Water You Dune

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Water You Dune
Water You Dune

Inside the cramped shrine, you encounter an altar decorated with a curious figure. You consult your father's notes and identify him as Squirtlcthulli , the Ancient God of Water and Doorknobs.

Speaking of water, guess what's sloshing around in in the bowl-like impression on the top surface of the altar -- it's water!

with a dripping stone sphere in your inventory:

The dripping stone sphere begins to drip more vigorously as you near the altar.

with a 2-ball in your inventory:

The 2-ball in your sack begins to emit a bright blue glow.

without access to The Hidden Hospital:

Place your head in the impression

You place your head in the impression and are struck with a vision of a hospital. In the operating room, a ghostly figure hunches over a... giant turtle?

The vision fades, and in its place is the building right next to the shrine. I guess it is pretty obviously a hospital...

New Area Unlocked
Bigmap.gifThe Hidden Hospital, in The Hidden City.

with a dripping stone sphere in your inventory:

Place the dripping sphere in the impression

You place the sphere in the depression atop the altar. You hear a click, and the sphere sinks into the stone and disappears. There is a loud grinding noise, and a niche opens on the front of the altar, containing an odd triangular stone.

Tristone.gifYou acquire an item: stone triangle

Note: Does not take an adventure

with a 2-ball in your inventory:

Place the 2-ball in the impression

You place the pool ball in the depression on the altar. There is a pregnant pause, as though your offering is being carefully considered. Eventually, it disappears into the altar, and you feel a minor surge of power throughout your body. You get the impression that it wasn't really what the god was looking for, but that it was close enough to be worth something.

Waves.gifYou acquire an effect: Blessing of Squirtlcthulli
(duration: 20 Adventures)

Back Away

You alter your course, and steer it away from the altar.

Occurs at An Overgrown Shrine (Southwest)


  • Squirtlcthulli is a reference to Squirtle, a Pokemon.
  • "Water You Dune" is a pun, sounding like "What are you doing".
  • Dune is of course the eponymous desert planet of Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, where water is a precious commodity.