We All Wear Masks

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We All Wear Masks
We All Wear Masks

You hold the mask in front of you -- it seems to shift, to change shapes over time. You pick out five distinct faces: A jealous stepmother, a frustrated wolf, a frightened witch, a sad, gnomelike creature, and a worried hare.

The transitions are happening slowly enough that you can choose what state it's in when you put the mask on. What'll it be?

The stepmother

You put on the mask, and when you open your eyes, you are overcome with cold fury at the thought that Cinderella might steal all the limelight at the Prince's ball, when you're the one who has put in all the work to get here.

Looks like you'll have to make sure this little attention-seeking gatecrasher gets more than she bargained for.

Takes you to The Prince's Ball

The wolf

You put on the mask and are immediately overcome with frustration. Every time you go to the gym, the blight in that neighborhood gets worse. Washing machines on overgrown lawns, rickety outbuildings collapsing into the street, entire apartment buildings just constantly on fire. Somebody oughtta do something. And that somebody is you.

Takes you to Skid Row

The witch

You put on the mask and are overcome with fear -- the doctor said that without a significant increase in your candy consumption, your reverse diabetes will spiral out of control and they'll have to amputate your head!

You're more than capable of collecting enough candy to survive, but the children from the neighboring village keep stealing it! It's time to get clever.

Takes you to The Candy Witch and the Relentless Child Thieves

The gnome

You put on the mask and become Rumpelstiltskin, a good-hearted gnome who runs a home for neglected children in Ye Olde Medievale Villagee, a town devoted to faithful recreation of the Days of Yore. You must use your magic portal to find children with horrible parents. Then you can tempt the parents to trade in the kids for something they actually want, and the kids can have a nurturing, caring environment to grow up in. Everyone wins!

And, if you've previously made this choice this ascension:

As your first task, you go into your workshop and clear out all the disintegrating materials that had been festering there. Much better to start your work with a clean slate!

Takes you to Rumpelstiltskin's Home For Children

The hare

You put on the mask, and rather than becoming a hare, you become... a spectator of some kind of race? Hey, speaking of hares, though, one walks up to you, looking extremely worried. "Oh, Jeez, you gotta help me. You're the only one that showed up to watch the race, and when it started, that jerk tortoise hopped on a motorcycle and sped off. A motorcycle! Can you believe it? That cheating chelonian, why, I oughtta..." His eyes light up.

"I oughtta win this race, is what I oughtta do. No way am I going down in history as the bad guy here. Let's get to work."

Hare.gifYou acquire an effect: Hare-Brained
(duration: 30 Adventures)

Takes you to A Deserted Stretch of I-911

None of them

You don't feel like playing dress-up right now.

Occurs when you use a grimstone mask.


  • Choosing none of them does not consume the mask.
  • Choosing any other option opens a zone in The Distant Woods. This will replace any of these zones currently active.
Princeball.gif Skidrow.gif Witch homestead.gif Rumplehome.gif I911.gif
  • With the exception of Rumpelstiltskin, the zone closes when the mini-game in each ends.
  • Using a mask when you still have a zone open results in the page description being prefaced by the following warning:

You are already in the middle of a Grim Tale -- using this mask to start another one will reset your progress!