Warbear LP-ROM burner

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warbear LP-ROM burner
warbear LP-ROM burner

With this in your workshed, you'll be able to produce recordings of your sweet accordion songs to share with your friends. Or your enemies, if your enemies don't like accordion music. And let's be honest -- anybody who doesn't like accordion music is probably your enemy.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

Lets you make recordings of your Accordion Thief buffs

(In-game plural: warbear LP-ROM burners)
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Item number: 7037
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Obtained From

warbear requisition box

When Used

You don't have anywhere to put this, so you go dig through the dumpster behind a lumber yard and hastily construct a workshed in your campsite.

You place the warbear LP-ROM burner in your workshed.

  • If you have changed your workshed today:
You've already rearranged your workshed once today. You should wait until the dust settles before you mess with it more. The dust will settle tomorrow.
  • If you already have one:
You've already got one of those in your workshed.
  • If you have not changed your workshed today:


  • This behaves mostly the same as Puttin' on the Wax, allowing you to record limited daily cast songs without using adventures. Accordion Thieves will produce recordings of the various songs which last for 20 adventures each, while other classes will only produce singles which last for 10 adventures each.
  • Rarely (5% of the time), as an Accordion Thief, you receive an additional record.
    Your LP-burner spits out an additional record. Weird!
Record.gifYou acquire an item: recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto
  • Classes other than Accordion Thief can only record Donho's Bubbly Ballad and Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration. If no other songs are available, the attempt fails with the message:
    You're not feeling Accordion Thiefy enough to record any songs.
  • Attempting to burn records while your current Moon Sign is Bad Moon (even after breaking the prism) fails with the following message:
    The moon does not shine favorably on your attempt to burn some LPs.
  • If you click Burn It without selecting a song in the pulldown menu:
    You need to pick a song! The Sound of Silence isn't in your repertoire.
  • Recording 7 different songs in a single day will earn you the Septuple Platinum trophy.


  • Prior to December 21st, 2013, you could record any song with limited daily casts, including Hobopolis songs, no matter the class. It was then changed that only Accordion Thieves could record those songs, which was later changed about 12 hours later to let non-ATs record Donho's and Inigo's.


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