Warbear black box

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warbear black box
warbear black box

This is a featureless black box, unless you count being about 2 feet in all dimensions as a feature. I mean, I guess technically "having mass" is a feature, and so is "black" for that matter. This is a black box. That's what I meant to say.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: warbear black boxes)
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Item number: 7035
Description ID: 138516543
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
warbear officer requisition box (extremely rarely)

When Used

  • Before January 6, 2014:
You look at the box. It just sits there, biding its time. One day, box. One day you'll reveal your secrets.
  • Afterwards:

The Warbear Black Box
A screen on the side of the black box springs to life as you look at it.

You can't really understand the instructions, but it seems like if you stick whosits in in here, you'll get some whatchamacallits out.

Item: Price:
Wbdiecast.gif blind-packed die-cast metal toy Wbwhosit.gif 10
Wbhatpiece.gif warbear helm fragment Wbwhosit.gif 50
Wbpantspiece.gif warbear trouser fragment Wbwhosit.gif 50
Wbaccpiece.gif warbear accoutrements chunk Wbwhosit.gif 50
Wbpresent1.gif warbear requisition box Wbwhosit.gif 100
Wbo greaves.gif warbear dress greaves Wbwhosit.gif 200
Wbo bracers.gif warbear dress bracers Wbwhosit.gif 300
Wbo helm.gif warbear dress helmet Wbwhosit.gif 400
Wbpresent2.gif warbear officer requisition box Wbwhosit.gif 500




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