocks something out of <its> pocket. Viva la Revolucion!
    SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

If the critical hit was the finishing blow

  • As you deliver the final blow, the moonlight glints off of your smiling mask. (Grants you 4 substat points.)


  • November 2007's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: A revolutionary accessory with various explosive combat effects.
  • The bonus adventure can only be triggered 10 times each day.
  • You can only dislodge one item per fight. Like Pickpocket, you cannot get that item as a normal drop after killing the monster. Successfully pickpocketing an item appears to prevent any item dislodging in the fight, although unsuccessfully pickpocketing will allow for later item dislodging.
  • Chance of generating an adventure on crit is 2.5%, and chance of Vpocketing is 8 or 10%.
  • Vpocketing is equally likely to give you any of a monster's drops, regardless of base drop rates.
  • X ranges from 2 to 3 times the player's level.
  • Appears to increase the damage of combat items by about 50%, rounded down.
  • In chat, the letter "V" will be colored red when it appears at the beginning of a word.
  • When you visit The Council of Loathing with the mask equipped, you get an extra message:
    • Default: "Aaaahhh! No! Don't kill... oh wait, it's just you. We thought you were... never mind."
    • Zombie Slayer: You knock loudly on the metal panic-room door. "Hey! What do you think of my sweet mask?" "I'm not falling for that one," comes the Councillor's reply.
    • Heavy Rains: Aaaahhh! No! Don't kill... oh wait, it's just you. We thought you were... never mind. Although I guess if you were that other guy, your gunpowder would be too damp now to be a threat.
    • Avatar of Sneaky Pete: Aaaaahhhh! Don't kill ... oh, it's you. We, uh, totes knew that. Proper.
    • Actually Ed the Undying: "Nice mask, boss," Amun adds.
    • Avatar of West of Loathing: Gah! Who gave you that mask? Is this one of your down-home country buffooneries?
    • Gelatinous Noob: Aaaahhh! A terrible, disgusting monster! Aaa-- oh, it's you. Sorry. Hey, nice mask you've got floating around in there.
    • Dark Gyffte: Aw, jeez. Please take the creepy mask off, it's bad enough already that you're a vampire.
    • Path of the Plumber: Aaaahhh! Oh, whew, it's just you, <player name>. For a second I was afraid that the moon was going to crash into us and destroy us all.
  • The extra substat points are only earned if the monster is killed by your attack, and not by another effect of the mask.
  • The critical hit effects of the V for Vivala mask take precedence over any other weapon's special critical effect (such as from the clockwork crossbow, Spirit Precipice, or vampire collar) unless the monster is killed by your attack, in which case both effects take place.
  • First prize in The Raffle House on 10th January 2008, and 3rd October 2021,
  • This item cannot be equipped at the same time as the Juju Mojo Mask. Trying to do so yields this message:
    • You can't equip a V for Vivala mask because you're already wearing a Juju Mojo Mask.


  • "V for Vivala" is a reference to the graphic novel and film V for Vendetta. The protagonist in these was a revolutionary who wore a Guy Fawkes mask, which is very similar in appearance to this mask.
  • Guy Fawkes masks, in turn, refer to Guy Fawkes Night, which celebrates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot, an alleged revolutionary plot to blow up Parliament. Guy Fawkes Night is the Fifth of November, so it should be no mere coincidence that this was the Item of the Month in a November.
  • The comment about hot grits refers to a Slashdot troll meme about Natalie Portman (who played the female lead in the V for Vendetta film), naked and petrified and/or covered in hot grits.
  • "Vivala Revolution" is "Viva la revolution," which implies the Spanish "Viva la revolución," meaning "Long live the revolution." This joke is used in the KoL holiday Dependence Day, which also describes Frank Vivala and his revolution.
  • The Council's response to the mask is also a reference to Frank Vivala's revolution.
  • The Council's response to the mask in Path of the Plumber is a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, in which the moon is drawn to crash into the world by the aforementioned mask.
    • Interestingly, it is a reference to the Legend of Zelda franchise, not the Super Mario franchise that the challenge path is based off of.

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