Voracious Gorging

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Voracious Gorging

Voracious Gorging

Your appetite is an unquenchable fire,
The fuller your belly, the more you desire!

+X% Item Drops from Monsters
+Y% Food Drops from Monsters

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Effect number: 1000
Description ID: d9b987d7a727652855885d6535c2faa6
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Obtained From


  • If f is your fullness value, X grows as f/5?*10, and Y grows as f/5?*25. That is,
Fullness X Y
0 0% 0%
1-5 10% 25%
6-10 20% 50%
11-15 30% 75%
16+ 40% 100%
  • Does not scale higher from fullness at 21 or more.

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