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You've been wanged. Which is to say that somebody has used a magical word processor to correct your "typos" in the chat pane.

Unable to use obnoxious abbreviations

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Effect number: 59
Description ID: 0f35dcc9f22cd0ee2e6ef690c3512a01
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Obtained From

  • wang (100 Adventures)


The WANG effect is a basic text corrector. Certain single letter abbreviations are turned to words. With the WANG effect in chat, "thx" becomes "thanks", "r" becomes "are", "k" becomes "okay", "u" becomes "you", "ur" becomes "you're", "ppl" becomes "people", and "y" becomes "why".

It also suppresses the preposition-changing effect of the sword behind inappropriate prepositions and the word substitution effect of the Staph of homophones.

The abbreviation correction effect does not take place in /clan chat, though it still nulls the effect of the weapons.

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