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The Vermincelli is a Pasta Thrall which can accompany Pastamancers in combat. A Pastamancer can bind a Vermincelli by using the skill Bind Vermincelli.


  • Restores MP after combat.
  • Starting at level 5, it will attack and poison your foes.
  • At level 10, it increases your maximum MP by 30.

Combat Messages

  • At end of combat:
    <name> stands up on his hind legs and sniffs the air, chirping adorably.
    <name> nuzzles your ankle. Aww.
MPYou gain X Mana Points.
  • Level 5, every round:
    <name> leaves Y damage worth of scratches on your opponent's leg that probably shouldn't be, but are, green.
    <name> nibbles your opponent for Y damage, which sounds like a bad deal, but at least the extra-virulent bacteria are a free bonus.
    <name> rubs up against your opponent's leg, and a bright red rash instantly develops as a horde of teeny-tiny pasta fleas attack for Y damage.
    <name> delicately nibbles your opponent's leg. So delicately, in fact, that your opponent doesn't even notice until the leg turns black and falls off, causing Y damage.
    <name> claws at your opponent with filth-caked scratches. ...Wait, I think I mean that the other way around. Anyway, he does Y damage.
    <name> bites your opponent for Y damage, and it gets a disconcerted look on its face as its blood turns into poison.
    <name> scampers adorably around your opponent's ankles, twitching and blinking his adorable red eyes, and when he bites your foe with his adorable little teeth, he leaves adorable puddles of green foam in the adorable little wound, along with Y damage.
    <name> pauses from always running here and there to viciously bite your opponent for Y damage with his plague-filled pasta teeth. Al dente, indeed.
    You don't actually see <name> bite your opponent, but you can tell he did because of the swelling. About Y damage worth of swelling, it looks like.
  • Level 5, after initial attack (same round) and until poison decays:
    Your opponent writhes as <it> takes Z damage from the poison.


  • All Vermincelli appear to be named "Ben".


  • The name "Ben" is a reference to the movie Willard, in which the main character owns a rat named Ben, and trains him to kill. By extension, the name also references the film's sequel, Ben, and that film's theme song "Ben", by Michael Jackson. Finally, Michael Jackson's real pet rat that he had as a child was called "Ben", after the film and song.
  • The text of one attack message refers to the lyrics of the Michael Jackson song: "Ben, you're always running here and there".


  • X, the MP restored after combat, ranges from level to 2*level
  • Y, the damage each round, ranges from ceil(level/2) to level
  • Z, the damage from the poisoning, starts as the damage (Y) from the first attack, and is halved for each subsequent round (rounded down).
  • With a gabardine gunnysack equipped, the damage range is doubled.


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