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Werebear (#21163)
The Coolest Bear in Town

Werebear is the lead chat moderator and a collector of viking helmets. He was an ascension tester, and he has been playing for a long time. He is always listening to every chat channel when he's online. When he is seen in chat, he's always helpful, and he is respected as a fair moderator.

He is also known to buy many raffle tickets.

Werebear has a custom "proud bearer" message in his public profile which says "Werebear is the proud bear of a Mr. Accessory". Notice the word "bear"; that word is usually "bearer" for any other profile.

Some clans he has been in are Noblesse Oblige, WODL2 Party Clan, Warehouse 23, and Sparkle Motion!. He also inspired the wholeberd and currently has no menudo on sale in his shop. Seriously.

Werebear is a confessed hardcore fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and on his birthday in 2012, the Forums of Loathing had many subsections renamed to pony-themed names in celebration, while a kingdom-wide sale of cheap pink ponies was conducted by Otori.

Known Titles:

El Jefe De Los Chat Moderators
The <level>th cutest backside in the world.
Zombie Romantic
The Pretty Princess On A Pretty Pony