Warbear helm fragment

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warbear helm fragment
warbear helm fragment

This is a piece of a warbear's helmet. Or possibly a more casual bit of headgear; I mean, the warbears aren't at war all the time, and they might like to look dapper when they take their special ladies out for a night on the town.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: warbear helm fragments)
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Item number: 6927
Description ID: 128436136
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Obtained From

warbear black box (50 warbear whosits)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo Town (2013)
K.R.A.M.P.U.S. facility
Millinerbot (Level 1) (1)
Millinerbot (Level 2) (3)
Millinerbot (Level 3) (7)

When Used

  • Using 1:
You don't know what to make with one of these.
  • Using 9:
Wbhat7.gifYou acquire an item: warbear plain ushanka
  • Using 10:
Wbhat4.gifYou acquire an item: warbear plain helm
  • Using 11:
Wbhat1.gifYou acquire an item: warbear plain fedora
  • Using 21:
Wbhat8.gifYou acquire an item: warbear lined ushanka
  • Using 22:
Wbhat5.gifYou acquire an item: warbear spiked helm
  • Using 23:
Wbhat2.gifYou acquire an item: warbear feathered fedora
  • Using 35:
Wbhat9.gifYou acquire an item: warbear heated ushanka
  • Using 36:
Wbhat6.gifYou acquire an item: warbear electro-spiked helm
  • Using 37:
Wbhat3.gifYou acquire an item: warbear fancy fedora
  • Using an invalid amount:
That many of those things doesn't make a thing.


  • In order to make one of everything, you would need 204 fragments.
Number Makes Power Stat Req Enchantment
9 Wbhat7.gif
warbear plain ushanka
50 10 Muscle Slight Supercold Resistance
So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2)
Regenerate 10-15 HP and MP per adventure
10 Wbhat4.gif
warbear plain helm
50 10 Muscle +20 WarBear Armor Penetration
Weapon Damage +25%
Spell Damage +50%
11 Wbhat1.gif
warbear plain fedora
50 10 Muscle +5% Item Drops from WarBears
Combat Initiative +25%
Maximum HP/MP +50
21 Wbhat8.gif
warbear lined ushanka
150 60 Muscle So-So Supercold Resistance
22 Wbhat5.gif
warbear spiked helm
150 60 Muscle +40 WarBear Armor Penetration
23 Wbhat2.gif
warbear feathered fedora
150 60 Muscle +10% Item Drops from WarBears
35 Wbhat9.gif
warbear heated ushanka
250 110 Muscle Serious Supercold Resistance
Weapon Damage -25%
Spell Damage -50%
36 Wbhat6.gif
warbear electro-spiked helm
250 110 Muscle +60 WarBear Armor Penetration
Troubling Vulnerability to All Elements (-5)
All Attributes -25%
37 Wbhat3.gif
warbear fancy fedora
250 110 Muscle +15% Item Drops from WarBears
Combat Initiative -25%
Maximum HP/MP -50


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