We'll All Be Flat

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We'll All Be Flat
We'll All Be Flat

You make your way to the pipe organ at the end of the ballroom. You straighten your coat, crack your knuckles, and prop up your father's diary so you can see the sheet music.

Play the music

Plaster dust falls from the ceiling as your fingers dance across the yellowed ivory keys and the thunderous notes fill the cavernous hall like superfluous adjectives. After a few seconds, the song is finished, and the last echoes fade.

In the resultant silence, you hear a strange grinding noise coming from downstairs.

Occurs at The Haunted Ballroom after reading the sheet music from your father's MacGuffin diary



  • With the Spookyraven Manor revamp on May 14, 2014, this adventure was changed. It used to be a normal adventure with no button in the middle, and the line before the button read "You straighten your coat, crack your knuckles, and begin to play the sheet music from the diary.". It unlocked the Spookyraven Manor Wine Cellar.


  • The title is a reference to a quote in the movie The Goonies. The teenage characters similarly had to play the organ correctly or face death in order to continue their quest. More specifically the quote, "'Is that an A sharp, or a B flat?' 'If you don't get the right note, we'll all B flat.'" That quote (and the title) reference the musical note B♭ which is pronounced "Be Flat." (Incidentally, A sharp and B flat are the same note.)